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Celebrate Mount Angel Oktoberfest

Updated on September 9, 2015

The Crowd At Mt. Angel Oktoberfest


Mt. Angel Oktoberfest Festivities Make This Small Village Rock

Mount Angel Oktoberfest, the last hurrah of the harvest season. The merry-making of music and dancing in the festhalle, raising a beer to toast with friends. Wandering along food chalets and craft vendors, with tempting delicious treats and creative wares. That's what brings thousands of people to this small village of Mt. Angel, Oregon for the annual Mt. Angel Oktoberfest. With several days of varied festivities and scheduled entertainment; there's something to give young and old alike, a good time.

For four days in the autumn this small village and it's sponsors host an Oktoberfest unlike many you've seen, outside of Munich. The town center with it's interesting Bavarian-style chalet buildings, and quaint shops, streets decorated with blue and white Bavarian banners, and planters spilling out with flowers, gives one the feeling of visiting another country.

The annual 2015 Oktoberfest celebrates it's 50th year on September 17th-20th. Join me for a glimpse of Mt. Angel Oktoberfest, and find what fun attracts over 300,000 visitors to their small village. I will give you an observer's guide of what to look for, and popular activities. A map will show you where Mt. Angel is located. You will love the Bavarian atmosphere!

All photo Credits: The author, aka MariannesWhims

Glockenspiel Tower

Glockenspiel Tower
Glockenspiel Tower | Source

What Is the Glockenspiel?

Mt. Angel's Glockenspiel is a tower built onto the corner of a Bavarian-styled building, The tower is four stories high and has shuttered openings. At certain hours of the day during Oktoberfest, bells ring out and the wooden shutters are opened. People wait and crowd around the Glockenspiel. (Take another look at the opening picture of my article. The Glockenspiel is in the background.)

Carved wooden figures on an automated platform turn in a circular movement while the music plays. The carved figurines of people represent ancestors who had a historical significance to the area. For example, one figure represents a priest who came from Switzerland and named the town Mount Angel, which was the English translation for the town he'd emigrated from in Switzerland, Engleberg. Another figurine, of a native Indian was to remember Native Americans who prayed on the butte, known now as Abbey Hill. A figurine of a couple represents two of the first German settlers who homesteaded in the area.

When the rotation of figurines is finished, a final figurine of two Bavarian children, a boy and girl, move out from the upper opening while a recorded song of children singing Edeweiss plays. The Glockenspiel performance occurs four times a day.

Strawberry Shortcake—A Delicious and Generous Treat

I must be a "foodie" as food is a BIG reason to go to Mt. Angel Oktoberfest.
I must be a "foodie" as food is a BIG reason to go to Mt. Angel Oktoberfest. | Source

Traditional Baverian Wear

You are welcome to wear a traditional Bavarian outfit. I admit, I haven't yet, but you won't be alone if you choose to. You will see dancers and musicians (some from as far as Germany), and many other festival goers who dress in traditional German attire. It looks fun to be dressed up in the "spirit of things".

For Men and Boys: Gentlemen, retrieve the lederhosen from the closet. Lederhosen are the Bavarian pants that are of either two lengths, knicker-styled with long socks, or walking shorts. Most of the men wearing Leferhosen wear them with special suspenders.

For Women and Girls: Ladies bring out the dirndl (three-piece peasant dress, with short white under-blouse trimmed with lace, and an apron). Many times ledenhosen and dirndls have embroidery. Girls and ladies sometimes wear a ring of dried flowers in their hair.

Looking For Dirndl Dresses? - Dresses For Your Next German Heritage Event

The Next Mt. Angel Oktoberfest, September, 2015.

Willkommen in

Mount Angel

Home of


Photo and History Book Of Mt. Angel

Mt. Angel (Images of America)
Mt. Angel (Images of America)

Learn More about the history of the small Oregon village that puts on the big Mt. Angel Oktoberfest.


Blue Skies Make For a Fun-filled Oktoberfest


Sizzling Hot Brutwurst Rope Sausage

Rope Sausages Sizzling on Grill
Rope Sausages Sizzling on Grill | Source

A piece of Brutwurst sausage is cut off the cooked coil and placed on either a bun or a stick per order. Your Choice!

Have you ever attended an Oktoberfest?

Share your comments about any oktoberfest you have attended, either Mount Angel Oktoberfest, or others. Or please share a thoughtful comment about this page. If you've like it so far keep reading. There's lots more FUN to read about. Thank you!

Have you attended an Oktoberfest? Was it Mt. Angel Oktoberfest or another?

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What Is There To Do At Mt. Angel Oktoberfest?

Activities and Festivities

Some come to hear the great entertainers, the music and the dancing. Some to spend a fun day with friends and family. Others for the sports tournaments and runs, or a car show. Most everyone comes to enjoy ethnic food or other delicious festival foods. Or, to try a premium German or domestic beer, or two. All to enjoy the Bavarian oktoberfest atmosphere, fun, and interesting activities.

Mount Angel has many activities to make your visit enjoyable. Stop by the information booth and get an official program.

There's a schedule of events going on for each day of the O'fest.

Note: Please enjoy this article from an Oktoberfest attendee point-of-view. I enjoy my visits to the Mt. Angel Oktoberfest.

Musical Entertainers and /or Dancing

I'm amazed at the variety of spectacular local and foreign talent who perform at the Mt. Angel Oktoberfest. Musical bands, chorale groups and solo entertainers, perform. Besides great local talent, entertainers travel from several states in the USA and from far-away places as Germany and British Columbia, Canada.

Entertainment runs steadily throughout the days and evenings in the festhalles and other venues. Some spots to find festive entertainment include:

Village Bandstand - free music and dancing

Beirgarten - Mt. Angel Festhalle



St. Mary Parish Church - free concerts and alphorn performance

Kindergarten - Open Saturday and Sunday - Fun for Children

Kindergarten located in the St. Mary Elementary school yard is an outdoor Kindergarten set up with free petting zoo, amusements, and games for children. It's great fun for the younger set. You may be there a time to witness a weiner dog race. A booth selling kid-friendly refreshments is conveniently located within the Kindergarten area.

Sporting Events

Town-wide sports tournaments, a run, and events.

Weekend Car Shows

Do you love car shows? If you are a car enthusiast, don't miss the outdoor car show called the Cruz-n. This year they had one on Saturday and a second on Sunday. There's no charge to hang out, listen to the music, and view the cars.

See Mt. Angel Abbey and Queen of Angels Monastery

Self-guided tours of Queen of Angels Monastery, or organ concerts at Mt. Angel Abbey may be offered.

Verify days and times when they welcome visitors.

Artisans and Craft Booths

There are over 100 booths of arts and crafts along the streets downtown.

Try A Stuffed Cabbage Roll
Try A Stuffed Cabbage Roll | Source

Delicious Stuffed Cabbage Rolls

Another Oktoberfest Favorite

Stuffed cabbage rolls are an Oktoberfest favorite. They're delicious! They were sold at the Oregon Youth Authority/Maclaren booth this year along with New York style cheesecake w/ toppings that looked very tempting. Hungry yet?

Get In The Spirit Of Things, Men's Hats

Holiday Oktoberfest Wool Bavarian Alpine Hat (Large)
Holiday Oktoberfest Wool Bavarian Alpine Hat (Large)

Even if you don't own the lederhosen, traditional (embrodered) pants with suspenders, a hat would be cool to show your solidarity to the Oktoberfest fun.


Don't Miss The Famous Cinnamon Roll


Famous Cinnamon Rolls

This is my all-time favorite cinnamon roll. These huge cinnamon rolls topped with sliced almonds, famed as Famous Cinnamon Rolls are scrumptious. I think I make the trip sometimes just for the cinnamon roll. I'm kidding, or am I! Each year we've attended the Oktoberfest these have been a "must- have". They were sold by Michael the Archangel's booth. When you go next Oktoberfest, check your program, there's a map and guide to food booths, organizations, and their products.

Entertainment at Village Bandstand by Musicans and Folk Dancers

Eager Audience Joins In The Chicken Dance

Scheduled entertainers centered at a gazebo, the Village Bandstand, draw a crowd on the closed-off street. The energetic audience is invited to join in often, dancing the famous Chicken Dance, the polka, or other folk dances. You may have the opportunity to hear yodelers, accordion music, bands, vocalists, choral groups, and view dancing performers wearing traditional Bavarian garb of lederhosen and dirndl dress. Once a day the school children perform the Maypole Dance.

On Friday and Saturday evenings of the Oktoberfest, the public gathers for a street dance. All are welcome, locals and visitors. You can't beat "free." All of the Village Bandstand performances, and the evening street dances are free.

Do The Chicken Dance! The Chicken Dance is the Official Mount Angel Oktoberfest Dance.

Children Dancing at Village Bandstand
Children Dancing at Village Bandstand | Source

Locate Mt. Angel, Oregon On The Map - Travel To Mt. Angel Oktoberfest

A markerHome of Mt. Angel Oktoberfest -
Mount Angel, OR, USA
get directions

Day Road Trip Travel Guide For Short Get-Aways. Find the Mt. Angel Oktoberfest.

Day Trips® from Portland, Oregon: Getaway Ideas for the Local Traveler (Day Trips Series)
Day Trips® from Portland, Oregon: Getaway Ideas for the Local Traveler (Day Trips Series)

The author, Kim Cooper Findling is from Oregon, and writes a fun travel companion book detailing day trips, most within a two hour drive from Portland, OR. Explore places where you've never been, or see things in a whole new light with historical spots, attractions, activities, and suggestions of good places to eat, shop, and lodge.

Findling has authored works in publications Horizon Air and Travel Oregon.

Check it out. Look inside the book and read the recommendations when you click.


St. Mary Catholic Church In The City Of Bells


Free concerts are scheduled during Oktoberfest at St. Mary Catholic Church, a historic church built in 1912. What a chance to hear great musicians and vocalists, perhaps even alphorns, in the beautiful interior of this church, with its steeple top seen afar, and tolling bells.

The Official Program for the Oktoberfest also lists Catholic Mass times at St. Mary, convenient for travelers.

More Information About Your Day At The Oktoberfest


This September, 2015, Mt. Angel celebrates their 50th Annual Mt. Angel Oktoberfest. The Oktoberfest started in 1965. The heritage of many of Mt. Angel's residents is German. The area's first settlers were mostly immigrated Germans, and some Swiss. A Benedictine priest and Benedictine sisters came from Switzerland in the 1800's. A newer book out , Mount Angel: Images of America, listed on the right-hand side of this page, gives more history and photos.

Parking and Shuttle

Back to the present time, Mt. Angel Oktoberfest is in the town center, and within walking distance of most parking. But, they run a shuttle between outer parking lots and shuttle pick-up connections closer to the center of activities.

Admission at Venues That Serve Alcohol

An admission cover charge is required upon entering venues that serve alcohol: the Biergarten, Weingarten, and Alpinegarten. Your paid daily admission includes unlimited entry and re-entry. The days and evenings are scheduled full with musicians and entertainers who keep things lively. Children are admitted free of charge with their family and allowed until 9:00 PM. Seniors have a special day, Thursday, when they get their cover charge admission for a reduced price until 5:00.

Designated Drivers

Oktoberfest has a designated driver policy. If one in your group promises to refrain from any alcoholic drink, they can get a wristband as a designated driver. When they show their wristband they will receive free soft drinks, but must completely refrain from alcohol.

Free Admission For Some Activities

You can have a great deal of fun even if you don't go into the festhalles, or drink beer. The outdoor food and craft booths and many activities have no admission charge. Some include the musical and dancing performances centered at the Village Bandstand and St. Mary Church, and the children's weekend kindergarten. Viewing the cars in the car show is free, also. Most festivities are family-friendly. Many benches along the streets are available to sit and take a load off, while doing some "people watching".

Beer Mugs for Your Own Oktoberfest Celebration

1 Liter HB "Hofbrauhaus Munchen" Dimpled Glass Beer Stein
1 Liter HB "Hofbrauhaus Munchen" Dimpled Glass Beer Stein

Have you looked for dimpled glass beer steins? Here they are! Made in Europe.


Have you wondered why the Oktoberfest, pronounced "October Fest", is in September instead of October.

Actually, Oktoberfest doesn't mean a fest in October.

In Munich, Oktoberfest is for 17 days in late September.

In Oregon, like Munich, September weather may be warmer with more chance of sunshine then later October, so Mount Angel has their Oktoberfest in September, also.

It begins the second (2nd) Thursday after Labor Day at Mt. Angel, and runs for four (4) fun days, Thursday - Sunday.

Bavarian Banner - Planning A Baverian Style Event?

The Mt. Angel Oktoberfest hangs festive blue and white Bavarian banners.

I Am Happy You Stopped By. - Please Share a Comment About Oktoberfest, Or About This Page.

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