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Top Travel information guide to Buenos Aires Argentina

Updated on December 11, 2008

Visit Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is known for its delicious food, marvelous attractions and it is the birthplace of the Tango. It is one of the most popular places and most urbanized cities visited in the world when people come to visit South America. Come experience cultural events, foods, tango and fun like no other city in the world. This article will summarize why Buenos Aires is such a fun place to go!

Brief facts, Customs and Etiquette

Currency: Argentina Peso

Currency Code: ARS

Language Spoken: Spanish

Weights an Measures: Metric

Culture & Etiquette:

  1. A lot of extended families still comprise most of the population.
  2. Most people are Catholic.
  3. People are very friendly and not shy.
  4. They communicate closely, so don't be offended if they come near your personal space.
  5. Don't eat first before the host tells you to.
  6. When invited to a dinner, bring a small gift of appreciation.
  7. When invited, you can come 30-40 minutes later than the invitation time.

Where is Buenos Aires, Argentina?

Buenos Aires is the capital of Argentina, located east of the country. Argentina is located in South America. It is the second largest country in South America. It is the southmost country in South America. It is bodered by Chile to the west and Paraguay, Bolivia, Brazil and Uruguay to the North.

Local Travel in Buenos Aires

The streets in Buenos Aires are set as equal squares so it's easy not to get lost. You can travel by taxi, but make sure you get out if he offers you to be taken to an ATM. There have been many horror stories.

Another options for travel are to take the buses or the subway. Subways can get extremely crowded at times.

Best Neighborhoods to Visit as a Tourist

PALERMO - A great place for lodging would be to visit the Palermo area, located northeast of Buenos Aires. There are lots of attractions to visit here including: Parque Tres Febrero, Buenos Aires Botanical Gardens, Aeroparque Jorge Newbery, Jardin Japones and many others. If you are into shopping stop by the Alto Palermo Shopping Centre, a large shopping mall that can be found here. There is also an area called Palermo Soho where you can experience Argentinian culture with its many restaurants, bars and fashion areas.

RECOLETA - Recoleta Neighborhood is also highly recommended for tourists. Recoletta is one of the finest neighborhoods in all of Argentina. People visiting often claim comparability to Paris. A lot of rich families built their homes along this neighborhood during the yellow fever epidemic in 1871. The area is characterized by fine restaurants, vivid nightlife, and European style architecture. Among some of the more popular sights to see are: Recoleta Cementery, Nuestra Señora del Pilar Basilic, Fine Arts National Museum, Palais de Glace.

More information on some of these attractions will be provided below.

Places to visit in Buenos Aires

Parque Tres de Febrero (also known as Bosques de Palermo) - This park contains a collection of smaller parks and other sights to see such as museums, planetary, and japanese gardens. There are many promenades to enjoy and there is also an artificial lake where you can go boat paddling. In this park visit Paseo del Resedal, where you can see many different types of roses blooming. Close to the Paseo you can view the Poets' Garden with scluptures of famous literary authors of Argentina. There is Galieo Planetarium to go explore the planets. If you like sports you can get a pickup game of soccer, Argentina's favorite sport. The atmosphere is very comforting and relaxing.

Parque Tres Febrero. Photo by: lowfill

Plaza de Mayo - This is the political center of the city. Whenever there are protests or national gatherings of support, Plaza de Mayo is one of the places where people gather. Near this plaza you can find the Metropolitan Cathedral, this place not only has religious significance but political significance as well. It is the location where General Jose de San Martin, is buried. This General was one of the leaders to free South America from Spain. On the East side of the Plaza you can find the presidential palace, called the Pink House. If you are wondering why they colored it pink, it's because it was an attempt to bring reconciliation between two parties: federalists, which were represented by a red color and Unitarists which were represented by white color.

U.S. has the White House, Argentina has the Pink House. Photo by: nooner

Museo de Arte Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires (MALBA) - If you are a museum lover, this is the place to visit. MALBA features the most expansive collection of Latin American works of the 19th and 20th century. Artists such as Roberto Matta, Diego Rivera, Xul Solar, Fernando Botero, Jose Cuneo, Tarsila do Amaral and others are featured here. Some artists of European descent have brought their art to Latin America lending it its own innate flavor. There is a cafe also if you want to enjoy some snacks while you visit. Take the guided tour and it will help you open your mind to Latin American art and architecture.

Avenida Alvear - named after Carlos María de Alvear this is an amazing place for the shopping fanatic. It has stores with the most famous names in fashion including Versace, Louis Voutton, Prada, Cartier and others. The most famous jewelries, palaces, hotels and museums can be found throughout this seven block area. There are not only expensive shopping areas but also famous sights that used to be palaces such as Ortiz Basualdo Palace (French Embassy), Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, Recoleta Cementary, Pereda Palace (Brazilian embassy), Fernadez de Anchorena, Alvear Palace Hotel, Duhau Palace (now Park Hyatt Hotel) .

Avenida Alvear. Photo by: noshadows

San Telmo is an important and historic location considered as the oldest neighborhood in town. Today there are lots of cafes, antique shops and tango dancers. Come and visit the historic site and enjoy a little tango while you are at it. The best time to visit is on Sunday, you will see lots of street performers: human statues, mimes, and many others. At nighttime, the plaza becomes a place for an open dance party. Grab a partner, and join the fun with a little tango. This is where you really experience the culture of another country! This is also a place where there are tons of restaurants with great food. Some restaurants to try: Estancia , Plaza Dorrego, Abril, and your mouth will keep begging for more.

Dancing in San Telmo. Photo by: philliecasablanca

Puerto Madero - If I could pick one word to describe Puerto Madero, it would be: Food. Come and get the most delicious food you have ever tasted in your life. You have to try the tradional Argentine beef which is a must when you visit Argentina. However, this 15 block area is not just for food, it has great views of the river and is a very romantic place to take your loved one. There are many activities to try including catching a movie in the local movie complex, going to a pub, and tasting the food! Among some of the sights to see in here include:

  • Ecological Reserve
  • , a place to relax and enjoy nature's beauty while seeing animals such as otters and partridges.
  • Uruguay Covet
  • - One of the oldest warships still active.
  • Puente de la Mujer (Woman's Bridge)
  • - A 335 foot long suspension bridge made of 3 sections. The bridge was created by architect Santiago Calatrava. The bridge reflects a couple dancing Tango, one of Argentina's favorite dance.

Obelisco - The obelisk measures at 67 meters high and its symbolism is to commemorate the 400th anniversary of Buenos Aires on (July 9, 1816). The obelisk only took 4 weeks to create and it was constructed by architect Aberto Prebisch. It is also a place where people gather for demonstrations or shows of nationalism, such as soccer victories.

Obelisco. Photo by: philliecasablanca

Museo de los Niños Abasto - Want kids to enjoy their Argentinian vacation? Take them to Museo de los Niños Abasto, an excellent and fun filled place for kids and toddlers. Bring your kid here and he/she will have an unforgettable experience. Your child can pretend to be everything from a banker, sailor or doctor. While interacting in this thematic museum they will garner curiosity, perception, movement all through integrated play, the best way to learn. Please note that they are closed on Mondays and they open from 1pm to 7pm.

Colon Theater - A fascinating theater with some of the best acoustics in the world. Enjoy a concert here or take the tour to see how all the different workers interact to make a performance become alive. The theater was created by Francesco Tamburini and Vittorio Meano, whose intent was to create an European style theater. Currently it is closed until 2010 for renovations.

Teatro Colon. Photo by: knavemalkin

Recoleta Cementery

Recoleta Cementery is one of the world's most famous cementeries. There are many graves and mausoleum of famous Argenitinians resting here. The masusoleums are elaborately architected and worth visiting. Most people come to see the mausoleum of Eva Peron, the First Lady of Argentina from 1946 until her death in 1952.

Recoleta Cementery. Photo by: puroticorico

La Boca

La Boca is a popular to place to visit for many tourists. The main attraction is Calle Caminito a street where the buildings and wooden and iron houses colored with many different colors. The multiple colors within the same house is supposedly due to owners who were poor and asked the ship dock workers for any leftover paint to color their houses. Because there was always not enough, they painted their houses with whatever color was given to them. Although the buildings and houses are the center of attention, there are also street performers, tango dancers, and sculptures for you to explore. While you are here you can visit Boca Juniors soccer stadium where the famous soccer superstar Diego Maradona once played.

One word of caution: When visiting La Boca, it is safe during the daytime but not during the night.

Colorful Houses in La Boca. Photo by: lrargerich

Fun Activity to do:If you love horseback riding, you should definitely try one of the top attractions in Buenos Aires. This place offers guided horseback rides that will give you an unforgettable experience. You start with a light breakfast, and then go horsebackriding with very well trained horses. This is one of the top attractions on TripAdvisor.

A Video Overview Of Buenos Aires

Argentinian Food

One thing Argentinians love is meat. In fact, they consume more meat than any other country in the world. The parillada is a mixed grill type containing ribs, chicken, pork, beef . There is also grilled steak called churrasco and beef breaded with crumbs called milanesa.

Parillada..yum.. I can feel my cholesterol rising.. Photo by: drquimbo

One of my favorite foods from Argentina are Empanadas. I just salivate at the thought of them. They are pastries with meat and vegetables filled within it. They are great as a lunch treat, dinner treat or an everyday treat. The filling can be anything but usually involves ground beef, onions, and salt as its main ingredients.

Delicious empanadas. Photo by: LaguneXXX

Sandwiches de Miga are made with buttered white bread, meats and lettuce. Some may be filled with boiled eggs, tomatoes, roasted red peppers. The crust is taken off (miga is the white part of the bread without the crust).

Sandwiches de Miga. Photo by: gorriti

An everyday favorite spread loved by the people of Argentina is dulce de leche (translated sweet milk). This spread is put on breads, pancakes, toast and any place where a spread can be put.

Mate – A tea that is also very popular in Argentina. You drink it wih a long metal or cane straw called a bombilla. It is impolite to refuse to drink mate when offered to you. When one guest receives the mate, he/she will drink it and return it to the preparer who will then fill it and give it to another guest.

Buenos Aires - This is where the Tango Began

Tango is the official dance that originated in Argentina. Today there are many varieties of tango, but they involve walking, turning, stopping and one's own embellishments. The tango dance is said to have originated from African, European, Latin roots when poor men in the barrios would dance this in brothels and bars. If you want to learn to Tango, visit Argentina during its Tango Festival. From February through March, if you visit Argentina, you may get to have free tango classes, see famous tango performances and more!

Famous Argentinians to Know

Evita Peron - Second wife of President Juan Domingo Perón (1895-1974). She is one of the most famous and beloved people in Argentina, for her role in helping women's causes and helping the poor with their afflictions. Eva was born in 1919 to Juan Duarte and Juana Ibarguren. Juan was already married to another woman when he had Eva through an affair with Juana. Eva lived in very poor circumstances throughout her early life. She strived to become a famous actress and she had some parts in some radio soap operas. Once she met Juan Peron, she was mesmerized by him. Many did not like that Juan Peron being of such high class, would end up marrying a lowly class illegitimate child such as Eva Peron. When she became the wife of the president she was credited with many political aspects that brought the poor and females into prominence. She established women's suffrage. She also began a female political party called the Female Peronist Party. For the poor, she helped build hospitals, schools, homes and more. The poor Argentinians called the descamisados (shirtless ones)were near and dear to her heart. She was controversial at times, suppressing and jailing any who opposed her policies or had wronged her in the past.

Eva Perón

Diego Armando Maradona - Maradona is a super soccer mega star. He debuted with the Arentina national team at the age of 16. He is famous as one of the best players that ever played the game. His most memorable world cup moments are when he led Argentina to the 1986 FIFA World cup. In a match against England he had two goals that have been unforgettable. On the first goal he is said to have scored the goal by using his hand. This goal became known as the goal with the "Hand Of God", after Maradona said he made it with his head and with the hand of God. In his older years (in 2005), Maradona finally acknowledged he scored the goal with the help of his hand. In the same game his second goal he past five English players and scored an unforgettable goal, this being voted the goal of the Century by a FIFA poll.


A Video Biography on Evita

See how this woman changed Argentina and why Argentinians love her.

Maradona's famous goals

Including the "hand of God" goal and the best goal of the century (the last one)!

Travel to Argentina On the Cheap

Use coupons or promotional codes when booking your travel to Argentina. Expedia is one of the top travel agencies and they may have an expedia coupon to reduce your travel costs. Other options are travelocity, cheaptickets or orbitz. Travelocity frequently offers promo codes so check if there is a travelocity promo code available. Cheaptickets may also offer great deals. Look out for any cheaptickets promo code.

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      I'm ready! The dancing, the food! The PINKHOUSE! :-)

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      I would love to visit someday! The culture is so rich and unique and I know that I would adore the food.


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