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Unique Cape Cod Gift Ideas

Updated on November 24, 2011

Paintings, Jewelry, Antiques, Books, and Guides: Unique Cape Cod Gifts for Everyone!

Are you looking for a unique Cape Cod themed gift for someone you know? Chosen here on this page are some of the most unique and memorable gifts for any Cape resident or vacationer, like Cape Cod Potato Chips, 14k gold Cape Cod bracelets, and Cape Cod fishing guides. For those that love the scenery here, they'll really appreciate the hand painted artwork, available by a number of artists in original or print form.

Below, you'll find some gift ideas broken down by who it is you're looking for: man, woman, or child.

Scroll down to view the entire inventory of items available! Click through any of the items to view further details and shipping information.

Who Are You Shopping For?

How to find great Cape Cod themed gifts

Here are some gift ideas for the type of person you might be shopping for:

For kids: Cape Cod childrens books, Cape Cod blankets, jigsaw puzzles, and charms.

For Women: Cape Cod travel guides, the Cape Cod Biking/Paddlers Guide, 14k Cape Cod bracelets and jewelry, Cape Cod antiques, original paintings, lighthouse themed gifts, Sun Maid dried cranberries, and the Wampanoag Indian Cookbook.

For Men: Cape Cod Potato Chips, Cape Cod fishing guide, Cape Cod photographer's guide, and Cape Cod Life Magazine.

Scroll down to view these unique Cape themed gift ideas!

Cape Cod painting
Cape Cod painting

Cape Cod Themed Artwork

Landscapes, seascapes, art prints, and more

Cape Cod is known for its many fine art galleries in the towns of Falmouth, Hyannis, Chatham, Orleans, Wellfleet, and Provincetown. Every town across the Cape, including the islands, all have many galleries and antique stores to shop and browse. The area has been an artists mecca for over a century, drawing photographers, sculptors, painters, and even actors. There are many well known Cape Cod artists that have their own personal galleries, as well as art galleries that showcase the work of different artists.

One artist in particular that has high quality, detailed artwork perfect for display in any home is through Cape Cod artist Michael Keane. His website includes framed giclee prints, large art prints, and incredibly detailed marine art paintings.

Mashpee Commons
Mashpee Commons

Great Shopping Finds Across the Cape

Where you can shop in person on the Cape for cool gifts

If you'd rather shop in person, some of the best items and gift ideas can be found here:

  • Art galleries. Shop around not just for original paintings, but affordable art prints from local artists of local beaches, lighthouses, and ponds.
  • T-shirt shops. Yes, these are a dime a dozen, but sometimes they have something unique that you'll want to take home with you. Some also include other items besides just apparel, like books, photos, and art.
  • Craft fairs and festivals. In the summer, you can find a lot of fairs, festivals, and events that specialize in unique artwork, crafts, and gifts. If you're visiting between June and September, you won't have to look too far to find these.
  • There are a few malls on the Cape, including the
  • Cape Cod Mall
  • in Hyannis,
  • Mashpee Commons
  • (seen right), and many stores in
  • Falmouth
  • .

Activity Guides - Active life on the Cape: popular things to do

Cape Cod is known for its sun, beaches, and relaxing atmosphere. For those looking to do more than just laze around on the beach all day, there's plenty to do on Cape Cod.

Biking on Cape Cod

Biking is hugely popular on Cape Cod. Try the Cape Cod Rail Trail, located in Dennis, which winds up all the way at Wellfleet. This hidden bike path was once a railroad line, but has been converted into a bike path for everyone's enjoyment. Also don't miss the bike paths in Falmouth, which run behind the downtown area and wind up at Woods Hole. You can also find paths along Route 6A and in Provincetown at the "Provincelands" area.

Paddling on Cape Cod

Cape Cod is a paddlers paradise. The rivers, inlets, creeks, streams, saltwater ponds, and inland ponds are some of the calmest waters by the ocean you'll ever experience, and also some of the most scenic that you'll ever set your eyes on. The guide on the right gives some great examples of places to paddle to on your excursion, like the beauty of Bass Hole in Yarmouth Port, and the unbelievably calm waters of Pleasant Bay in Chatham/Orleans.

AMC Discover Cape Cod: AMC's Guide To The Best Hiking, Biking, And Paddling (Appalachian Mountain Club)
AMC Discover Cape Cod: AMC's Guide To The Best Hiking, Biking, And Paddling (Appalachian Mountain Club)

Cape Cod has some of the best hiking, biking, and paddling spots in the entire country. Bike the Cape Cod Canal, hike the Rail Trail in Dennis, or paddle the inlets of Pleasant Bay in Chatham.

Paddling Cape Cod: A Coastal Explorer's Guide
Paddling Cape Cod: A Coastal Explorer's Guide

Get to know the beautiful coastline with this paddlers guide. There are hundreds of hidden coastal inlets, creeks, ponds, and marshes to explore, and you can find these hidden gems with this official coastal explorer's guide for Cape Cod.

Cape Cod t-shirts
Cape Cod t-shirts

Cape Cod T-Shirts

Find a tee with your favorite town

For a full line of Cape Cod t-shirts and gifts, visit South Shore Tees. You can find unique shirts featuring every town on Cape Cod, as well as Cape bumper stickers. What you'll also find are South Shore Massachusetts themed merchandise, Cape Cod onesies, long sleeve shirts, sweatshirts, coasters, clocks, baseball jerseys, organic shirts, and other unique Cape Cod themed gifts.

The inventory is constantly being refreshed with new merchandise, so stop on by and see what's new!

Cape Cod Cranberries - An authentic Massachusetts treat

Sun Maid Cape Cod Cranberries, 6-Ounce Bags (Pack of 6)
Sun Maid Cape Cod Cranberries, 6-Ounce Bags (Pack of 6)

The best tasting cranberries in the country are grown on Cape Cod. The sandy, coastal bogs have just the right climate to grow the ultimate cranberry, and they've been doing it for centuries. Get a little taste of Cape Cod with these Cape Cod dried cranberries from Sun Maid.

14k Cape Cod Bucket with Shovel Pendant
14k Cape Cod Bucket with Shovel Pendant

This beautiful 14k gold Cape Cod bucket and shovel is a pendant that can be lovingly worn on your favorite necklace. A great way to show your love for the Cape!


Cape Cod Books - All about the Cape's animals, neighborhoods, and surroundings

There's a lot to the Cape, it's very multi-layered. It isn't just one thing that draws visitors to this place year after, it's many things. Of course, nature and the beaches are the peninsula's biggest draws, but it's also well known for its incredible photography opportunities, the active shorebird population, and also for its beautiful seaside homes. The books below illustrate the many complexities of Cape Cod, and would make excellent gifts for anyone who has been here or lives here.

Birding Cape Cod
Birding Cape Cod

Find out what bird species are frequents to the area with this guide on Cape Cod birding, and find out what spots they frequent! This is a frequent flyover and stopping point for many migrating birds. Perfect for any birder from the northeast!

Cape Cod Life
Cape Cod Life

Get your fill of Cape Cod Life every month! This popular magazine features local artists, galleries, things to do, Cape Cod news, seaside homes, decorating tips, articles on the best beaches, and much more about Cape life. At $25, it's pretty much a bargain for any resident or vacationer.

Journey Around Cape Cod from A to Z (Journeys)
Journey Around Cape Cod from A to Z (Journeys)

Take a journey around Cape Cod from A to Z with your child! The perfect gift for your children, nieces, nephews, friends, or grandchildren, this highly rated Cape Cod childrens book touches on every letter in the alphabet. It's wonderfully illustrated, so your kids will love learning about the Cape. Perfect for baby showers, holidays, and birthdays!

The Nature of Cape Cod
The Nature of Cape Cod

View Cape Cod's best natural surroundings in the form of landscapes, seascapes, ocean, rivers, and wildlife with this best selling Cape Cod guide book. Great for any nature enthusiast that has an interest in coastal Massachusetts!

The Photographer's Guide to Cape Cod & the Islands: Where to Find the Perfect Shots and How to Take Them
The Photographer's Guide to Cape Cod & the Islands: Where to Find the Perfect Shots and How to Take Them

Sure you can keep taking those same old boring shots of Cape Cod... but why not take a better photograph? This insider's guide will help you take better photos of Cape Cod... one's that your friends will revere, and might even get you noticed! A great guide for any Massachusetts novice photographer or expert looking to find great places to shoot.


To find more products or read product details, click through any item!

Cape Cod Bracelets - A jewelry trend originating on the Cape

These bracelets contain a small screw on decorative piece that holds the bracelet together. These compliment nearly anything that you'll be wearing! Below, find some of the latest bracelets featured on Ebay auctions.

Cape Cod Wide Photographic Book and Guide - Capturing the photogenic scenery in a stunning coffee table book display

Cape Cod Wide
Cape Cod Wide

Of all books about Cape Cod, this one is probably the most stuning. Panoramic photos of Cape Cod display the best Cape Cod has to offer, through amazing wide angle shots. This will soon become your new coffee table favorite! A great gift idea for people who have visited Cape Cod, own a second home, or are full time Cape residents.


Cape Cod Paintings - Original custom artwork featuring Cape scenery

The scenery is the biggest attraction on Cape Cod. Unlike Orlando, Las Vegas, or New York City, the real attraction here is nature. The man made structures on the Cape like lighthouses seem to just compliment the scenery. Below, you'll find a selection of original custom artwork from a number of local artists. Be sure to click through and enlarge for a bigger view of each item.

Cape Cod Vintage Postcards - Old postcards featuring homes, people, and imagery of the Cape

Many of the best images of Cape Cod can be found through old, vintage style postcards. These also have a lot of character, and it isn't all that uncommon to find postcards that have actually been filled out and mailed. To the right, you can find a unique selection of vintage photos and postcards on auction right now. These make great ideas for scrapbooking, too.

More Recommended, Well Reviewed Books About Cape Cod - Cookbooks, art trails, photography, and more

Haunted Cape Cod & the Islands
Haunted Cape Cod & the Islands

Cape Cod and the Islands have a deep rooted history involving Pilgrims, Puritains, Native Americans, and early settlers. Do the early settlers that once lived on these grounds now haunt the Cape Cod region? Read about these spooky tales on this ghastly book.

Cape Cod Wampanoag Cookbook: Wampanoag Indian Recipes, Images & Lore
Cape Cod Wampanoag Cookbook: Wampanoag Indian Recipes, Images & Lore

The Cape Cod Wampanoag tribe is native to the Mashpee, MA area. Get to know the tribe and their culture through their sacred seafood food and Indian recipes in this interesting cookbook.

Arts & Artisans Trails of Cape Cod, Martha's Vineyard, and Nantucket
Arts & Artisans Trails of Cape Cod, Martha's Vineyard, and Nantucket

There are hundreds of art galleries on Cape Cod, and many more to browse and shop at through the islands of Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard. Spend the day exploring the fine art trails of the region with this recommended guide!

Cape Cod and the Islands from Above
Cape Cod and the Islands from Above

Cape Cod is beautiful, no matter what angle you look at it. This book gives sky high views not often seen, like the beautiful National Seashore and the beautiful waters off of Provincetown.


From the Cape, or Been Here? Recommend a Cape Themed Gift Here! - Thanks for stopping by!

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      6 years ago

      I spend every July on Cape Cod and I'm an avid birder. The book Birding Cape Cod is fantastic. Cape Cod gets lots of migratory birds stopping by because it sticks out into the ocean.


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