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Trip to Cimaja Beach

Updated on November 24, 2011

Cimaja Beach and Surfing vacation

When visiting Sukabumi, West Java, You can enjoy the diverse attractions, from visiting the beautiful rural area, the mountains are beautiful, decorated caves with stalactites and stalagmites in a stunning gradation of color, and of course the beach area that stretches nearly 117 miles long.

The Pelabuhan Ratu area, a favorite weekend surfing destination for expatriates and a growing number of Indonesian surfers, is the most crowded of West Java's surfing grounds due to sheer ease of accessibility. The Pelabuhan Ratu bay has a broad swell window facing the Indian Ocean. The main surf break in Pelabuhan Ratu is named Cimaja. It is a right reef break that holds heavy swell.

And among the rocky stretch of beach and fishing boats adorn the scene, who would have thought that the waves in the region Cimaja Beach Harbor Queen, Sukabumi, it has the potential to undermine the dominance of the field waves of Kuta Beach Indonesia surfing.

The Place

The distance traveled from Jakarta to Cimaja about 120 kilometers, from Bandung about 203 kilometers, and about 80 km from Bogor. An option worth to considering given the peak of the tourist area on weekends when traffic jams are a nightmare of ever more horrific.

Cimaja beach with waves roaring is the perfect location for surfers to enjoy the waves cradle on top of a surfboard. The best time to enjoy it is from eleven am to four pm, from May to October.

Ride the Wave

Cimaja Beach is synonymous with one thing; surfing. Well, that's what the expats and Indonesian surfers based in Jakarta. Located in the area of Pelabuhan Ratu, Cimaja Beach is growing in popularity as a surfing mecca in West Java. The surf break here is off a rocky reef and is a consistent break and suited to the south and southwest swells that offer up 6- 8 waves. The only drawback really is the cobble-stone and boulder strewn beach. However, surfers get a100-200 metre ride and is suited to those of moderate skills. Cimaja Beach is easily reached from Jakarta in about two and a half hours by car. There is some accommodation available in the form of losmens.

The main surfing season (if you can call it that) is during the dry season from April through to October. During the west season November through to March the surf is not as consistent and you could be disappointed. One matter that is of some importance is that of the colour green. According to the traditions and local custom this colour is forbidden to be worn as it does offend the Javanese spirit-queen Loro Kidul. Believe it or not there have been a lot of deaths over the years of people dismissing this custom!

Cimaja Surfing Video


Having completed the challenge to ride the waves Cimaja Coast, you can continue the program treat yourself to a souvenir shop of the most amazing fishing, fish and other fresh catches. Enjoying the fresh fish that is cooked directly over the fireplace with sunsets, waves, and gaiety atmosphere around is one of the wonders that you can find on the beach Cimaja.

The next day, continue your journey by visiting cruising Sukabumi many other interesting attractions, such as the Coast Citepus, millions of bats in the cave Delinquent, Cisolok hot springs, waterfalls waterfall Cicurug, Coastal Edge Tile, a great atmosphere stunning sunsets on the beach Karanghawu, Goddess temple of Kwan Im Cipatuguran Coast, and traditional village with a panoramic look at the beautiful and simple life in the village Ciptagelar, Girijaya, Sirnaresmi, and Sirnarasa. Sukabumi stunning, really as the name suggests.

Love Spot

I enjoy the beautiful colors of the sky and the expression of the waves dancing. I saw a boy aged 10 years running toward the beach, carrying a board named Body Board immediately crashing waves surfboard turns playing their very talented visible from the style they stood to walk on the waves with a surfboard, it didn't want to lose the moment I take camera and take pictures of their activities which amazed me, was the age of 10 was good at surfing.


Coolness, beauty and comfort to anyone who comes to this area as don't want to move anywhere else.

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