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Crazy Roadside Attractions

Updated on December 28, 2015

Attractions in Australia not all tourists see

These pages will show off some of the great and some crazy attractions in Australia.

My plan was to show you a few crazy attractions that I have visited around the world in the last 40 years.

However I soon found that I had to many great things just here in Australia.

So I might have to make a another lens for those odd attractions world wide.

Most of these places are not seen by tourists, when they come to visit Australia.

Why they miss out is hard to explain, I'm sure you will agree that, that these are very

interesting and worth while places to see.

Worlds Longest Golf Course 1365 Kilometers

90 Mile Straight Hole 6
90 Mile Straight Hole 6

Although I have driven up and down the roads where this Golf course is, it was 40 years before it was built.

That was back in 1969 when I did a Road Trip from Australia to Germany in a 4x4.

I should go back and play a hole or two.

The Nullarbor Links as it's called, was opened in 2009. It is a 18 hole par 72 golf course, said to be "the World's Longest Golf course", situated along 1,365 kilometres of the Eyre Highway that crosses the southern coast of Australia in two states (Western Australia and South Australia), notably crossing the Nullarbor Plain.

Depending on which direction you travel, it either starts in the goldmining town of Kalgoorlie, Western Australia or the coastal town of Ceduna, South Australia.

It will take about four days to complete the course, if all goes well.


The shortest hole (Brumby's Run) is 125 metres, par 3.

The longest hole (Dingo's Den) is 538 metres, par 5.

The average distance between holes is 66 kilometres.

Two of the holes are almost 200 kilometres apart.

The 520m, par 5 Wombat Hole commemorates the nearby, largest colony of Southern Hairy Nosed Wombats.

Important info about some of the holes.

Fraser Range Sheep Station

Hole 1: Sheep’s Back Par 3 – 141 meters

Just follow the signs, and watch where you step.

Balladonia Roadhouse

Hole 1: Skylab Par 3 – 175 meters

Go through the scrub, and beware of snakes.

Caiguna Roadhouse

Hole 1: 90 Mile Straight Par 4 -310 Meters

Through trees – lost ? follow the signs

Nullarbor Roadhouse

Hole 1: Dingo’s Den Par 5 – 538 meters

Watch the crow – He takes your balls !!! Try spraying smelly stuff on the balls.

At the Balladonia Roadhouse you can visit the museum.

This is where the fiery re-entry of NASA's Skylab space station in 1979 happened.

They have a collection of documents from NASA, a recreation of actual events, photos and related ephemera.

They even have a life-sized replica of some of the debris sitting on top of the roof!

If links to You Tube videos don't work.

Here are links This one has no sound, but video is well made

Worlds Longest Golf Course 1365 Kilometers

You Tube Video of Nullarbor Links Golf

A crazy sign just outside Melbourne

I have fond memories of a lovely seaside beach township called Mordialloc. Just outside of Melbourne along Beach Rd heading South. As a kid growing up, I remember getting up very early in the mornings and going with dad fishing.

Not fishing really, we went to catch Eels.

Now 50 years on things have changed, as things do.

Driving along one beautiful sunny day and looking at the ocean, I decided to pull over and have some sandwich's I had with me. I pulled into a car park, and looking for the parking signs I found this stupid one.

Dogs on leash between 11am & 3pm. Well that's fair enough. Most beach's have those restrictions.

But here comes the funny bit.

Horses permitted before 10am swimming only. What ??

Looking around I also found a statue of a horse. How weird is that. No sign's that mention why its there.

Make mental note to myself. Don't go swimming here.

So that's strange one.

Parking Meter

Make sure you feed the meter.

Council needs money to pay for their perks.

Parking fines are very expensive and should avoided

Emu's Bum oooppps Emu Bottom

Emu Bottom Homestead Victoria's oldest homestead and built C.1836 by George Evans

Mr Evans arrived on the schooner Enterprize which sailed up Port Phillip Bay on 30th August 1835. These first settlers built huts on the banks of Yarra River, which then grew to become the City of Melbourne.

But Mr Evans choose to explore further in land and found a picturesque valley, which he named Emu Bottom. He then built this splendid stone Homestead in 1836 which you can visit today.

Very close by is the Rupertswood is a mansion and country estate located in Sunbury. It is well known as the birthplace of The Ashes urn which was humorously presented to the English cricket captain Ivo Bligh to mark his team's victory in an 1882-83 Test match series between Australia and England.

It was here In March 2006, the Commonwealth Games Queen's Baton Relay travelled to the area, where a re-enactment of the handing over of The Ashes to the British took place, in front of a small local crowd.

Emu Bottom Homestead in Sunbury area Victoria

Emu Bottom Homestead
Emu Bottom Homestead | Source
Rear of Homestead
Rear of Homestead | Source
Old Bellows at rear of Homestead
Old Bellows at rear of Homestead | Source
Old cart and stockyards shed
Old cart and stockyards shed | Source

Fire Danger. In the snow ?

Fire Danger SIGN
Fire Danger SIGN

I came across this great sign during the winter at Mount Beauty in Victoria.


Come on..... This is funny :).... ROFL

Public Toilet

Public Toilets Cobber Pedy
Public Toilets Cobber Pedy

These items were on display outside a shop in Coober Pedy in Central Australia.

This is Aussie humor at its lowest.

He had to take them inside at night time, otherwise it would have used.

You can read more about the Opal Mining town of Coober Pedy on my pages

about my Book "From Australia to Germany"

My Road Trip " From Australia to Germany "

My book is about a epic journey that began in Melbourne.

Traveling 4000 km's on dirt roads and tracks to the the

RED CENTER ( Ayers Rock ) and on to Perth.

Then by freighter too Ceylon and India via Indonesia and Singapore, and on to India.

Then we traveled again by road through places such as Pakistan,

Afghanistan, Iran, Turkey and Austria all the way to Germany and Holland.

You will find below two versions of Book. German or English, both come with DVD at fixed price.

Fake Policeman

Fake Policeman
Fake Policeman

This one is not from Australia, but it's to good to leave out.

I found this fake policeman in Japan.

Very common to see them on the side of the road.

This was most likely holding up a sign saying, SLOW DOWN, while I was holding him up. hehehehee

You can read more about Japan in my new lens coming soon. 23-10-13

Ettamogah Pub - This Photo is from Wiki Commons

Wiki Photo
Wiki Photo

The word "ettamogah" is Aboriginal for "place of good drink!"

The Ettamogah Pub is a cartoon pub that was featured in the now defunct Australasian Post magazine. The cartoonist Ken Maynard, loving empty spaces and having nothing around him, enjoyed an area just outside of Albury at Table Top, named Ettamogah, thus christening the name of his now famous pub the "Ettamogah Pub" . The first "Ettamogah Pub" of a chain of such pubs was built there and copies now exist in various parts of Australia including Sydney, the Sunshine Coast and Cunderdin.

There's a 1930 Chevy truck on top of the bright red roof of the Ettamogah Pub. In the cartoon the theory is the truck was washed up there in the floods of 1946 and none of the regulars could be bothered to get it down.

Ricketts Sanctuary

William Ricketts Sanctuary is situated in the Dandenongs. About 40 minutes outside of Melbourne. It is a place of tranquillity in natural settings of ferns trees, Mountain Ash and native fauna.

Here you will find the mystical sculptures half hidden along the pathways.

Around each corner you will find little gems of artistic handmade sculptures of people

and animals. A total of 92 kiln fired can be found if you search hard enough.


William Rickets bought a four-acre bush block in the 1930’s and called it Potter's Sanctuary. William Ricketts lived on at the Sanctuary into his nineties and continued to create his sculptures until his death in 1993.

Photo's of Ricketts Sanctuary.

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Photo taken by mePhoto taken by mePhoto taken by mePhoto taken by me
Photo taken by me
Photo taken by me
Photo taken by me
Photo taken by me
Photo taken by me
Photo taken by me
Photo taken by me
Photo taken by me

Larry the Lobster

Larry the Lobster
Larry the Lobster

Larry the Lobster weighs in at about 4 tons, and stands about 17 meter tall.

You will find him in Kingston, about 300 km's SE of Adelaide in South Australia.

My nephew can be seen, only just, out the front.

The Big Lobster was envisioned by the developers as a means of attracting attention to the centre, and initially the lobster was intended to "rear up" over the front of the complex. Unfortunately, the plans changed when local council regulations forced the lobster to be repositioned in front of the visitor centre. Paul Kelly, who had previously built the Big Scotsman in North Adelaide, was employed to design and build the new structure. While possibly anecdotal, it is said that final size of the structure was the result of an accident: the plans for the Big Lobster were provided to Paul Kelly in feet, but he misread the measurements and used metres instead, resulting in a threefold increase in size. Kelly built the lobster in Edwardstown, South Australia, and the final product was transported by road to the site, where it was opened by the South Australian Premier David Tonkin on 15 December 1979. Copied from Wiki

Bet you don't have one that big in your town :)

My Road Trip " From Australia to Germany "

The whole area is full of great things to see

You can learn more about Australia from my Book

" From Australia to Germany "

It is available on Amazon

If you want a Paperback version which comes with DVD, contact me

Montsalvat Castle

I've included this section because I think it's crazy.

Here somebody who build a castle in the middle of nowhere. Well it was back then. Here is some it's history.

Montsalvat is an artist colony in Eltham, Victoria, Australia, established by Justus Jrgensen in 1934. It is home to over a dozen buildings, houses and halls set amongst richly established gardens on 12 acres of land.

Visitors can pay a small fee to walk throughout the colony's historical gardens, artists' houses/workshops and explore the surrounding buildings. All of the buildings on the site were designed and built by residents with locally available materials, from various sources. The Great Hall offers an extensive network of spaces from extravagant halls and vast exhibition spaces, to small corridors and tiny balconies overlooking the gardens.

The social structure at Montsalvat was feudal; Jorgensen dominated as the master. A number of his followers tired of his autocratic rule and left. In the face of soaring costs, Montsalvat was opened to the public in 1963. Justus himself became increasingly private, concentrating upon self-portraits, shown only to a few.

Currently Montsalvat's grounds and buildings are mostly used for exhibitions, performances, conferences, seminars, weddings and receptions; however, many artists (such as Luthiers, Jewelers, Painters, Sculptors and a Writer) continue to reside in Montsalvat. Several classes on various disciplines of art are offered year round by the resident artists.

Staircase in the Great Hall

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Staircase in the Great Hall by Richard HiggsPhoto by Richard HiggsThe Ornamental Pond Photo by Richard HiggsPhoto by Richard HiggsPhoto by Richard HiggsPhoto by Richard HiggsGreat Hall Photo by Richard Higgs
Staircase in the Great Hall by Richard Higgs
Staircase in the Great Hall by Richard Higgs
Photo by Richard Higgs
Photo by Richard Higgs
The Ornamental Pond Photo by Richard Higgs
The Ornamental Pond Photo by Richard Higgs
Photo by Richard Higgs
Photo by Richard Higgs
Photo by Richard Higgs
Photo by Richard Higgs
Photo by Richard Higgs
Photo by Richard Higgs
Great Hall Photo by Richard Higgs
Great Hall Photo by Richard Higgs

Photo's are by Richard Higgs

My “Darwinism” stance on the evolution of photography

When you get involved in the online digital photo community scene for any decent length of time, you soon come to realize that there exists two heavily divided schools of thought on digital photo processing of images.... Those that believe that minimal adjustments in software should be performed, leaving the image as natural or 'as seen by the camera' at the time of capture, versus those that believe the camera captured image is just the start or basis of what the artist saw in his mind to build upon to create an awe inspiring image.

Steam Train Puffing Billy

Puffing Billy Steam Train
Puffing Billy Steam Train

Puffing Billy is Australia's Premiere Preserved Steam Railway.

This century-old steam train is still running on its original mountain track from Belgrave to Gembrook in the scenic Dandenong Ranges and is a genuine relic of more leisurely days.

The Railway is the major survivor of four experimental lines used to develop rural areas in the early 1900s.

Puffing Billy is now a major tourist attraction, its operation depending on hundreds of dedicated volunteers.

The Railway is a narrow gauge 2 ft 6 in (762 mm) gauge and was opened in 1900.

It was closed down in 1954 and then slowly reopened in stages from 1962.

Most trains start from Belgrave and travel to Lakeside, or to the terminus at Gembrook, and return. The railway operates every day of the year except Christmas Day, with at least two and up to six advertised services departing Belgrave each day. One service each day has the option of first-class carriages and lunch.

The railway also operates three diesel locomotives which are used on days of total fire ban, plant or works trains, or when insufficient steam locomotives are available, including in emergencies.

The Great Train Race is one of the longest running 'Fun Runs' on the Australian running calendar.

The race isn’t simply a race amongst the competitors…the exciting challenge is competing against the steam locomotive, over 13.2 kilometres through the hills and fern gullies of the picturesque Dandenong Ranges from Belgrave to Emerald Lake Park.

Click thumbnail to view full-size

© 2013 Aladdins Cave

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    • Aladdins Cave profile imageAUTHOR

      Aladdins Cave 

      3 years ago from Melbourne, Australia

      Hi Aliciac

      thank you for taking the time to leave a comment, its always nice to see that people read what we write.

      My business partner just got back from Canada, and I wish I had gone as well.

      Its on my bucket list :)

      Cheers from DOWNUNDER


      Please come over, will show you around :)

    • AliciaC profile image

      Linda Crampton 

      3 years ago from British Columbia, Canada

      This is an interesting and enjoyable article, Aladdins Cave. I'd love to visit Australia and see some of these sites myself. The golf course sounds impressive!

    • Aladdins Cave profile imageAUTHOR

      Aladdins Cave 

      3 years ago from Melbourne, Australia

      Hi Jodah

      thank you for dropping in and having a look at my pages. I'm also glad that you liked some of the interesting places and information.

      The Ettamogah Pub one was mainly included for the international tourists because its so weird looking.

      Cheers from Melbourne

    • Jodah profile image

      John Hansen 

      3 years ago from Queensland Australia

      Very interesting hub Aladdins Cave. There is always plenty to see and do in Australia. Even though I live in the country the only one of these attractions I have experienced personally is the Ettamogah Pub at the Sunshine Coast. Good pics and interesting travel info for tourists and visitors.

    • Aladdins Cave profile imageAUTHOR

      Aladdins Cave 

      5 years ago from Melbourne, Australia

      @norma-holt: G'day mate, thanks for leaving a quick comment. I'm always happy to see that someone has read my lens, and liked it as well. To many people don't leave a message and that makes me sad. You must be in Melb. if you knew about the Castle in Eltham. Hope you get a chance to see MY FUNNIEST BLOG Lens. Real Aussie stuff. Cheers

    • norma-holt profile image


      5 years ago

      Ass an Aussie I have seen a lot of funny signs and different icons. The longest golf-course drew my attention as this is the first I have heard of it. Great lens, well done.

    • Aladdins Cave profile imageAUTHOR

      Aladdins Cave 

      5 years ago from Melbourne, Australia

      Hello AilynK,

      you 100% correct. No laughing matter.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      when it's not snowing the mountain still can catch on fire u know =p especially now that we are in drought

    • Aladdins Cave profile imageAUTHOR

      Aladdins Cave 

      5 years ago from Melbourne, Australia

      Hi Minoru, you can tell the time difference just by looking at the activity page. Or you are staying up all night hehhehehe. Thanks for popping in and having a look. I could have put more funny stuff up and I will one day, but I did not want to have long long lens. Everyone seems to make very short ones now. Don't like it at all. Cheers from DOWNUNDER

    • Minoru10 profile image

      Michael Yoshinaka 

      5 years ago from Honolulu, Hawaii

      I love those crazy signs... lol. Great lens, so funny to think about what these people were thinking

      when making these signs.

    • Aladdins Cave profile imageAUTHOR

      Aladdins Cave 

      5 years ago from Melbourne, Australia

      @tonyleather: Thank you so much tony,

      it means a lot to me. I have been on Squidoo for some time, but only active in the last 2 months. So it means a lot as if I had started last week.

      Thank You


    • mel-kav profile image


      5 years ago

      The public toilet is great - I love it!!!

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Neat lens!

    • Aladdins Cave profile imageAUTHOR

      Aladdins Cave 

      5 years ago from Melbourne, Australia

      @mel-kav: Hi Mel, its amazing how many comment on the loo. And I,m glad I took the photo. Thanks for liking my lens

    • smine27 profile image

      Shinichi Mine 

      5 years ago from Tokyo, Japan

      Ok, some of these were just hilarious! Thank you for sharing.

    • WriterJanis2 profile image


      5 years ago

      I would love to visit so many of these places.

    • Aladdins Cave profile imageAUTHOR

      Aladdins Cave 

      5 years ago from Melbourne, Australia

      Thank You very much for taking the time and leaving a message.

      And for liking it as well.

      Cheers from DOWNUNDER

    • notsuperstitious1 profile image

      Edith Rose 

      5 years ago from Canada

      Enjoyed reading your lens.

    • Aladdins Cave profile imageAUTHOR

      Aladdins Cave 

      5 years ago from Melbourne, Australia

      @Judy Filarecki: Yes the Public Toilet. I'm glad I took the photo. It's one of those split second things when you see something. Like the sign for Bush Fire Danger. It was funny at the time in middle of winter. Thank you so much for Squid liking this lens. It does mean a lot to me. Thank you again and Cheers from DOWNUNDER

    • Judy Filarecki profile image

      Judy Filarecki 

      5 years ago from SW Arizona and Northern New York

      Gret photos. You definitely made me laugh with your beach sign and public toilet. Thanks for sharing.

    • Aladdins Cave profile imageAUTHOR

      Aladdins Cave 

      5 years ago from Melbourne, Australia

      Hi Mobley5,

      great to hear from someone local. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment.

      Have a look at My Road Trip Lens, more about OZ to read about, and get home sick

      Cheers from DOWNUNDER

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Having grown up in Albury I loved reading about the Ettamogah pub and all of the other Australian attractions you mention. Thank you!

    • Aladdins Cave profile imageAUTHOR

      Aladdins Cave 

      5 years ago from Melbourne, Australia

      @Lee Hansen: Pastice, if you come to Melbourne, look us up. Show you around.

      Melbourne has more culture than Sydney, but Sydney has great harbor view.

      Cheers from DOWNUNDER

    • Lee Hansen profile image

      Lee Hansen 

      5 years ago from Vermont

      I would love to visit Australia and New Zealand one day. My niece spent a college semester near Sydney and travelled / surfed in quite a few places. I was so envious. Love the castle and stream train photos ... and I believe in making photo adjustments but not going crazy with post-processing.

    • Aladdins Cave profile imageAUTHOR

      Aladdins Cave 

      5 years ago from Melbourne, Australia

      @Namsak: Thank you very much.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Interesting lens.


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