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Chambers Creek Park, Tacoma, WA

Updated on August 10, 2011

Lots to See at Chambers Creek Park!

Chamber Creek Park, officially called "Chambers Creek Properties," is a nice park near the Chambers Bay Golf Course. It is located in University Place, Washington State.

The park actually surrounds the golf course. There is a smooth asphalt path that winds along a large field and up the sand hills. The trail makes a great place for exercise, whether you are walking or bike riding. There is a great view of the Puget Sound and of the golf course.

There is a bridge walkway that takes you over the railroad tracks and down to the beach. You are very likely to see a train or two go by! Families love to come to the park for walking, bicycling, kite flying, and walking dogs. These is an off-leash area for dogs.

Page updated 8/10/11

Walkway Over Train Tracks Takes You to the Beach - Fun to watch for trains from above, or go down to the waterfront

Chambers Creek Bridge Over Railroad
Chambers Creek Bridge Over Railroad

I actually didn't get all of the way to the beach on my visit to Chambers Creek Park, but here's a great set of photos from someone who did explore the beach.

Sunset at Chambers Creek Park - Click on the link to view the picture!

You can catch a magnificent sunset at Chambers Creek. I can't post the pictures here because of copyright rules, but here are the links. Enjoy :)

Walkway, Large Field, & Cement Remains from a Gravel Quarry - Lots of Open Space, Great Place to Fly Kites!

Chambers Creek Park Trail
Chambers Creek Park Trail

Walkway up the Sand Dunes - The uphill can be a real workout! I hear there's an even better view from the top!

Chambers Creek View of Puget Sound
Chambers Creek View of Puget Sound

This picture is taken from the top of the smaller sand hills, but there is still a steep climb from here.

Picture taken from walkway

Chambers Creek Bicycle Path
Chambers Creek Bicycle Path

Watch Trains at Chambers Creek Park - Trains are a frequent occurence!

Neighbors and Tourists - Here's a quick poll question :)

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    • Northwestphotos profile image

      Northwestphotos 6 years ago

      This is such a community friendly and safe place to walk and enjoy the beautiful views and sunsets of Puget Sound! I wished I lived closer. I'd be there out strolling every day.