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Visit a Medieval Castle in Ireland

Updated on November 6, 2014

The Medieval Castle at Bunratty, County Clare

On a recent visit to the medieval Castle at Bunratty, which is only 30 miles from where I live, I've achieved something that has eluded me for over 40 years - to go on a tour of this amazing medieval castle. I know that seems ridiculous when one lives so close to a major tourist attraction, but there it is, we often don't visit places of interest on our doorstep!

Bunratty Castle is a large tower house in County Clare in the west of Ireland near to Shannon Airport. It's situated in the center of Bunratty village adjacent to the main Limerick to Ennis road, near Shannon airport.

The name Bunratty comes from the Irish Bun Raite (or Bun na Raite) which means the 'bottom' or end of the 'Ratty' river. This river, beside the castle, flows into the Shannon estuary.

From the top of the castle, one can look over to the estuary and the airport. The castle and the adjoining folk park are run by an organization called Shannon Heritage. Please join me on a tour with my camera.

This IMMINENT lens was created on St.Patrick's Day, 17 March 2013

All photos © Rob Hemphill - except one from

Bunratty Castle tour
Bunratty Castle tour

Bunratty Castle

Most authentic medieval fortress in Ireland

Bunratty Castle is the most authentic and complete medieval fortress in Ireland. It was built in 1425 and overlooks the Shannon Estuary. Around 1804 the castle fell into disrepair, and it was restored back to its former medieval glory in 1954.

As a popular tourist attraction the Castle houses Middle Age and Renaissance furnishings and tapestries, and a selection of works of art mainly from 15th and 16th centuries. The castle stands in delightful grounds, in which several cottages and houses make up the dwellings within the area of the folk park. Surrounded by massive walls, the layout of these buildings are reminiscent of the way that the cottages and crofts of old would have looked.

You can wander around the castle through rooms of many sizes, and gaze at the fine collection of medieval furniture and tapestries, then climb the heights to the roof-top on narrow winding stone steps for some breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside.

A guided tour of the castle is well worthwhile. The Castle closes each day at 4pm to prepare for the Medieval Banquet.

Bunratty Castle

Bunratty Castle
Bunratty Castle

Shannon Heritage

celtic designs
celtic designs
Bunratty Folk Park
Bunratty Folk Park

Bunratty Folk Park

See how it was in the 19th century

I have been driving past Bunratty Castle on the way to and from Shannon airport for years and years, but had never actually had a proper tour inside the grounds. The Folk Park is a specially laid out site on 26 acres of over 30 buildings, each building depicts rural life in Ireland long ago.

We visited during the winter months so various street characters weren't around to greet us - must have been too cold and wet for them! However, during the summer months you'll be able to talk to the Bean an Ti (Woman of the House), the Policeman and the Schoolteacher, who all help give the site its charm. You know the Irish, they're always ready to pass the time of day (Irish speak for making time to chat and be friendly).

As you stroll round this quaint and enchanting place you can enjoy the sights and sounds of old rural Ireland. Pop into one cottage and have a scone and cup of tea, another will offer you scented items, a third a taste of mead, and so on.

You can wander from house to house or stroll though the old village, which has a school, a post office, hardware shop, doctors house, printers shop and of course the pub!

We had a a fabulous experience, so if you ever come to Ireland, especially through Shannon airport, you must take a tour. It's ideal for adults and children alike.

Bunratty Folk Park Village

Bunratty Folk Park and Village
Bunratty Folk Park and Village

Bunratty Photos

Click thumbnail to view full-size
A cottage with a curragh (west of Ireland boat) in the foreground.Durty Nelly's pub where you'll get a great seafood chowder and pint of Guinness.The 'Failte' sign outside the pub, meaning Welcome.Yes' you can pull your own pint of Guinness.View towards Shannon airport from the castle roof-top.Medieval house with a stable at one end of the living quarters.Straw stack raised above the ground in order to keep it dry.There are several cottages of different sizes designated to different classes of people.Bunratty Castle with Durty Nelly's pub beside the river Ratty.The Iris tricolor flag flying above the castle.
A cottage with a curragh (west of Ireland boat) in the foreground.
A cottage with a curragh (west of Ireland boat) in the foreground.
Durty Nelly's pub where you'll get a great seafood chowder and pint of Guinness.
Durty Nelly's pub where you'll get a great seafood chowder and pint of Guinness.
The 'Failte' sign outside the pub, meaning Welcome.
The 'Failte' sign outside the pub, meaning Welcome.
Yes' you can pull your own pint of Guinness.
Yes' you can pull your own pint of Guinness.
View towards Shannon airport from the castle roof-top.
View towards Shannon airport from the castle roof-top.
Medieval house with a stable at one end of the living quarters.
Medieval house with a stable at one end of the living quarters.
Straw stack raised above the ground in order to keep it dry.
Straw stack raised above the ground in order to keep it dry.
There are several cottages of different sizes designated to different classes of people.
There are several cottages of different sizes designated to different classes of people.
Bunratty Castle with Durty Nelly's pub beside the river Ratty.
Bunratty Castle with Durty Nelly's pub beside the river Ratty.
The Iris tricolor flag flying above the castle.
The Iris tricolor flag flying above the castle.

"May you live as long as you want

and never want as long as you live."

Stuff About The Castle

Bunratty: Rebirth of a Castle
Bunratty: Rebirth of a Castle

Learn how the Castle was reborn after its turbulent history.


If you can't visit the Castle for the dinner, why not isten to the music and song from the world famous medieval banquet?


Bunratty Castle Medieval Banquet

Go back in time with this sumptuous banquet

Bunratty holds a marvelous medieval banquet at the castle most evenings, so if you've never experienced the splendor of one of these ancient functions, I recommend you come along one day and join in the festivities in the main guard of Bunratty Castle.

Each night the Ladies of the Castle welcome guests from around the world to dine at The Earl's Banquet at Bunratty Castle. You'll be entertained by the renowned Bunratty Castle Entertainers accompanied by harp and violin.

The evening kicks off with a mead reception in the Great Hall, then you proceed downstairs to enjoy a fabulous four course meal with wine while you enjoy the entertainment.

~ Book accommodation in the area ~

Music From A Mediaeval Banquet At Bunratty Castle, Ireland
Music From A Mediaeval Banquet At Bunratty Castle, Ireland

1. Danny Boy, 2. How Merrily WQe Live, 3. Deirin De, 4. Slievernamon, 5. The Spinning Wheel, 6. O'Carolin's Concerto, 7. Cruiskeen Lawn, 8. Tabhair Dom Do Lamh, 9. The Bard Of Armagh, 10. Gaire na mBan, 11. Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young Charms, 12. Kilkenny Races (Set Dance)/Bonny Kate (Reel), 13. The Kerry Dances, 14. Lilting Diversion, (Planzty Bunratty Rinnucini's Reel Dutty Nelly Reel), 15. Greensleeves, 16. The Jug Of Punch


Bunratty Castle Lady

Bunratty Castle banquet
Bunratty Castle banquet

The Bunratty Collection

The many artifacts inside the Castle

The Bunratty Collection. This is a collection of furniture, statues, tapestries and paintings as well as a variety of other items, including a 17th century musical instrument.

As you walk around inside the Castle, you can see, and even touch the exquisite antique furniture with its intricate wooden carvings. The huge tapestries hang on the castle walls alongside large antlers from the giant Irish elk which roamed the land more than 12,000 years ago long before man arrived in Ireland. These antlers were recovered from the Irish boglands where they lay preserved for posterity.

Bunratty Castle has had a dramatic and turbulent history and has been destroyed at least eight or nine times over its 800-year old history. The Castle lay in ruins in the mid 20th century and could have been demolished for stone. However, Viscount Gort, a medievalist bought and saved the castle in 1953.

The collections of artifacts in Bunratty Castle are protected by the Gort Furniture Trust.


Rising Sun - Interconnected Celtic Knot Tree and Roots of Life Sterling Silver Pendant
Rising Sun - Interconnected Celtic Knot Tree and Roots of Life Sterling Silver Pendant

This art quality piece of jewelry will certainly set a tone especially if you wish to define your connection to a Celtic ancestry. The craftsmanship and symbolism of the piece, sold by Silver Insanity is really beautiful.

Being roughly the size of a silver dollar the detail can easily be seen. I especially love the symbolism of the Tree of Life.

Bunratty Mead
Bunratty Mead

Mead - The Drink of the High Kings of Ireland

Mead is an alcoholic beverage produced by brewing a solution of honey and water. Depending on where the mead comes from and local traditions, it can be flavored with hops, fruit or spices. The alcohol percentage ranges from 8-18%, the Bunratty Mead I got was 14.7%, and didn't it taste wonderful. Not only did we enjoy it at the banquet reception, they then served it up alongside the wines during the meal.

The "Honeymoon Drink"

Mead was discovered by the monks in the middle ages and soon made its way into the courts of Ireland, no banquet was complete without it - I agree!

It was believed to have powers of virility and fertility. The custom was for brides and grooms to drink mead for one full moon after their wedding, and so the name 'honeymoon' was born.

The production of mead dates back to around 2000 BC following archaeological evidence of pottery vessels along with various organic compounds.

Good times, good friends,

good health to you...

and may the luck of the Irish

be always with you.

Great Irish Houses and Castles

Great Irish Houses and Castles
Great Irish Houses and Castles

This is such and enjoyable book. Seeing Ireland's beautiful landscape of rolling hills and gentle flowing rivers marries perfectly with the extraordinary Manor houses that it hosts. There are 308 pictures in the book which show many of the most historic houses in Ireland.

The histories accompanying the photos are comprehensive and concise, and extremely well written. I have had this book for over 10 years and am constantly using it as a reference. If you enjoy architectural history, then this book is a must buy.



Castles were built a stone at a time

Not Quite a Giant Elk!

In the grounds of the Folk Park was this one stag and two hinds, but he was no match for his giant ancestor whose antlers are displayed on the walls in the Castle.

Bunratty Castle Layout

Bunratty Castle layout
Bunratty Castle layout

Image courtesy of Shannon Heritage - Bunratty Castle Layout Plan

1. The Basement

2. The Main Guard

3. The Captains Quarters

4. The Great Hall

5. The Earl's Kitchen

6. The Earl's Bedroom

7. The North Solar

8. The Earl's Private Chapel

9. The Earl's Pantry

10. Public Chapel

11. The Chaplain's Room

12. The Robing Room

13. The South Solar Bedroom

14. South Solar Lounge

15. The South Solar

May the roof above us never fall in and may the friends gathered below never fall out.

The Great Hall

The Main Guard
The Main Guard

Oak Dower Cupboard

This elaborate and beautifully carved oak dower cupboard originated from Westphalia in Germany circa 1570.

The door is ornamented with the following religious scenes: the 'Annunciation', the 'Nativity', the 'Last Supper', 'Christ before the High Priest', 'Christ before Pilate'.

The Earl's Kitchen

Bunratty Tapestry

Bunratty tapestry
Bunratty tapestry

The Basement

The North Solar

The Earl's Bedroom

"May the road rise to meet you,

may the wind be always at your back,

and may the sun always shine warm upon your face."

A cabin with plenty of food is better than a hungry castle

Thanks For Joining Me on a Tour, Any Thoughts?

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    • Sylvestermouse profile image

      Cynthia Sylvestermouse 3 years ago from United States

      This is really cool! I have never been to Ireland, but I have had the fun of visiting a few other castles in Europe. Really is a fun step back in history.

    • Virginia Allain profile image

      Virginia Allain 3 years ago from Central Florida

      What a marvelous place. Enjoyed seeing it.

    • Meganhere profile image

      Meganhere 4 years ago

      Okay, now I want a castle.

    • Rangoon House profile image

      AJ 4 years ago from Australia

      I live in a part of the world where international visitors flock to see it's attractions. We often take them for granted because they are part of our everyday lives, but there is nothing quite like a great Irish house or castle - I would love to visit Bunratty on my next visit to Ireland.

    • MrAusAdventure profile image

      Bill 4 years ago from Gold Coast, Australia

      Bunratty Castle looks like an amazing place to visit. I loved the Castles in the UK but never made it to Ireland unfortunately. Isn't it funny how we travel all over the world but neglect to visit those attractions close to us. I have certainly been guilty of this myself. Mead sounds delicious, I had no idea what it was even though I had heard of it many times over the years.

    • profile image

      TheDeeperWell 4 years ago

      I enjoyed a feast at Bunratty in 1979...first time tasting mead...lots of wine was served and it was a challenge, but I took notes of the menu. My friend and I came home and recreated the feast in my small town in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California. It took a while to find the mead, but we did. We offered no utensils for eating. We even had snuff to sample just like we did in Ireland. I had a local potter make me some clay wine glasses to use for it. Not that I am thinking about it, it might be time to try to do it again. Oh, and I talked my then 16 year old brother to dress in tights and a beret with a feather plume, so he could greet guests at the door. The one thing we served that was not in the original feast, was Baily's Irish Cream, which not available in the US at the time. I hand carried it back in the airplane with me.

    • Socialpro54 LM profile image

      Socialpro54 LM 4 years ago

      I was in Ireland, it is a wonderful country ..

    • cavu profile image

      cavu 4 years ago


      Someday....i will visit this wonderful place of green joy.

    • profile image

      SteveKaye 4 years ago

      Thank you for this wonderful tour.

    • profile image

      RinchenChodron 4 years ago

      May the rain fall softly on your fields! You are right I lived in Colorado Springs for 25 years before I drove up Pikes Peak. We do ignore our own backyard.

    • profile image

      AlleyCatLane 4 years ago

      I loved the tour! I am so envious. I would love to tour any medieval castles. Thanks for sharing your photos and experience.

    • The One Stop Shop profile image

      The One Stop Shop 4 years ago

      I would love to visit them, hopefully one day I will be able to. Terrific lens, thanks so much for sharing and providing great pictures of the castles.

    • aksem profile image

      aksem 4 years ago

      I have visited Bunratty Castle in 1996. I was in Ireland for St.Patrick Day. I brought home unforgettable impressions and I dream to visit Ireland once again

    • Michey LM profile image

      Michey LM 4 years ago

      Beautiful place to visit. Thanks for sharing...

    • Deadicated LM profile image

      Deadicated LM 4 years ago

      Great Lens, thanks for sharing; one of my friends left the USA and now lives in Ireland, he's a caretaker at Birr Castle in Offaly.

    • WriterJanis2 profile image

      WriterJanis2 4 years ago

      I would so love to visit here. Congrats for making the home page!

    • Michelllle profile image

      Michelllle 4 years ago

      I love this. I worked in N. Ireland for one summer and was lucky enough to tour around for a week in Ireland. I also love old castles because I worked one summer on the reconstruction of a 13th century castle in the S. France. Just amazes me that these beautiful structures still stand after so many years. Great lens.

    • Jogalog profile image

      Jogalog 4 years ago

      I have never been to Ireland but I'm hoping to one day. I love the pictures of the inside of the castle - the basement with the long table and low arched ceiling and the bedroom.

    • StaceyWrites profile image

      StaceyWrites 4 years ago

      Thanks for the great lens! I'm definitely adding Bunratty Castle to my list of "must sees".

    • SheilaMilne profile image

      SheilaMilne 4 years ago from Kent, UK

      My sister and I are planning to return to Ireland after too many years away. I think Bunratty has just been added to the itinerary. :)

    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      Oh I love it. Really awesome pics.

    • MaureenCee profile image

      MaureenCee 4 years ago

      Hi Rob3, thank you for a most interesting tour of Bunratty Castle. I was in Ireland touring with my first husband in 1997 and we went from Dublin up to the border and then across down through Connemara and own to Limerick then straight across back to Dublin. We didn't get to see Wicklow or any of those counties and we only barely crossed over the border to Northern Ireland because we came the week the Marches started and were advised to stay well away.

      One of the most memorable things about that trip was the visit to Bunratty Castle and even though we didn't get to a banquet I have quite a few souvenirs that i enjoy looking at and they are a wonderful reminder of a very special place that I visited.

      My family is of Irish descent and my grandmother was an O'Halloran, a name so old it's in the Book of Antiquitous Names (I hope I spelt all that right) and came from County Clare and her husbands family, my grandfather, came from County Limerick. Unfortunately i didn't know that when I was there.

      This is really a lovely lens and full of fabulous memories for me and I'm so grateful.

    • Glenda Motsavage profile image

      Glenda Motsavage 4 years ago from The Sunshine State

      I have never visited a castle. Truly amazing! The Oak Dower Cupboard is absolutely stunning! Thanks so much for taking us on the tour!

    • profile image

      StaCslns 4 years ago

      Very interesting!! It is my dream to go to Ireland!

    • profile image

      Ooooohhhh 4 years ago

      I've been in Ireland, it is wonderful, and people are very friendly.

    • BlogsWriter profile image

      BlogsWriter 4 years ago

      I want to visit Ireland one day; added in my wish list.

    • CarrieM925 profile image

      CarrieM925 4 years ago

      This looks amazing. Great photos

    • zlatko07 profile image

      zlatko07 4 years ago

      Very nice and interesting lens.

    • profile image

      AntLangston 4 years ago

      I love Ireland - great lens

    • profile image

      MarkHenry012 4 years ago

      It looks awesome, I would like to visit here.

    • profile image

      jura 4 years ago

      This castles are magnificent great lens and photos are great .

    • JackNimble profile image

      JackNimble 4 years ago

      Awesome Lens! I love all things medieval. Castles are a favorite.

    • profile image

      dellgirl 4 years ago

      Congratulations on getting the Purple Star for this great lens. I enjoyed visiting here, nice work. Thanks for sharing and for the personal tour. Your photos are amazing!

    • profile image

      lionmom100 4 years ago

      Wow. What interesting places to visit. Beautiful photos.

    • bethann21 profile image

      bethann21 4 years ago

      Well thought out lens. Love IT!

    • profile image

      MensAffairscom 4 years ago

      I love castles, this is amazing. Nice tour. Thank you so much for this lens

    • sukkran trichy profile image

      sukkran trichy 4 years ago from Trichy/Tamil Nadu

      ireland is famous for its good old castles. i would love to visit these castles. well presented lens.

    • worldflashpacker profile image

      worldflashpacker 4 years ago

      This has inspired me to visit Ireland, thanks for sharing.

    • ruthlspurgeon profile image

      ruthlspurgeon 4 years ago

      I've always wanted to visit a castle. Thanks for the tour.

    • Shelby27 profile image

      Shelby27 4 years ago

      I enjoyed the tour immensely and hope one day to see it myself. Thank you!

    • Keith J Winter profile image

      Keith Winter 4 years ago from Spain

      Awesome lens and great photos. Many thanks for the tour:

    • WhiteIsland profile image

      WhiteIsland 4 years ago

      Excellent - I've always thought it would be interesting to visit Ireland. Now I have a specific destination on my list, if I do. :)

    • profile image

      candy47 4 years ago

      Thank you for a thoroughly enjoyable tour of Bunratty Castle!

    • EsotericAllusion profile image

      EsotericAllusion 4 years ago

      As an Australian, I am jealous. We simply do not have any medieval history. Oh! To live near such wonderful places. And that bed!

    • endamclarnon profile image

      Enda McLarnon 4 years ago from Belfast, Ireland

      I remember well being at Durty Nellys a few years back. I am a Guinness drinker and really enjoy the black stuff. The best pint I have ever tasted in my life was in this great old pub..pleasant memories indeed.

    • jc stone profile image

      Jordan 4 years ago

      Thanks for giving us the tour.

    • nicenet profile image

      nicey 4 years ago

      It's amazing that this castle has stood the test of time. I say Amen to your quote,'may the roof over us not fall in and the good friends not fall out..' Good style of writing.

    • onlybydesignz profile image

      onlybydesignz 4 years ago

      One more reason to visit Ireland.

    • profile image

      surabhinafdey 4 years ago

      wow.....Amazing lens.....I love reading about heritage stuff.....

      Lovely pictures :)

    • aesta1 profile image

      Mary Norton 4 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      This is indeed an imminent lens. What a joy to read. The sales modules really fit in well. Great pictures, too.

    • Alfiesgirl LM profile image

      Alfiesgirl LM 4 years ago

      Beautiful lens. I knew that I'd love it before I came here. I love everything Irish ( except perhaps Guinness ). xXx

    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      The mediivel castle looks like the castle with the duckular earl in the vampair movie.

    • susanholland10 profile image

      Susan Holland 4 years ago from Southwest Missouri

      Sending this lens to my sister. She and her husband on going on a tour of Ireland. She is going to love this. I loved it!! Wonderful pictures!!

    • shellys-space profile image

      Shelly Sellers 4 years ago from Midwest U.S.A.

      Oh, I would love to visit where you live Rob! I have never been to a castle and I adore anything "medieval"!

    • Loretta L profile image

      Loretta Livingstone 4 years ago from Chilterns, UK.

      I love this lens. I really like the medieval period. I also enjoyed the blessings. I would enjoy visiting this if ever I'm in Ireland.

    • profile image

      webscribbler 4 years ago

      Isn't it funny how so many of us fail to enjoy landmarks that people travel from around the world to visit when they are literally in our own back yard? For me it was the Alamo, Sea World and Mexico when I lived in Texas. Maybe one day I'll get to see them.

      Wonderful Lens. It was like having a personal tour guide.

    • siobhanryan profile image

      siobhanryan 4 years ago

      Great lens and you are a good ambassador for Ireland

    • kevkev227 lm profile image

      kevkev227 lm 4 years ago

      Thanks for sharing. I attended a banquet there about 12 years ago while I was studying at University of Limerick. The music and food were wonderful and the mead certainly brought a lot to the experience :)

    • davidtrust profile image

      davidtrust 4 years ago

      Nice lens. I have this affinity for Ireland for some reason. I've never been and have no recent Irish ancestors, but it seems to beckon me. Maybe it's the music.

    • profile image

      DDLewis 4 years ago

      Loved the pictures and especially the layout plan for Bunratty! Great lens!

    • cleanearth profile image

      cleanearth 4 years ago

      It has always been my dream to retrace my roots with a trip to Ireland and then secondly, to visit a castle! I love this lens on Ireland, thank you for sharing! My favorite was the Earl's Bedroom :)

    • najoslin profile image

      najoslin 4 years ago

      Awesome pictures! Thanks for writing this lens!

    • BobZau profile image

      Bob Zau 4 years ago

      Simply captivating. I got lost in your Dunratty lens until their was no more. As others said; one more reason to get to Ireland. The first being my liking for Irish whiskies : )

    • darciefrench lm profile image

      darciefrench lm 4 years ago

      Too cool! I'd love to spend a night all by myself in a castle like this and commune with all those who've come before me :D

    • chi kung profile image

      chi kung 4 years ago

      So I've been inside of a functioning castle :)

      question though.... did they really use to hang those birds above the stove?

    • judylou21 profile image

      judylou21 4 years ago

      Thank you so much for the tour, I so enjoy this and I love people and talk to any one that will talk to me. My family came from Ireland and again thank you for your lens,it's great .2judylou2

    • RavenRunner profile image

      RavenRunner 4 years ago

      Castles are a must when visiting Ireland. Thanks for giving us a tour!

    • Keeah profile image

      Keeah 4 years ago

      One more reason I must get myself to Ireland!

    • Scarlettohairy profile image

      Peggy Hazelwood 4 years ago from Desert Southwest, U.S.A.

      This looks like a fabulous castle to tour. Now you can smile and know what it looks like inside each time you pass by.

    • sue826 lm profile image

      sue826 lm 4 years ago

      Great lens. I love castles. Enjoyed my visit.

    • sharioleary profile image

      Shari O'Leary 4 years ago from Minnesota

      What a great lens! Blessed!

    • profile image

      NewUsedCarsSacramento 4 years ago

      I canât tell you how much I love these medieval castles. They are simply magnificent. Thanks a lot for sharing such an amazing lens, I love the images you shared.

    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      Absolutely spectacular! What a wonderful full experience you share with us....would have loved a few morsels from the Earl's banquet. Your pictures are amazing....a delight in every possible way, congratulations on home page honors!

    • mrsclaus411 profile image

      mrsclaus411 4 years ago

      I think the Bunratty Castle On the Banks of the Ratty River at Dusk looks really nice and elegant. Great and wonderful castle indeed. Thank you for sharing!

    • profile image

      MarcellaCarlton 4 years ago

      Fabulous castle! Great Lens! A wonderful history.

    • Smurfs LM profile image

      Smurfs LM 4 years ago

      Adorable lens! I wanted to travel to Ireland last summer, but something got in my way. But, I am, certainly, going there sometime in future! Just love those medieval castles and tales.

    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      Thanks Rob for making this lens. I grew up 15 miles away and every time I go back to the homecountry I put a visit to Bunratty on my itinerary.

    • MargaritasWorld profile image

      Margarita Boettcher 4 years ago from Morrison, Colorado

      Great lens! I totally understand. I live across the street from Red Rocks in CO. I try very hard not to take it for granted. Though I did for many years. I have a dream of going to Ireland one day. I'm so fascinated by all things Irish:)

    • MusicMadness LM profile image

      MusicMadness LM 4 years ago

      Loved the castle pictures. I've only been in Ireland once, and it was down south in Wicklow county. I didn't seen any castles, but saw plenty of sheep ;)