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Caribbean Yacht Charter: Experience of a lifetime!

Updated on April 24, 2014

Charter a yacht on the Caribbean

There may be no better traveling and vacation experience than to charter a yacht on the Caribbean. The extraordinary beauty of the large and small islands, along with constant, beautiful weather, make it a vacation and experience of a lifetime.

A Caribbean yacht charter could include a portion of a big yacht, or anything from a smaller size for family and friends, to one for a couple, depending on your desires and needs.

The Caribbean, as you can see in the photo below, is a long semi-circle of islands representing all sorts of cultures and influences from the past; especially from a number of European countries.

So, depending on what you want out of chartering your yacht for the Caribbean, you can participate in almost any type of cultural experience, along with a large variety of activities to suit almost any lifestyle. 

Caribbean Weather

Now let's talk about the Caribbean weather, no matter what type of yacht charter you decide upon.

Most of us know that the climate of the Caribbean is tropical, but there are so many varieties from island to island, that we can only really use that as a rule of thumb.

For example, things like trade winds, currents of the water and the elevation of mountains have significant impact on what type of weather you may encounter within the overall tropical influence.

Having said that, the temperature will always be moderate no matter where you go, with a consistent range of close to 85°F in July to August to around 75°F in January to February. 

Caribbean Yacht Charter Seasons

Like every vacation possibility, there are times when it's considered peak season, and so it will cost you more to participate, while there are also slow and medium-slow times which will be priced accordingly. But with weather being fairly predictable and steady, it really shouldn't matter what time a person or group of people take that vacation, as long as it works out with jobs and other personal interests.

The peak season to charter a Caribbean yacht if from December to April; mid-season is considered from May through August, skip September, and then add November; September into November is considered the slow or low season period to charter a yacht.

Caribbean Island Map

Caribbean Charter Yacht Cruising Areas

The areas traditionally used to charter a Caribbean yacht to cruise in stretch from St. Thomas to Trinidad, and form that unique arc most of us are familiar with when viewing a map of the region.

Northern islands in the arc are called the Leeward Islands, while the southern Caribbean islands in the arc are called the Windwards.

As mentioned earlier, what's great about the Caribbean is you can sail or travel just a few hours and encounter a completely different culture, geography or language. This makes every stop on the way an entirely different experience, and an exciting exploration of all types of cultures and influences. 

Some Characteristics of the Numerous Caribbean Islands

 Probably the most beautiful, clear, turquoise waters surround the Caribbean Islands, and that alone, for those wanting to get a first-hand view of the color, is worth the yacht charter and trip.

And while there may be an occasional hot day, for the most part that is always balanced by the easterly trade winds which ensure a constant temperature level on a daily basis with few exceptions.

Add the extraordinary beauty of the many waterfalls, hilly contours and tropical forests, and you can see why a Caribbean yacht charter is such a desirable experience.

Then you add the vibrant night life, unique shops, quiet villages, gorgeous ocean and freshwater life, lively markets, historical forts and white sand beaches, and you have the whole package of an experience all of us would love to participate in.

Caribbean Yacht Charter Schooner

Scuba Diving with a Caribbean Yacht Charter

There are a number of types of yachts and experiences you can charter in the Caribbean, and for certified scuba divers or those who want to learn, there are special additions to your vacation experiences.

For example, there are some Caribbean yacht charter companies which will have a plan for those who want to dive a little, but not make it the entirety of their vacation experience. So for them, you can charter a regular yacht, where they then have a local dive company come and meet you to take you for a for a dive and then return you to the main charter yacht.

You can have a luxury yacht charter while enjoying some side scuba diving action as part of the overall experience. For those who charter a Caribbean yacht for the major purpose of diving, there is about every level you want to have there as well.

Some yacht companies have yachts designated for serious divers, and will include a dive instructor of guide, depending on whether you are certified or need training to participate in it.

Either way, if you're certified you get a diving guide, if not, you can become certified with some training, and then go along as a certified diver with the others. Some companies allow you to go through a basic training course and allow you to dive with the other scuba divers, but you wouldn't be considered as certified if you don't complete a required certification process; but you can still enjoy participating if you feel comfortable with it.

Usually a different yacht is considered for each of these sets of circumstances so vacationers can enjoy the experience and not be pressured to wait on someone that hasn't learned or feel uncomfortable among a bunch of scuba diving pros.

Most yacht charter companies encourage you  to study at least scuba diving basics before you arrive on your vacation, as many get frustrated from spending so much time learning the process and lessons so your trip isn't spend on books and exams, rather than participating or vacationing.

If you're already a certified scuba diver, you will be able to immediately get guided from a dive master included in the vacation package you chose. 

Targeted Scuba Diving Caribbean Yacht Charters

Characteristics of Some Caribbean Islands

In this section of the Caribbean yacht charter article, I'm going to give you a basic description of a number of the specific Caribbean Islands to give a flavor and possible hint of what yacht charter you would prefer to choose.

So before you even begin to think of the type of Caribbean charter boat you want, you'll want to at least get a general idea of what Caribbean Island and experience you want.

British Virgin Islands Caribbean Yacht Charter

Considered one of the best destinations to sail in the world, the British Virgin Islands is among the top destinations for those chartering a yacht in the Caribbean.

It is a very safe experience, and includes in reality, a number of smaller, and for the most part, uninhabited islands, which have volcanic origins.

Just about any water activity is high class here, including scuba diving, sailing, snorkeling, swimming or riding a water vehicle of some sort.

Included in the British Virgin Island experience is over 60 dive sites which are chartered and marked, and considered among the best in the world.

Because there is very little current in the waters surrounding the area, it's one of the best places to learn to scuba dive. The water itself stays a balmy 80°F during the entire year. 

St. Martin Caribbean Yacht Charter

With the seas surrounding St. Martin being relatively calm, and some of the places like Saint Barth Tintamarre and Ile Pinel being just a short distance apart, it is one of the better sailing areas, not only in the Caribbean, but the world.

Saint Lucia Caribbean Yacht Charter

If natural island scenery is among your top priorities, then Saint Lucia is one of the best there is out there. Not only is it socially friendly and hospitable, but it included gorgeous green and mountainous areas, among many natural wonders.

Saint Lucia is located between St. Vincent and Martinique, while being North of Barbados.

Martinique Caribbean Yacht Charter

Among the larger islands of the Lesser Antilles, Martinique boast the largest Windward coral reef, among numerous coves and bays. There are also beautiful tropical forests to explore.

Martinique is considered the launching place to charter yachts into Venezuela and Grenadines.

Antigua Caribbean Yacht Charter

Antigua is the mid-point for going north of south in the Caribbean, and you can experience the quiet and relaxation of an island experience, or you can enjoy the robust nightlife associated with the popular travel destination. The island included some terrific beaches.

Guadeloupe Caribbean Yacht Charter

Some of the most extraordinary rainforests and beaches are part of the Guadeloupe experience, and whether you decide to sail north or south from there, you're not far from an exceptional vacation.

One thing to think of is it's more challenging to sail near the areas north of the island, like St. Kitts or Nevis, so you may want to think of that depending on how adventurous you are.

Grenada Caribbean Yacht Charter

Grenada, which includes its nearby sister island Carriacou, can be enjoyed for its hilly, mountainous landscape, as far as Grenada goes, or in the case of Carriacou, you can enjoy some world-class beaches with terrific natural harbors.

Well, obviously this is just a short list of areas you can visit in the Caribbean, but I talked a little about them to give you an ideal of the type of diversity and experiences you can expect to enjoy or look for when considering a Caribbean yacht charter. 

Types of Caribbean Yachts to charter

Now it wouldn't be a complete look at chartering a Caribbean yacht if we didn't look at the types of yachts available to charter.

Depending on who is part of your yacht charter party, there are a variety of yacht options available to charter.
If you prefer an individual experience, or an experience as a couple or small group, you can charter smaller boats like a catamaran, motoryacht or monohull.

Now if you're not experienced in sailing, you can of course charter the same types of boats listed above, except with a crew to deal with the challenges so you can just relax, vacation and have fun.

Other types of yachts are luxury yachts or corporate yacht charters which can hold a significant amount of people.
For mega yacht charters, you an even select the type of yacht brand you prefer, or peruse the specific yachts by name and select that specific one if it's available.

Some yacht brand names include Amels, Perine Navi, Alloy Yachts, Benetti and Christiansen, among many others.

Caribbean Yacht Charters are the experience of a lifetime

Just writing about this makes we want to hop on a plane and charter a Caribbean yacht.

As you can see from the overall variety of islands, destinations and experiences, you can do whatever you want to do on a yacht charter in the Caribbean, and it will leave you wanting to return even as you head for home.


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    • goformicheal profile image


      5 years ago from USA

      Sadly I have not been able to visit all these places yet! It would be a dream to charter a yacht in the Caribbean with for a fortnight or more. I haven't had too much experience sailing though.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Hello Bill,

      wonderfull hub! It remembers me my sailings in Caraibes Sea long time ago! Pleasant islands which are really "paradise of sailing". Thanks a lot for your hub.



    • yfguy profile image


      8 years ago from Mallorca

      Another great hub. Have you visited all these places? Bahamas, Caribbean, British Virgin Islands?


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