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Coimbatore the versatile city

Updated on June 24, 2014

I love Coimbatore

Coimbatore is my favorite city. It is not my hometown, it is not where I have settled after marriage, yet it is the one place that holds all the memories of my growing years. My parents have been in Coimbatore for more than three decades. They graduated here and settled down here after their wedding. I have been to a lot of places but no city is as polite as Coimbatore. The city has a lot of different faces and it is a beautiful and peaceful city. I want to share some insights and throw light on this place which is seen as a popular destination of Tamil Nadu.


The name Coimbatore is derived from Kovan Puthur (Kovan - King , Puthur - Village) which in due course gave rise to the current name of the city. It was the capital of the ancient Tamil Nadu then known as Kongu nadu. It was first ruled by Cheras who were then conquered by the Cholas. Over a period of time Coimbatore was ruled by Vijanagara Kings, Madurai Nayaks and Tippu Sultan of Mysore. Later Tippu Sultan was defeated by the English rulers and was taken under the Madras Presidency. After that Coimbatore slowly started developing. Industrialisation of the area did not begin till the nineteenth century. The area was an integral part of the Indian Independence Movement.

Cultural Mix

Coimbatore is situated in the western region of tamilnadu. It is surrounded by the Western Ghats on one side. It lies in the foothills of the Blue mountains(Nilgiris).Hence the city enjoys a salubrious climate. It experiences both hot and wet climates. It is nearer to Palakkad bordering Kerala. The population is balanced with more of less equal number of men and women. It ranks higher than the national average in the literacy rate. The place is a mix of people from Tamilnadu and nearby states of Kerala, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. The main language spoken here is Tamil. Most of the people present are Hindus along with a minority population of Christians, Muslims, Buddhists and Jains. Many north Indians have migrated to Coimbatore and have successfully set up their trade.

Industries of Coimbatore

Coimbatore is the second largest city next to Chennai. It is the home to more than twenty five thousand industries most of which are based on engineering or textiles. It is the largest textile hub next to Mumbai and is called the Manchester of the South. The country's largest industries in poultry and hosiery are in this place. The establishment of the first cotton mill in the twentieth century was the turning point of this place. Till then it was a place that had suffered earthquakes, great famines and the plague. Today it is the largest revenue earning district of Tamilnadu. The main crops cultivated here are sugarcane, rice and cotton as the area is rich in black soil. In recent times, it has seen good growth in the IT sector with two SEZs functioning and five more in the pipeline. It is not the second largest player in IT next to Chennai with the presence of all leading companies.

Textile is the backbone of the economy of this place. There are a lot of trade associations for textiles here. Training and education go hand in hand for textiles with a large number of trade shows.

There are a large number of manufacturing units focusing on automobiles and spare parts. Leading multinationals like Tata and Maruthi have offices here. Apart from this the other manufacturing sectors that are catered are pumps and motors industry and wet grinder manufacturing industry.

It also has the oldest flour mills of the country with a huge grinding capacity.

The city houses more than 45,000 goldsmiths who take an active part in designing jewelry art and cutting thus making the city a leading player in gold jewelry designing.


The people of Coimbatore are down to earth and have a keen interest in music. Concerts and music shows happen all through out the year. They value respect above everything and are very good at hospitality. The city population is sophisticated as most of them are educated. The suburbans retain the village-like charm though with lesser buildings and more unity among each other. They are also very religious and spiritual. There are a lot of temples in Coimbatore, the most famous being Eichanari, Perur Pateeshwarar temple, Marudhamalai Murugar Temple and Karamadai Temple. Most of the people have an affluent background. Their main occupation is agriculture.

Education and Media

Coimbatore is an educational hub with nearly 80 engineering colleges and 150 arts colleges. Tamil Nadu Agricultural University and Forest College are present here. The first college opened here was the Government Arts College. Other famous universities are the Bharathiar University and the Anna University. There are a large number of leading schools in the city.There are three medical colleges as of now. People from all over India come here for education.

Four English newspapers (Hindu, Times of India, Deccan Chronicle and New Indian Express) , Six Tamil newspapers and two malayalam newspapers are circulated in the city. There are six radio channel communications in the city. Apart from BSNL, all leading telecom giants have presence here.

Sports and Recreation

Coimbatoreans have a fondness for motor sports. There is a separate formula 3 speed track where veterans practice. That is why the place is known as the motor sports capital of India. Narain Karthikeyan, the first Formula one racer of India hails from Coimbatore. Today many youngsters are encouraged to take part in such activities. The city's biggest stadium is the Nehru Stadium where all athletic events take place. Every year, an annual marathon is hosted here for creating awareness about cancer. The other prestigious clubs of Coimbatore are the Flying Club,Golf club and the Cosmopolitan Club which is more than a hundred years old.

There are four museums, A Gandhi Gallery and an art gallery. Coimbatore boasts of several amusement parks, shopping malls, children's park, cinema theaters and a zoological garden.

Tourist Attractions In and Around Coimbatore




Monkey Falls















Top Slip

Annamalai wildlife sanctuary

Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary

Aliyar Dam

Botanical Garden

Coimbatore is connected by air, rail and road.


The Coimbatore district is well-connected by rail, road and air. There are seven regional transport offices at these places:








The area has three national highways which connect the major parts ofthe city. Coimbatore railways is the second largest revenue earning railways in the South next to Chennai. Coimbatore is well-connected to the neighboring state, Kerala.

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      TanoCalvenoa 3 years ago

      I'd love to visit India someday.

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      saravanan-sivarajan-33 3 years ago

      Wonderful article dear Scindhia.Each n every People should know about their own place. You have great future in writing I wish u to continue writing. Keep writing. You are a pioneer to all.