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Cayman Islands - Travel Guide and Information

Updated on July 10, 2008

The beautiful Cayman Islands

With its clean turquoise beaches, the Cayman islands are located 480 miles south of Miami in the Caribbean. It is one of the richest islands in the Caribbean. Seven mile beach on the Cayman Islands is perhaps one of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean. It is a magnificent place for scuba diving, snorkeling, fun. It is well known for being a place where you can feed and swim with stingrays. In addition to its beaches it has amazing restaurants.


Cayman Islands Map

The Cayman Islands are located in the Caribbean Sea, it is comprised of three islands: Grand Cayman, which is the main tourist hub and the most population, Little cayman and Cayman Brac. (see the map). Grand Cayman has 76 square miles; Cayman Brac, 14 square miles and Little Cayman, 10 square miles. It is located 150 miles south of Cuba. To compare, it is 1.5 times the size of Washington, DC. Its capital is George Town, located on Grand Cayman.


Initially Columbus found turtles around Cayman Brac and Little Cayman and decided to name the islands Las Torugas. When Fracis Drake arrived in 1586, the island was comonly called Cayman, named after a Caribbean word for crocodiles. Under the Treaty of Madrid in 1670, the British took control of the islands. Permanent settlement began around 1730. The majority of Caymans have African and British heritages along with interracial mixing.


The cayman Islands are the fifth largest financial centre in the world. banking and tourism are the biggest sources of income. Because of no taxation, there are over 68,000 companies registered in the Cayman islands. Tourism is also a big industry and it accounts for about 70% of GDP. 90% of the islands' food and goods must be imported.

Things to know before you travel.

  1. FIXED EXCHANGE RATE: US dollar of CI$1.00 equals US$1.25. By fixed, it means just that, it won't change like some other countries.
  2. All Americans traveling to the Cayman must have a valid US Passport.
  3. The weather: - Tropical weather, rainy season is from May-October, but showers are short. Hurricaine season is June-November.

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What can you do on the Cayman Islands?

1. Moby Dick Tours -(Moby dick Tours ) Ride the Stingrays with this tours. Highly rated and popular. Go snorkeling first then feed and swim with the stringrays. They will show you how to feed, pet and tickle them. All along you will have the tour guides helping you out throughout the trip.

2. Fat fish adventures- If you love jetskiing or even if you want to just try it, this is the place to go. An experienced tour guide will assist you in navigating the jet skiis.

3. Stingray City - Not really a city but a sandbar where you can experience interaction with stingrays.

4. Hell - A place that has peculiar rock formations from skeletons of shells and corals solidified by limestone deposits.

George Town - George Town is the capital of the Cayman Islands, you may want to go sightseeing and see traditional Cayman buildings, some which look like ginger bread houses.

Seven Mile Beach

Often called the best beach in the caribbean with its crystal clear water, white sand and 80 degree waters... sound like paradise? It is and it's called Seven Mile beach. It has dining, nightlife and oh so yummy food! Enjoy the sights and sunsets of one of the most beautiful places in the world

Cayman Island Hotels

The highest recommended hotel is Turtle Nest Inn. It is a paradise and it gives you a sense of home with its granite countertops, beautiful ocean views and expansive rooms. Many honeymooners travel here. It has 10 two-bedroom condos and seven one-bedroom apartments that can sleep up to four people. It has a kitchen too so you can cook if you so desire. The average price is about $145.

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Cayman Island Vacation Video

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    • profile image

      Hariexcite 7 years ago

      That's interestingâ¦there is more to Cayman Islands than off-shore banking!

    • mbgphoto profile image

      Mary Beth Granger 8 years ago from O'Fallon, Missouri, USA

      We were there several years back. Cayman is a beautiful island! 5*

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      poutine 8 years ago

      Wish I could be there NOW.

      A 5

    • ZenandChic profile image

      Patricia 9 years ago

      The water there looks so nice and clean. Reminds me of Hawaii

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      isabella lm 9 years ago

      Your lens is a really good one! Bravo! We invite you to join the brand new World's Best Island Guide group. 5* for the Cayman isle!

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      KimGiancaterino 9 years ago

      Looks beautiful. I've been to the Caribbean, but have not yet seen the Cayman Islands. Welcome to All Things Travel.