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Chocolate Festivals Around The World!

Updated on June 4, 2014

Travel The Wild World Of Chocolate!

Hello my name is Brittany and I am a chocoholic! All kidding aside I truly believe chocolate is probably one of the most amazing things created. From the number of festivals and celebrations dedicated to this sweet delight, it looks like the world agrees with me as well! Whether you are looking to plan a family friendly trip or indulge in a little (or a lot) of chocolate these celebrations are out of this world!

Burlington Wisconsin Chocolate Fest

May 23 kicks of Burlington's Chocolate Fest! Full of games and activities for the entire family you are sure to quench any chocolate craving for the rest of the year! With chocolate eating contests, and cookie decorating competitions, there is a laundry list of fantastic activities to fit anyone's tastes. Chocolatiers gather to provide visitors with the leading quality cocoa products. Burlington is known as the "Chocolate City U.S.A" by Nestle, who has played a large part in the festival since it's start.

The Northwest Chocolate Festival!

If you are looking to indulge your sweet tooth this October make a trip out to the Northwest Chocolate festival. I would love to be able to indulge in chocolate made by over 70 different chocolate "experts". To be able to relax with your partner or find a match while enjoying wine in the Aphrodisiac Room, or play with your kids in the kid's zone! Watch as they make the chocolate from beginning to end, starting with the beautiful cocoa pod, and finishing with silk like chocolate. This is most certainly one of my dream trips!

Eurochocolate! - Umbria, Italy

One of the world's largest chocolate festivals, over half a million people make their way out to Umbria, Italy every October to indulge their sweet tooth. With plenty of exciting activities, and chocolate tastings you are sure to have a blast! Enjoy a large variety of entertainment, and cooking classes from the worlds leading chocolatiers. Watch as chocolate is sculpted into amazing things, and enjoy the awards ceremony where one chocolatiers show off their amazing skills!

Choco-Late Festival! - Brugge Belgium

If you ask a chocolate lover where the best chocolate comes from chances are they will tell you Belgium! November sparks the Choco-Late Festival in Brugge Belgium, where some of the worlds most delectable and gourmet chocolates are created. Take a stroll through the chocolate museum, eat to your hearts content, and enjoy the unique and detailed chocolate sculptures. Home of Godiva chocolate the festival is sure to be one of the most amazing experiences! I am adding it to my bucket list, how bout you?

Chocolate Fest! - St. Stephen, New Brunswick

St. Stephens earned its name as Canada's Chocolate Town in 2000, with two decades of chocolate celebrating. August brings with it a week of chocolate and tourists, proving that chocolate really does bring people together! Hunt for treasure, enjoy brunch and a cocktail hour, a parade, and blind taste test, providing you and the whole family with a fun and unique experience. Take a stroll through their chocolate museum, and learn a bit more about the history of Canada's Chocolate Town!

Chocolate Rush Festival - Melbourne, Australia

If you are looking to learn and get hand on experience with chocolate, then this festival is for you! Melbourne has designed a festival where tourists are able to get working with chocolate, and they provide classes and seminars to broaden your chocolate flavored horizons. There are classes for both adults and children alike! Enjoy eating your fill of chocolate while learning more about it! Take off to Melbourne in August and have fun!

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One of my favorite documentaries! These chefs are amazing!

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    • DreyaB profile image

      DreyaB 3 years ago from France

      Yum! Hungry for chocolate now... Wish there was one of these a little closer to me. ;0) Thanks so much for sharing.