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Buzios: Sophisticated Travel Destination in Brazil

Updated on April 11, 2010
Buzios - Azeda Beach
Buzios - Azeda Beach

Buzios, that actually is named Armação dos Búzios, is a small charming peninsula in the northern coast of Rio de Janeiro State. Originally a small fishing village, Buzios is currently one of the most sophisticated touristic destinations of Brazil.

Buzios Beachs

With over 20 beaches and incredible natural beauty Buzios offers options both for those looking for crystal clear beaches with calm waters and for those who want more adventure.

Scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing, windsurfing, katesurfing, sailing, naturism... Whatever your ideal type of beach is, you will find it in Buzios.

If in doubt, without know what beach to choose you should do a tour at main ones: Azeda and Azedinha, Ferradura, Tartaruga, João Fernandes and Geribá. One of them will attract you.

Snorkeling at João Fernandes beach is definitively a must for tourists, it's fantastic.

Buzios - Azedinha Beach
Buzios - Azedinha Beach

Buzios accommodation

Buzios has a great tourism infrastructure and offers lodging options for all audiences and all pockets, from resorts and luxury hotels to HI hostels.

However, without doubt, the most common accommodation in Buzios are inns, commonly called guest houses (in English and "pousada" in Portuguese). Many of them are just like small hotels but with fewer rooms and with a more personalized experience. Most have a cozy environment that make it appear that you are in a home and not in a hotel.


Buzios is also knows for its excellent cuisine. In many restaurants the visitor forgets that he/she is in Brazil and feel like in a European city. In fact, the best dishes of international cuisines can be found in Buzios, sometimes with a Brazilian flavor. Be sure to ask for a good wine to accompany.


Buzios has many different options for those that enjoy shopping, from traditional small shops selling local craft to sophisticated boutiques and international brands. Stroll along Rua das Pedras (Stone Street), feel the motion, the air, observe the people, the architecture and stop by the many shops to make your purchases.


The nightlife in Buzios downtown is very fashionable, that tells you the Rua das Pedras, where you will find live music shows, great restaurants and bars, art galleries and clubs. Try walking down the street at night, blending yourself with beautiful people from all around the world and experiment the many options that Buzios offers you.

If you like rock & roll I recommend the live music of the Gulf Stream bar. They have a thematic space called "The House of Rock & Roll" where the music is excellent, only the best of rock & roll. It's located at Shopping 1 (a shopping mall at Rua das Pedras).

Orla Bardot - Armação Beach - Buzios
Orla Bardot - Armação Beach - Buzios
Pier where cruise ships tourists land
Pier where cruise ships tourists land
Orla Bardot - Buzios - Brazil
Orla Bardot - Buzios - Brazil

See more pictures and photos in the hub Buzios Photos.

How to get there

Buzios is located at approximately 170 Km (105 miles) from Rio de Janeiro City. The most common way to get there is by road, by a transfer service or by bus from Rio.

Most Buzios hotels and inns offers transfer services to Buzios, from Rio de Janeiro airports or from a hotel in Rio de Janeiro directly to Buzios. The price vary and you should obtain the rate with your accommodation. But the prices generally are from 2 to 5 times the value of the bus ticket.

The Viação 1001 offers bus from Rio to Buzios. There are several departures all days from the Novo Rio bus station. You can buy the ticket at the bus station, but you should buy in advance in high season (December to March) and in Brazilian holidays. If you are arriving at Rio de Janeiro airports, see how to get to the Novo Rio bus station.

Alternatively you can take the bus to Cabo Frio that has hourly departures (also with Viação 1001 at Novo Rio bus station). Cabo Frio is very near to Buzios. There you can take the bus to Buzios every 20 minutes (not so safe and not a good option if you are carrying luggage) or take a taxi (the value should vary but you can expect more than US$ 20, that is more than the bus ticket from Rio to Cabo Frio).

Do not forget that to take the bus from Rio to Buzios you have to go to the Novo Rio bus station. So take the taxi value into account before make your choice between bus and transfer. And the Cabo Frio route should be considered only if you will opt for the bus from Cabo Frio to Buzios, otherwise the taxi value will make this a bad choice.


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    • Leandraluv profile image

      Leandraluv 8 years ago from Houston, Texas

      Hey Mochileiro thanks so much! Will do :-) I look forward to reading more of your hubs and I am happy to have met you here.

    • mochileiro profile image

      mochileiro 8 years ago from Brazil

      Thank you Leandraluv! Sure I'll appreciate your hub. I still have to put some photos in mine, but I'm having a busy time now.

      Buzios is really a paradise! It seems that you're not even in Brazil.

      Make sure to visit also Arraial do Cabo in a sunny day and by boat. In some places the sea is just like the Caribbean. Looks like a pool.

    • Leandraluv profile image

      Leandraluv 8 years ago from Houston, Texas

      Hey I went to Buzios for the third time last weekend and I'm writing a hub about Buzios as well but just a little bit of information. I'll make sure and add your hub as a link! Will let you know when I write it though! Just have a draft at the moment! Nice hub! This place really is a paradise!