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Buying WorldMark Credits on eBay

Updated on October 5, 2014

So, You're Interested in Buying Some WorldMark Timeshare Credits....

If you want to pay lowest price for Worldmark by Wyndham timeshare vacation credits, you will want avoid WorldMark as well as Timeshare Brokers and Craigslist, and go directly to eBay. Find out below how to evaluate a good deal for WorldMark Credits on eBay.

How to get the best deal on WorldMark Credits - Where are they sold?

It takes about 12,000 WorldMark by Wyndham timeshare credits to rent a 2-bedroom unit for a week's vacation at most of their resorts.

There are four ways to purchase these WorldMark credits. The first is to pay to WorldMark the full retail price. The second is to purchase them through a timeshare brokerage. A third is to look on Craigslist. And the fourth is to buy them at auction, like on eBay.

Now, I'm assuming you'd like to avoid paying full retail price as well as the high-pressure sales tactics of WorldMark salespeople at an "ownership meeting." This is good as the retail price for WorldMark credits are well above $2.00 per credit, so your ownership of 12,000 credits would easily be $24,000+. (Got a spare $24 Grand lying around?)

Another option is to browse the internet, searching through broker after broker's website for available WorldMark timeshare credits. You will be successful but you won't get a good deal. On many of these websites, they seller pays the broker but, as always, it's just added to the price of the credits (There is no free lunch.)

A third way is to browse Craigslist classified ads. Yes, you'll be buying locally but most who advertise here bought their credits at retail and haven't yet experienced the dramatic decline in demand (and price) of WorldMark credits after they leave their "ownership meeting." (WorldMark credits can decline by 50-75% after they are taken "off the lot," using car saleman slang.)

So that leaves auction websites, like eBay. How do we get a good deal here?

Buy WorldMark Credits on eBay - but shop wisely!

Pay attention to not only the bid but also to the extraneous costs listed in the product description. Most items are offered by a broker and you, the buyer, will pay this fee after the auction closes. In addition, there are many auctions where the seller is behind in the maintenance dues owed to WorldMark--dues that you will need to make current before you use the timeshare credits. In addition, WorldMark charges a $150 ownership transfer fee. And watch out for very low bids, you may be assuming the seller's WorldMark loan, which in many cases makes the price of the points close to paying full retail.

How do I price a WorldMark timeshare credit auction, you ask? Easy! WorldMark credits on eBay sell for an average of 40-75¢ per credit. Decide how much you'd like to pay per credit and work backwards. (Beware that if you'd like to pay 40¢ or less, you'll be bidding on many, many auctions before you win and if you are willing to pay 80¢ per credit, you might as well choose a Buy It Now auction and be done with your work right away.)

Next, pick your price point. I'll use 60¢ per share in my example and I want at least a weeks vacation, so I'm purchasing 12,000 credits. In this example, the eBay item is offered by a broker who charges $395 to close the transaction and the seller has missed their last quarterly WorldMark maintenance dues of $200.

So, 12,000 credits x 60¢ is $7,200. But that's not my top bid, I want the seller to pay for the fees and dues, too, as they would if I bought them from the broker. I have to subtract from my top price the broker's fee, unpaid maintenance dues and the WorldMark ownership transfer fee.

My top bid would be:

How much I want to pay - Broker's fees - Unpaid maintenance dues - WorldMark's ownership transfer fee


$7,200 - $395 - $200 - $150 = $6,455.

So, my top bid is about $6,500.

This simple model assumes that the seller hasn't used up their annual WorldMark credits for the year or hasn't borrowed credits from next year's allotment. (Why would I want to buy a timeshare where I have to pay the quarterly maintenance dues for a year or more before I can take a vacation? I want it now!)

As a result, I need to adjust my bid to reflect this loss. Annual WorldMark credits (as opposed to the deeded, perpetual timeshare ownership credits you are buying) sell for about 6¢ on eBay. If, in the above example, the seller has used up this year's credits and used an additional 4,000 "borrowed" credits from next year, this needs to be accounted for in the bid.

My top bid would now be:

$6,455 less the "used" 12,000 annual credits and the "borrowed" 4,000 annual credits


$6,455 - (12,000 + 4,000) * 6¢ or $6,455 - $960 = $5,495

So, in this case, my top bid is around $5,500.

There you go. Happy bidding!

Books to Enhance your Worldmark Ownership

What do you think? - What else would you like to know? What else would be useful?

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    • profile image

      anonymous 7 years ago

      @Riazjanif: When you buy someone's WorldMark credits, you get their membership account, too (i.e. two WorldMark accounts are now in your name.) That's what the $150 WorldMark Ownership Transfer fee is for, to merge the two accounts into one.

    • profile image

      Riazjanif 7 years ago

      What if I already have Worldmark credits and want to purchase some more credits via Ebay?

      Will the new credits purchased via Ebay be added to my exiting account, i.e at the end of day will I have one owner number or 2 owner numbers (one for the current one I hold & another one for the one ourchased via Ebay?

      If it leads to having 2 ownership numbers then how can we use bith memberships to make one booking - say I have 3000 credits available from one membership and to make a weeks booking I require another 9000credits which will be available on the second membership !!!!!!!!!!!

      Hhope I am clear.