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Chateau LaRoche - A Homemade Castle in Ohio

Updated on July 1, 2013

Historic Loveland, Ohio Castle Day is June 17, 2013 - Built in 51 Years by One Man!

Growing up in Ohio, I lived in the country. I was from South Central Ohio and I enjoyed the outdoors. Unlike living in the city, there were a lot of historical sites and very few amusement parks.

We didn't have water parks and we didn't have an amusement park, Kings Island, until I was almost 12 years old. Cedar Point was far North in Ohio and there was little to no chance my Father would take time to travel there with us.

This left little to do unless it was listening to sports on the radio or visiting historical sites. One of the discoveries made was Chateau LaRoche in Loveland Ohio. I had no idea there was a castle in the United States, much less the State that I lived in.

This is a historical and photographic journey of Chateau Laroche, including some fun and a little paranormal activity ! WHOOOOOOO!

As a reminder, the Historic Loveland Castle Day is June 17, 2012 and the activities include garden walks, crafts and other entertainment.

Have fun and please participate, I would also love to hear from you in the Guestbook below.

Thanks for visiting!

Creative Commons Photo Credit

purple star
purple star

Castle Music for Your Enjoyment and Sountrack While Your Browse - Bach: Toccata and Fugue in D minor, BWV 565

Bach, Toccata and Fugue in D minor, BWV 565 - Get the MP3 from Amazon!

Harry D. Andrews
Harry D. Andrews

Harry D. Andrews (1890-1981) and the Story of Chateau Laroche

Harry D. Andrews was a normal man born in New York in 1890. Little is known of his life until his enlistment into the US Army during World War I.

Harry became quite a legend in medical science, even prior to his architectural dream. In 1917, Harry was assigned to Camp Dix in New Jersey. I can relate to this part of the story as I was stationed there myself for basic training, prior to my assignments at other locations.

At Camp Dix, there was huge bacterial meningitis outbreak and of 7,000 soldiers infected, only two survived, one being Harry. Doctors actually thought Harry had also died of the meningitis. He was laying on the slab in the morgue and they used part of the upper section of his mouth for a bacterial culture. Doctors decided to try a new adrenalin injection on Harry. If you are unfamiliar with this technique, if you have ever seen "Pulp Fiction," you will be aware of what an adrenalin injection to the heart is like. It is not for the squeamish. Harry was revived with the injection and became a hero of sorts, as his blood was used to save many others infected with meningitis.

After Harry's time at Camp Dix, he was shipped to the Chateau De La Roche in France, which was being used as an Army hospital. Harry described this tour as "Hell."

Harry returned him and planned his architectural dream. He bought land along the Little Miami River in Ohio and started making the castle that exists today. He hand-carried rocks from the river and also made cement bricks using one quart milk containers.

When Harry died in 1981, the castle was over 90% complete. He willed the castle over to his Boy Scout Troop, the Knights of the Golden Trail (KOGT), who finished the castle and runs it today. It is $3.00 to visit and that tour includes a short video about Harry. Some call him "Sir" Harry because he built a castle, but he was never knighted.

Photo is in personal collection of tvyps - Author of this Website - Public Domain Photo

Chateau De La Roche in France - This is where Harry Andrews spent time during World War I

Chateau De La Roche
Chateau De La Roche

Official Website of Chateau Laroche in Loveland, Ohio

Chateau Laroche is available for tours at only $3.00 per person. A wonderful way to spend an afternoon. You can schedule a photoshoot and if you are planning to be married, you can also have your wedding there!

Side View of Chateau Laroche in Loveland Ohio

Chateau Laroche
Chateau Laroche

Beautiful Castles Photo Book


I have to admit, I am a castle-lover. When I lived in Europe, I would visit castles. Most of the castles there are not lived in anymore but I have always been fascinated by them. If they could only talk.

This photo book has some of the most beautiful castle photos I have ever seen. Perfect for your coffee table and for planning a future trip!


River View of Chateau Laroche

Chateau Laroche
Chateau Laroche

1970's View of Chateau Laroche

Chateau Laroche
Chateau Laroche

In Search of Britain's Haunted Castles

In Search of Britain's Haunted Castles
In Search of Britain's Haunted Castles

if you are into this type of thing, this is the book for you! Many of these castles offer paranormal tours and lodging. If you like to hear or see spooky things or hear chains a rattlin', you may find this cool.

Maybe you will see Jacob Marley.


Rear View of Chateau Laroche

Chateau Laroche
Chateau Laroche

Side View or Chateau Laroche

Chateau Laroche
Chateau Laroche

A Video Montage of Chateau La Roche Photos

1970's Overhead View of Chateau Laroche - Today, many of these areas are now completed

Chateau Laroche
Chateau Laroche

Thanks for Stopping By; Did You Enjoy Your Visit? - Please Wait for the Drawbridge to Drop Before You Drive Out

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