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Burlington Festival of Lights

Updated on December 21, 2014

Lakeside Festival of Lights in Burlington, Ontario

One of the best ways to enjoy the holidays is going to Spencer Smith Park and seeing the Lakeside Festival of Lights. The Burlington Festival of Lights is celebrating its 19th anniversary this year.

The opening ceremony will take place on November 28th 2014 at 5:30pm. After that the light displays will be available to be seen every day from dusk until dawn until January 6th 2015.

There is no charge for admission to see the festival of lights in Burlington. Another great addition this year is that parking will be free for the month of December.

There is a parking lot right beside Christmas light displays. The Festival of Lights can be a great inspiration for a Christmas display for your own home.

All images © of whatsittoyou

Christmas Trees and Reindeer

My uncle likes this one it reminds him of when he was little going into the woods with his family to get their own Christmas tree.

69 in. Outdoor LED Leaping Reindeer Lighted Display - 150 Bulbs
69 in. Outdoor LED Leaping Reindeer Lighted Display - 150 Bulbs

This is closer to the same style as the ones in the park

A marker1400 Lakeshore Rd -
1400 Lakeshore Road, Burlington, ON L7S 1Y2, Canada
get directions

Nativity Scene

This one is my aunt's favorite. She is deeply religious and believes in showing the true "Reason for the Season".

She has a nativity scene set up in her own front yard. Her display is even more elaborate than the one on display in Burlington. She has the Teak island Nativity set. She bought all of the different pieces for it over the years.

Festival Of Lights Entrance

This helicopter is the first display you will see if you enter from the parking lot side of the park. While it is not captured in the shot, they have the lights go on and off in a sequence that makes it look like the helicopter blades are rotating.

If you enter from the street by the stairs you will see the Nutcracker soldiers posted along the fence beside the sidewalk before you enter the main display (seen above). You will also be greeted by a waving Santa Clause (seen below).

Christmas Train

This is the train that they have in the park. It reminds me of the beautiful Christmas display that my parents set up inside their house. They have a village with the Holiday Express Train going around it. My dad likes it because it reminds him of the train they used to have set up around the bottom of their Christmas tree.

LB International 4-Piece Holographic Lighted Motion Train Set Christmas Yard Art Decoration 8.5'
LB International 4-Piece Holographic Lighted Motion Train Set Christmas Yard Art Decoration 8.5'

You can get a train set to display in your front yard. In my opinion this one looks even better than the one in the park. It looks fuller and brighter.


Santa and His Reindeer

The one with Santa in his sleigh, being pulled by all of his reindeer is my favorite. I love how it looks like the reindeer are taking off or climbing higher into the sky. I would love to take this one home and have it on my front lawn.

Lighted Holographic Santa Sleigh and Deer Christmas Decoration
Lighted Holographic Santa Sleigh and Deer Christmas Decoration

This one lights up and looks fantastic. It also has the same look of the reindeer taking off or being in flight.


Festival of Lights Video

Festival of Lights - Animals

They have quite a few animals in the light display. There are owls on the trees, skating penguins, geese in flight, an elephant, a mother giraffe with her baby, and a moose,

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Skating PenguinsMooseElephantGiraffeCanada GooseOwl
Skating Penguins
Skating Penguins
Canada Goose
Canada Goose

Thank You To The Wonderful Volunteers & Sponsors

This is not a city run event, it is run by the volunteers and funded with sponsors. These fantastic volunteers are the ones who set up, maintain, and remove the displays. It is only with their hard work and the generosity of the sponsors that this event is possible.

What Is Your Families Favorite Holiday Event?

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