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In the Mind of Busi: Busi's Interesting Place to Go (Place 1)

Updated on April 19, 2016

In the Mind of Busi: Why France?

This article will be an educational experience as you venture through the details of my article. I will be discussing a country and it's value that makes it an interesting place to visit along with places to visit within the country. The country of my selection for an interesting place to visit is France. France is an interesting place to visit because of it's medieval history, tourist attractions, and it's picture gallery.

France is known for being a place that is highly visited by explorers from all over the world. Reasons for being so is because of the medieval towns that dwell in France. Ars-en-Re is a small medieval village in France. It is a place known for where sailors and traders would visit. The town is historical and interesting due to it's streets that bring about an enchanting vibe. In this town, you can find upscale restaurants and a beach that presents a town of interests where sailors would visit from over one hundred of years ago.

Ars-en-Re is a historical port. The area is maze-like and is found on an island named Re. The streets are known for being quite narrow. The buildings in the area are round due to how tightly built the roads are. There is little space between the buildings. The space created by the roundness of the buildings were designed to make room for carts and wagons to navigate through.

The port in Re was an area visited by Scandinavian ships that distributed salt into the area. Ars-en-Re has a huge amount of buildings. These buildings include:Windmills (17th-18th century), Houses (16th-20th century), a Guardhouse at Place Carnot (18th century), Jules Perrier Museum at Place de la Chapelle (19th century), a Salt Refinery at Rue de Mouillebarbe (19th Century), a Tower at Batterie-Karola Artillery Battery that is a part of the German Atlantic Wall (military area), and the Fort of Le Martray (1964).

Ars-en-Re includes a picture gallery. The picture gallery includes: the 16th century House in the town, the Seneschal House, Christmas lights, another Christmas lights, The old salt refinery, Le Martray Fort, The channel giving access to the Fier d'Ars, The old ralway station, Salt ponds, Church entrance, the Church steeple, the Nave, the Alter, Pieta in the church, the pulpit, and the Stained Glass window.

Ars-en-Re is also interesting due to it's birds. The birds that are in Ars-en-Re are worth a look. The birds include: the seagull, white stilt, wood pidgeon, brown seagalls, swan, heron, sandpipers, and the crested peewit.

Ars-en-Re is also known for it's fishing boats. Remember that France is known for attracting sailors and traders. These fishing boats include: The harbour, a pleasure fishing boat, fishing boat, lobster pots, penants for fishing buoys, and leisure.

There are notable people that are a part of Ars-en-Re's history. They are notable to the history of France and the Commune. These people include: Mathurin Renaud, William Barbotin, Marie-Theresa Dethan-Roullet, Lionel Jospin, Claude Barma, and John Vianney that is notable due to the Narthex church. These people were a part of the famous commune.

In the Mind of Busi: What I liked most about France

During my studies of France, fellow explorers, I took a liking in Ars-en-Re, the salt, birds, and ships as well as it's language. I will present a poem to express my liking of my choices that I was most interested in through my poetry. 10 words in French will also be presented, the words will be translated into English to give you all an idea of the linguistics that can be discovered in France.

In the Mind of Busi: Why not write a Poem for France?

I can smell the air of Ars-en-Re now.

The fellow beach and it's sand that preach peace and harmony for relaxation.

The seagulls chirp sounds of harmonious church bells into the drums of my ears as I hear "Come Mate! Come Now!."

So lovely, how lovely.

Such a peaceful historical area Ars-en-Re seems.

The lovely alters, and narrow roads that are soaked with peace.

Shall I visit this land and take my lover there if we are to greet once we meet.

Her name comes to mind.

Les Femmes like gold, like wine, a taste ever genuine.


She attracted me to explore

Such a land

With it's soul

I rhyme

Can you feel the wind whipping through your ears like the sailors once had steered.

Their boats of salt to trade and gear for the taste of the lobster near the island and Ars-en-Re is there.

May be we can fish and have a bite to eat.

I'd like a dish of lobster from the deep peaceful sea.

A 16th century Fort of Le Martray in my mind I see.

In reality, it is for the explorer with an urge to eat and taste the lobster that awaits and the salt.

Take a plate and picture a picture of the windmills and a guardhouse engraved.

In the Mind of Busi: "Five Words from France"

  1. Bonjour is a French word that originated in France. It means "hello" in English diction.
  2. Moeutte is a French word that originated in France. It means "seagull" in English diction.
  3. Explorateur is French dialect. It means explorer in English.
  4. Bateau is of the French language and it means boat inEnglish dialect
  5. Ile is a French word and it means island in English.
  6. Mer is a French word and it means sea in English.
  7. Vent is a French word and it means wind in English.
  8. Sel is a French word and it means salt in English.
  9. Commerce is a French word and it means trade in English.
  10. Assiette is a French word and it means plate in English diction.

Enjoy the language of France as you venture through it's narrow streets. It's important to be able to communicate and these ten interesting words are a good start for communicating on your trip through France.

In the Mind of Busi: My Contribution to an interesting musician that enjoys France

*Sponsored by Gudda Boi Classics "An Explorative Brand"

It was a pleasure sharing with you the knowledge that I gained from venturing through an interesting place to visit which was France. I will continue to venture and share my interesting places to visit. Enjoy the week and enjoy the music fellow explorers


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