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Consider Staying at The Crater Lake Hotel

Updated on September 20, 2014

Staying at a Crater Lake Hotel

If you are looking for a Crater Lake hotel, you're in for a treat. Crater Lake is one of the most spectacular sites to be seen anywhere.

Crater Lake is located in the mountains of Southern Oregon about an hour from Klamath Falls.

Crater lake is a beautiful deep blue colored lake that is nestled in the crater of a volcano. It is the deepest fresh water lake in the United States and it's the 7th deepest lake world wide. The views at Crater lake are breathtaking. There are 20 scenic overlooks so you're not likely to be short on things to see or places to take photographs.

Staying at a Crater Lake hotel means that you are that much closer to the majestic scenery. You can take in the sights, stop for a break and catch a few z's, have something to eat, and then do more sightseeing if you like. It is a nice slow paced relaxing vacation staying at the Crater Lake hotel.

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Historic Crater Lake Hotel

The Crater Lake hotel is a joy to stay in.  This lodge is an historic 71 room hotel that was built in 1915. Don't let it's early beginnings make you think that it's out of date. It's been meticulously maintained. As a matter of fact it underwent a major refurbishment in 1993 and was re opened to the public in 1995.

This Crater Lake Hotel sits on the edge of Caldera which overlooks Crater lake. With it's rustic charm, it has the feeling of a 1920's hotel.

When you immediately enter the crater lake hotel, you will be in awe at the beautiful fireplace in the great hall. Each room is very nice and has all the amenities that you would expect from a nice hotel. The service is also great.

Crater Lake Hotel | Room Rates

The Crater Lake hotel is open from late May to mid October depending on how much snow Mother Nature decides to bless the lake with.

Here are the costs of the rooms as of 2009.

  • Ground Floor Room: $151
  • South Side Rooms: $182
  • Standard Lakeside: $194
  • Deluxe Lakeside: $206
  • Loft: $282
  • Extra Person: $25
  • Child under 12: No Charge
  • Rollaway bed or crib: No Charge

Note: Room rates are based on double occupancy and are for one night.

Crater Lake Hotel Dining

Dining at the Crater Lake Hotel means you will sample exquisite Northwest cuisine prepared form ingredients home grown in Oregon. You can enjoy some of the best food that Oregon has to offer. Choose Rogue Valley wines and cheeses or maybe you would like some locally grown wild mushrooms and berries.

You can eat in the dining room for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. The diner can accommodate 75 people. If you would like to have dinner in the Crater Lake hotel dining room, remember to make a reservation as they are required.

You don't need to be a hotel guest to enjoy the dining room.

You can make reservations by calling 1-888-774-CRATER Extension 2728

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Photo Courtesy of

Crater Lake Hotel Alternative

Although Klamath Falls is an hour away from Crater lake, many people choose to stay in a Klamath Falls hotel and drive to the lake for a day trip. Klamath falls has a number of nice hotels and staying there will open up a few more options in terms of dining and entertainment.

You'll miss out of the serenity and tranquility of a weekend in the mountains but it is an alternative none the less.

Klamath falls lodging also includes the award winning Running Y Ranch and resort. There you can enjoy horse riding, spas, swimming, golfing, atv, tennis, basketball, and much more.

Klamath falls offers a slow paced change from the rigors of day to day life.  There is a lot to to around Klamath falls if you enjoy the outdoors.  Klamath Falls is surrounded by many beautiful mountains.

Fishing in Klamath lake can produce some world class lake trout.  Huge lake trout are plentiful in the Klamath lake.  If you enjoy fishing the rivers, you won't want to miss out on your chance to fish the Williamson River.  It is a fly fisherman's dream.

Klamath Falls has a great bowling alley called the Epicenter.  It's a modern bowling alley with an arcade and a pizza joint inside.  There's fun for the whole family at the Epicenter,

If you're in the mood to catch a movie, you should check out Pelican Cinemas.  There are several modern theater rooms that show a variety of movies.  Two of the screens are 3D screens so if they are showing a 3D movie, be sure and check our Pelican Cinemas.

There are a lot of good restaurants for you to eat at in Klamath Falls as well.  You have your choice of nice restaurants or plenty of fast food joints.

There is a very good modern hospital that recently underwent a 40 million dollar renovation.

There's a Walmart, A Fred Meyers, A Home Depot, A Diamond Home Improvement Center, A Big R Farm store and a lot of other places to do you shopping.

Other Things To Do In Klamath Falls

Klamath Falls is a small town but there are still some fun things to do there.  There is a huge bowling alley called the Epicenter.  It has about 30 lanes that are all modernized with the latest computer equipment.

There is a pretty decent arcade in the Epicenter for your kids to play in if they get tired of bowling.  Many of the games spit out tickets if your kid does well.  They can exchange the tickets for prizes at the counter when they have enough.

There is also a snack bar in the Epicenter that serves some good food.  If you're a beer drinker, there is a bar in the Epicenter as well.

The Epicenter is a smoke free zone so you don't have to worry about second hand smoke like the smoke filled bowling alleys of yesteryear.

If you enjoy fishing, there are a lot of lakes and rivers to keep you occupied.  The Klamath lake has some huge lake trout in it just waiting to be caught.  If river fishing is more you speed, you might want to try you luck fishing the Williamson river.  It's a fantastic fishery that produces some world class fly fishing for the fly fishing enthusiast.

There are lots of places to eat in Klamath Falls as well.  You're not going to find any real expensive high class places but there are plenty of nice restaurants to stop and fill your belly in.

There is also a good movie theater called Pelican Cinemas that has several screens so they can show multiple movies at once.  For a small town theater, it's pretty good.

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Amazing Crater Lake Video

This is a video of images taken at Crater Lake.  It is put together as a slide show and the Native American Flute.  I can't think of a better way to get excited for staying at a Crater Lake hotel.

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