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My Experience on Clinton Road

Updated on June 7, 2016

My Experience on Clinton Road

I believe that all of America and the rest of the world is completely and utterly obsessed and interested in what it would be like if ghosts and hauntings were real. I'm not saying that they aren't nor am I saying that they are. But there really isn't any scientific evidence that pin points whether or not they are or aren't real. So, why can't they be? There is a particular road in the northern section of New Jersey in the West Milford Hewitt area that could very well be the most haunted road in America. There has been TV specials on it and tons of articles have been written about it. My friends and I had the chance to drive down this desolate 9 mile road in the summer of 2011 and had a few erie incidents that caused us to have a few chills while we were driving. In my article, I'm going to tell you all about those and give you a description of what people have talked about and written about on this road. It's a very weird road and I believe that everyone should drive down it at night at least once in the life....

In the summer of 2011, about 12 of us went up to the Mountain Creek area in Vernon, NJ for a weekend trip to the water park and the mountains. While we were up there, we thought about what kinds of cool and exciting adventures we could get ourselves into. One of the nights that we were there, we were sitting around all bored and started doing some research of the area and what fun and crazy things that can be done at night. While researching, Clinton Road kept popping up so we decided to look into it a little bit more. While reading about this crazy haunted road, we came to the conclusion that we had to explore it. So myself and 4 other friends got into the car and started our journey down to the erie 9 mile road...

While checking out a little history of this crazy and dark road, we figured out that this road is one for the ages. There are so many stories that have been written over the years about all the hauntings, ghosts, apparitions and spiritual experiences that have supposedly taken place on this road. There is a story about a little boy who throws quarters back at you at midnight on a bridge he fell off of, a ghost car or truck that flashes their lights on and off and speeds up quickly scaring the crap out of you while you drive, bodies being dumped on the outskirts of the roads, satanic activity in the mountains, a place called the cross castle which is haunted as hell, witchcraft, ghosts of park rangers who disappeared years ago, a crazy mountaintop lake where many people have drowned and so many more... These stories alone would make anybody want to come and explore this haunted ass road... A why not when your a little bit drunk and on vacation...

We arrived around 1 am on the Route 23 side of Clinton Road at what many people consider the longest red light in the area. It, at times, last around 5 minutes before it changes. By sitting and waiting at this light for so long, it really gets the nerves running and the anticipation flowing like crazy. Being that I was driving, I was really freaked out just because of what I had read about the road about an hour ago. And knowing that there were sharp twists and turns and about 8 or so miles of darkness, I freaked out a little bit.

The light changed and we were on our way. We started down the road and my drunk friends were being stupid at least and screaming out the window and pretty much enticing what ever it could have been to come out and scare the crap out of us. But, since I was driving, I pretty much was trying to have them calm down and get the hell to the other side. Before you know it, its complete darkness and all you have our your high beams and your anticipation that something may in fact happen.

At the time, we weren't sure exactly what we were supposed to do with the little boy throwing quarters back at us so we started throwing quarters at every bridge we went over... Later on, we realized what we were supposed to do and you are supposed to throw a quarter off the Dead Man's curve bridge at midnight and the little boy is supposed to throw it back at you... There have been many stories on to how and what may happen when your on the bridge at midnight.

We got half way down the nine miles and my friend had to pee. I thought she was crazy, but she actually made me pull over so she could get out and pee on the side of Clinton Road. As freaked out as I was, we stopped and she got out and peed. The funny thing though is that after she was done, I got out and we took a picture together outside on the road. Its a very funny story if you were there, but who does that....

As the lights started to shine again on the other end, we realized we had gotten to the other side and nothing really had happened. I was relieved but my friends were a little bit pissed. I said we can go back around again, but I'm not driving this time. My friend Tim said he was confident enough that he can do the driving and I decided to let him take a try. I figured he was from the area and could navigate around these turns a little bit better and his nerves were pretty much in tact. So off we were again....

About half way down this time, we got a little bit of a scare. All of a sudden, out of nowhere and coming up fast were a set of headlights. Reading all about the headlight hauntings really got all of us a little bit jumpy. This car or truck really did come up fast. And we were driving at a pretty decent pace... I would say we were traveling about 45 miles per hour and this car must have gone about 70 to catch up to us. It never did take its headlights off but it tailgated the crap out of us for about a mile before it sped off and passed us... It was a regular car but it really scared us wondering if it could actually be that so called headlight vehicle that follows people. At this point, we wanted off this road. Even though it wasn't completely crazy while we were driving, the idea of what this road was about was starting to get to all of us.

In conclusion, I do believe this road is haunted. From what i read and all the experiences that people have wrote about and documented makes you believe that it really is haunted. Or, maybe the stories have just gotten into everybody's heads that we all just assume this is what it needs to be like. I mean, the road is 9 miles long with no lights and no exits and in between reservoirs and mountains... There are stories of creepy animals that bred with each other and witch craft and ghosts lurking all over the place. That would scare anybody who tries to go there, especially at night. But i recommend that anybody take a ride up there at night and experience this one-of-a-kind road. There's nothing like it. Just be a little bit weary if any of these experiences actually does happen to you... If you ever had a similar experience on this road or any other road, let me know and write about it. and check out for other crazy things... Also check out my webpage at for more information...

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