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Comox Valley

Updated on October 28, 2012

The land of the "C" towns

Comox, Courtenay, Cumberland are the major settlements in the Comox Valley. Nestled under the Comox Glacier, the valley is home to 50,000 people in the 1000 square mile area. The Comox Valley has a large amount of agricultural land that produces dairy products, livestock, feed products, poultry products and more. There has been recent development of grape growing vineyards and orchards have been established for many years. The weather in the valley is marginal for some crops due to colder winter temperatures and the amount of snow received in the valley each winter. Summer temperatures are generally pleasant in the valley, seldom exceeding 30C, 90F. The valley is rarely affected by high levels of humidity. Rainfall is mainly concentrated in the winter and summers are usually quite dry.

The Comox Valley contains the largest Canadian Air Force base in BC. This facility houses the search and rescue operations which patrols the western area of Canada. Other squadrons of aircraft are also based in Comox and the base is frequently visited by all aircraft operated by the Canadian Air Force.

Courtenay is the main commercial district within the Comox Valley. The city is well represented by most major retail companies. The other organized areas such as Comox and Cumberland are generally served by smaller retail establishments. All major retail outlets for automobiles, appliances, furniture, etc, are located in Courtenay.

The Comox Valley has a long history which dates to the early 1800's. The valley was the northern center of agriculture since the beginning. Farmers found that orchards were viable in the area. Dairy produce was established at an early date in order to serve both the local area and the larger markets in southern Vancouver Island. The area was also a large producer of coal in historical times, mainly at Cumberland. Each of the communities of Cumberland, Comox and Courtenay are served by local museums that highlight the pioneers of each area.

Although the Comox Valley is frequently chosen as a retirement community for people wishing to settle in a small Canadian town, younger residents enjoy living in the valley as well. With the Mount Washington ski facility close by, and many other recreational attractions near by, an active lifestyle is easy to experience in the Comox Valley.

The cost of housing is less than in larger British Columbia cities such as Vancouver, Victoria and Nanaimo. This translates into more affordable living for Comox Valley residents. There can be trouble finding work, however, as the traditional industries such as logging, fishing and mining have experienced economic trouble in recent years. There are many jobs in the service sector and the Canadian Air Force provides a large boost to the area.

Outdoor Scenery Abounds

Nymph Falls
Nymph Falls

This is a photo of Nymph Falls on the Puntledge River. This is actually a fish ladder which was cut into the rock adjacent to the natural falls. The falls themselves are quick difficult to crest by migratory salmon.

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Winter Sports Are Nearby

Mount Washington Snowfall
Mount Washington Snowfall

This is a photo of the Strathcona Park at the Mount Washington nordic lodge. The depth of snow in the photo is about 6 feet in this view taken in February of 2012.

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    • brettcairns lm profile image

      brettcairns lm 

      6 years ago

      I agree. The Comox Valley is arguably the greatest place to live in the greatest place on Earth


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