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Citymaps Launches Offline Maps To Become The World’s Leading Travel Map

Updated on March 29, 2016

Citymaps Mobile App

Citymaps Launches Offline Maps To Become Your New Favorite Travel Companion

Everyone who travels can recognize the relentless impact technology is having on commercial and leisure travel. We can share, post, snap, insta, whatsapp and tweet. We can find the lowest price on round-the-world flights within seconds. We can chat face-to-face with family even when we’re thousands of miles away. Technology has revolutionized the way we travel, making travel smarter, safer and more informed than ever before.

However, the traditional staple of worldly travelers - the travel guidebook - was in need of its modern, digital replacement. Although Internet technology and basic maps provided a faster way to gather travel content than books, newspapers and magazines, they couldn’t replace the most critical element of the travel guidebook - first hand, or even second and third hand, travel ideas and recommendations from trusted people.

Citymaps allows travelers to ditch the thousand-page paperback guidebook, by

  • Providing an interactive map to see the best-rated places in the area, with local wisdom and insider knowledge - the kind of expert advice once only found in lengthy guidebooks.
  • Including a newsfeed from friends to see what they recommend
  • Letting users create their own lists of places on their own or with friends, to make planning a trip faster, easier, and more fun than ever before.

Citymaps' new ‘offline mapping’ functionality furthers their offerings for travelers, giving users free access to downloadable maps in thousands of cities around the world. You have the ability to find your location, search the maps for recommendations, and use GPS to get to your destination.

To further help travelers explore the best places in cities around the world, they've also released over 100,000 City Guides. Like a much cooler and way more useful Google Map, the City Guides serve up recommendations on what to see, eat and do in cities around the world, based on your preferences and interests. Basically turning you into a knowledgeable local, Citymaps helps you discover the best places — be it local history or cool architecture as outlined by publishers like Travel + Leisure and The New York Times, restaurants mentioned by experts like the Michelin Guides, or cool shops selected by Racked.


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