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Cheap Accommodation In Japan At Kansai Airport

Updated on July 13, 2015
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This author is a former I.T. graduate turned vagabond who travelled extensively and has lived and worked in Japan for many years.

Kansai Airport
Kansai Airport | Source

Stay for free in Kansai or Narita airport on arrival

There are many accommodation types in Japan. Many people look for cheap hotels in Osaka or Tokyo. Have you considered how to stay for free? It’s quite possible to not pay for accommodation in Japan. This is number one of many articles showing you how to get free or very cheap places to stay in Japan.

Firstly, if you arrive late in the day, why not just stay at the airport for the first night. Just bring an eye mask, earplugs and a yoga mat to sleep on. Give yourself a sponge bath in the toilets, grab a couple of 100 yen burgers from the airport McDonald’s, then swig some duty free liquor with a sleeping pill, and your in dreamland. If you want to do the airport stay in style, have a shower for 510 yen for 15 minutes.

The Kansai Airport shower facilities:

The Narita airport shower is 1,030 yen but you get 30 minutes.

Haneda Airport is also 1,030 yen which includes a free drink coupon, towels, shampoo, conditioner, soap and dryer provided free of charge.

Here's a comfortable bench to sleep on
Here's a comfortable bench to sleep on | Source

Who needs a hotel just party all night

For the last nights stay why not go out with a bang and party all night, who needs a hotel room. You will soon be fast asleep on the plane in the morning. Just put your baggage in a coin locker at a train station. Small and medium lockers will hold a backpack. The large lockers are big enough to hold a decent sized suitcase or a larger backpack. Prices can range from about 300 yen per day for a small locker, to about 500 yen per day for a large one. Major stations will also have a baggage counter where you can keep oversize items. Most lockers can be used for about 3 days. Some lockers will increase the price after the first day, so it may be cheaper to return each day to use a new locker. Bury your luggage in the ground late at night when nobody is around if you don’t want to pay for a coin locker. A trick I learnt from a vagabond was to bury an old empty bag, and return the next day. If it was still there, then the location was suitable to bury valuables.

Departure lounge Kansai Airport
Departure lounge Kansai Airport | Source

So now that the first and last day's accommodation has been taken care of what about the rest?I will soon have more articles with accommodation in Japan that will save you money.

Here is the next cheap accommodation article: Camping in Japan for free!

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kansai airport:
Kansai International Airport (KIX), Kansai Airport Station, Senshukukonaka, Tajiri, Sennan District,

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