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Carmel travel and information guide

Updated on February 12, 2013

There is no place like Carmel

With unique shops and a fabulous coastline, Carmel is a scenic place for a relaxing promenade. Think of Carmel as a place for arts, unique gift shops, relaxation and where the rich like to spend some time to chill by the beach.

Places to visit in Carmel

17-mile drive - A famous drive that goes through Carmel and Pacific Grove. Navigate through this famous road and see this exclusive rich neighborhood worth navigating and saying that you've been there. Through this drive you'll go through rich mansions, luxurious hotels, famous golf courses such as Pebble Beach and animals such as black cormorants, brown pelicans and California sea otters. There are places to eat and picnic as well.

Carmel Beach - located at the end of Ocean Avenue. A lot of locals roam around here. Nice white sand, beautiful sunrises and sunsets and no trash!

Carmel is known for its performing arts. The Golden Bough Playhouse, the Circle Theater, Sunset Center and Forest Theater are some of the top places to watch shows.

Weston Gallery - Popular place that lets you view famous photographic exhibits as well as an opportunity to purchase your own. Famous works of photographers such as Ansel Adams can be seen here. Their focus is on 19th, 20th and 21st Century art.

Sunset Center - Once a school auditorium, it became a community center after it was bought by the city of Carmel. After renovations in 2003, it is now a modern state of the art facility that hosts symphonies, art exhibits, performances and more. Visit their calendar and see their latest events.

Carmel Bach Festival - Incredible concert music in a casual atmosphere. Hear concertos from Mozart, Vivaldi, Bach and so much more. It takes place from July through August every year. This festival began in 1935 by Dene Denny and Hazel Watrous who wanted to enhance the cultural atmosphere of the Monterey Peninsula. Private financial support sustains the program to this day. If you are a concert lover, it's a must see.

Carmel Mission - Learn about this mission's history by going to Carmel Mission. In 1769, Spaniards from Mexico went to Monterey and San Diego to establish missions. In Monterey they established Mission San Carlos Borromeo. Father Serra who was a missionary here decided to move the mission from Monterey to Carmel after seeing how soldiers from a nearby presidio in Monterey would abuse the local indians. Once the mission was established, times were rough since shipments from Mexico had trouble arriving to the nearby Monterey Bay. Over time, Father Serra with the help of the local Indians were able to grow crops and establish itself as the primary mission in California.

Today it's a fantastic place to learn about early California history as well as a place for photos with beautiful gardens.

Carmel Walks - Sign up for a two hour guided tour to explore Carmel's history. You will go to secret pathways, amazing courtyards and gardens, and see rich and famous stars homes.

ItsCactus - Check out this fantastic folk art store. People with artistic talent take items such as oil cans, and turn them into pieces of art for sale.

Point Lobos State Reserve - A must see place when you visit Carmel. This place has been called "the crown jewel of the State Park System." Once you get inside you'll know why. IT is an amazing place to sightsee, photograph and enjoy the ecological preservation of nature's flora and fauna at its pristine state. You can even Dive if you have a divers's permit. Once you enter the park, there is a trail which will lead to several places to see:

  • bird Island - You can see bird colonies such as commorants. Also view sea otters resting..
  • Carmelo meadow - Known for its colorful wildflowers and tall grasses that hide prey such as owls and coyotes..
  • Cypress Grove Trail - Favorite of many visitors, full of sea lions basking on the rocks and unique plants..
  • Granite Point Trail - At its peak get a view of famous golf course in Pebble Beach and Carmel bay's beautiful beaches..
  • Pine Ridge - Pine trees with animals such as squirrels, black-tailed deer, pygmy nuthatches..
  • South Shore trail - Leads you to the ocean's edge. Be careful here.

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Carmel Beach Video

China Beach, Carmel

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