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Cheap Breaks

Updated on August 14, 2008

Cheap Breaks UK and abroad

More and more people are reluctant for whatever reason to spend a year's savings on one big annual holiday these days and instread prefer to arrange cheap breaks away at weekends or for just a few days somewhere accessible. There are the workaholics who feel they can't afford to be away from business for too long. Also those for whom the idea of having a period of personal downtime for more than a long weekend fills them with anxiety rather than delight. In addition to these examples, there are those of us who whe given the choice between one longer expensive holiday or several cheap breaks of shorter duration would always say "both". We want to have our cake, eat it, and sleep in the cake shop, so to speak. This hub begin to look at some of the possibilities for inexpensive short breaks for people based in the UK.

Cheap London Hotel Breaks

Londoners tend to laugh whenever somebody asks for recommendations for a cheap hotel in central London, because it is such an unrealistic expectation but actually there are ways of booking cheap London hotel breaks if you know what to look for. One of the best deals available for theatre lovers for example, is to book a package which includes musical theatre tickets combined with an overnight stay in a three star or four star hotel in London on a week day.

Cheap Breaks in Asia?

Japanese cheap breaks
Japanese cheap breaks

Japan is a cheap break now as well

I saw this poster on the London Underground and couldn't believe it. A short break in Japan with hotel and flight for around £100 a day? That is so incredibly groundbreaking because if you ask the average Brit to name the most expensive place in the world to go for a holiday I bet you Japan would be up there in the top five at least, but now look at it!

What are your favourite cheap breaks?

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  • Linnit profile image

    Linnit 7 years ago from London

    That price for Japan is amazing. I wonder if you have to sleep in a pod?