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The Coolest Places to Visit In Regina, Saskatchewan

Updated on December 2, 2015

Ever Wondered What The Coolest Places In Regina Were?

Wonderland, Chuck-E-Cheese, T-Rex, Globe Theatre, Evraz play park, TGI Fridays, wait what?..... and the list goes on. I hate when people say "oh there isn't anything to do in Regina!" c'mon man! I mean, have you even tried?

I feel the people who can't find something fun to spend their time on in this city just have it out for us, Regina is a fun city. There's tons to do here and even more to see! We're surrounded by golf courses, speckled with lakes and parks all over the glorious home of the Roughriders (oh yeah, we have that too!)

Now I couldn't include everything about this amazing city, that would be a long lens about Regina! I feel some of you may not come visit just based on the amount of stuff. So this list has been carefully procured to keep only the best places to visit and I've left out a lot of good ones I bet. Speaking of the ones I left out, feel free to add you favourite venue in the comments at the end.

Bon appetite!

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Experience Regina - The best promotional video for Regina we've ever found - These guys nailed it! What an awesome video on the Queen city!

Wonderland Entertainment Centre
Wonderland Entertainment Centre


Deep in the heart of downtown Regina lies one extremely fun place to play

Wonderland, the Ruckers for older people! Wonderland Regina is a place like Ruckers or Chuck-E-Cheeses that has tons of games to play. From Pinball to Dance Dance Revolution, they have it all. If you like Skee-Ball they have that, the basketball shooter game? Yup, Need For Speed Racing (90s version) yup they have that!

There is so much fun packed into this place it's hard to fathom that it only costs $4 to play for an hour. Yes you read correctly, $4 gets you access to the entire place for an hour. I understand if you put your computer away and head straight to Wonderland.

They also have a full concession, by full I mean you can get pop, chips, some candies, a hot dog on a good day and no beer. Sorry folks, if you want to drink here you're going to have to rent the place out. To answer your next question, yes they do rent the place out. I heard it's not a bad price either!

Go check it out the next time you're feeling like gaming with a bunch of friends in Regina.

Where to find the ever so wonderful Wonderland

Parking is good right out front of the building on Broad st. But between 3:30 and 5:30 you can't park there. Also behind and to the side there is lots of parking. Don't let it fool you that being downtown there's nowhere to park. That's simply not true.

A marker -
1729 Broad St, Regina, SK
get directions

Have you ever played Paintball?

Have you ever played Paintball?

See results

Paintball Paradise

Just north of the city 20 minutes lies a battlefield strewn with.....well....paint!

Paintball Paradise if you're from Regina is a bucket list item, you have to go at least once. If you don't like it never go back, but I think you just may.

You get lots of padding to wear, rarely does it hurt to a point that makes you regret being there. Even once as a kid, the first time I went Paintballing I remember I was in a building hiding out in the "city"(one of the areas you can play on at Paintball Paradise) and a fellow I didn't do a good job of detecting ambushed me to the tune of 10-15 paintballs all over my tiny, 14 year old body. I was hurt physically more that emotionally, I had a welt on my leg for like a week!

Needless to say I've never regretted going paintballing. For my volleyball team I like taking them their for their wind-up. Kids love the place. It can be expensive if you have a quick finger and like hunting a lot. If so you probably will fall in love with paint ball.

Well worth the drive and potential welts.

How to get to Paintball Paradise

Map of how to get to Paintball Paradise
Map of how to get to Paintball Paradise


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    • Akriti Mattu 2 years ago from Shimla, India

      I like Paintball

    If you could choose one place to go in Regina which would it be?

    You can only pick one, which one is YOUR favourite?

    See results
    Globe Theatre Website
    Globe Theatre Website

    The Globe Theatre

    Regina's best stop for theatrical productions

    Ahh, the beloved Globe Theatre on the famous Scarth Street, downtown Regina. Theatre in the round! There are very few theatres like it in the world (well very few in southern Saskatchewan).

    Recently I went to a production that was simply marvellous. We were laughing from start to finish. It was a musical (I usually hate musicals) but the humour was meant for my kind of audience.

    There is something special about theatre at the Globe. Like a hidden special something, a mystic energy that just makes the production a little bit magical.

    You see, as a kid I went to A Christmas Carol and it sent my imagination running wild. I loved the theatre in the round as a kid. It was such an experience, the sensation was like nothing I had experienced before, from that moment on I knew I'd always have a soft spot for the Globe Theatre.

    This past year I ended up knowing someone who worked there, I ended up doing some work for them but in the process I got a "behind the scene's" tour of the place. Talk about fascinating. The costume room, to the prop room, it all was really cool to see.

    If you're in Regina and a show is on at the Globe Theatre, you must go. The experience is definitely a bucket list item for any Saskatchewanian!

    Where to find theatre in the round in Regina

    A markerOn Scarth St. Regina, it's on the corner in front of the Cornwall centre, kitty corner from Lulu Lem -
    1801 Scarth Street, Regina
    get directions

    What's your favourite part of Regina?

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      • Akriti Mattu profile image

        Akriti Mattu 2 years ago from Shimla, India

        Thank you so much for writing such a wonderful piece. It is useful for lovers of travel like me. Voted up :)