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Croatia with Kids

Updated on October 17, 2014

Family Holiday Tips for Travelling to Croatia

Shell collecting on the beach, snorkeling, exploring old fortresses, yacht excursions; there are plenty of fun things to do in Croatia with kids. Whether you spend a long vacation on the Adriatic Sea or in need of a quick break, this country is an ideal destination where your kids will also have a fantastic time thanks to the numerous festivals, fun activities and superb gastronomy.

Hello Kids! - This funny graffiti greets old and young alike in Novigrad, Istria

Novigrad church tower
Novigrad church tower
Children playing at Adriatic sea
Children playing at Adriatic sea

The Adriatic Sea

The greatest outdoor playgound

Are there any children who don't enjoy the beach? In Croatia most of the beaches are pebbly and rocky, some are with concrete surfaces. There are a few sandy beaches, as well, one of the best ones are the 2 km long Paradise Beach (Rajska Plaza) on Rab island around Lopar, the Vela Plaza in Baska (Krk island) and Lapad Beach in Dubrovnik. Ninska laguna on Pag island and beaches between Omis and Dugi Rat are also ideal places for serious sandcastle architects.

Favourite Beach Activities

What is your child's favourite activity on the beach?

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What else does the Adriatic Sea offer for children? - (And their parents...?)

  1. Busy ports and charming marinas

    Croatia boasts plenty of marinas where all kinds of water vessels float on the water from simple wooden boats to luxury yachts and huge ferries. The most interesting boats are probably those excursion boats which look similar to old pirate ships. Some cities have spectacular boat shows and regattas. The largest and best organised is Croatia Boat Show held in Split every year.

  2. Aquariums and fish markets

    Those kids who arrive from landlocked countries will be amazed at the colourful marine life displayed in the aquariums. The most interesting aquariums can be found in Pula' Venetian citadel, in Rovinj and Dubrovnik. The fish markets are usually located next to the vegetable market and boast an impressive array of seafood caught in the Adriatic Sea.

  3. Maritime museums

    Beautiful ship models, nautical instruments, weapons and objects from sunken merchant ships are showcased in Croatia's maritime museums. My favourite ones are the Gallerion in Novigrad with a permanent exhibition dedicated to the Austro-Hungarian Navy and the Maritime Museum in Orebic.

This old barque has just returned from Treasure Island

This old barque has just returned from Treasure Island
This old barque has just returned from Treasure Island
Liburna donkey reserve
Liburna donkey reserve

Liburna Donkey Reserve

This small reserve nearby Rasa, Istria is the home to native horses, donkeys and goats where they roam freely in their natural environment. You can even adopt a donkey for a year by donating 500 Kn (85 $) to the reserve.

Brijuni island safari park
Brijuni island safari park

Brijuni National Park

Another great place to visit with children. Take an excursion boat from Fazana (in Istria) to reach Brijuni islands, once the summer residence of the Yugoslav president, Josip Broz Tito. On Veliki Brijun island a small tourist train brings visitors to Roman ruins, a 16th-century citadel and the safari park in which zebras, zebus, lamas and elephants live.


Excursion boats leave for Brijuni islands from this port

Excursion boats leave for Brijuni islands from this port
Excursion boats leave for Brijuni islands from this port

Famous visitors of Brijuni

Sophia Loren

Knights Templar (!)

Indira Ghandi

Richard Burton

Elizabeth Taylor

Gina Lollobrigida

Robert Koch

Theme parks

Croatian theme parks are pretty modest compared to the big ones throughout the world. Still, kids might enjoy a visit to these.

  1. Mini Croatia

    Still in Istria, Mini Croatia is located 2 kms from Rovinj, along the road to Rovinjsko selo. Croatian castles and attractions in miniature are on display in this 5 500 m² park. In the mini zoo kids can see and stroke domestic animals: goats, ducks and geese.

  2. Dino Park

    If your child is mad about dinosaurs, you can not miss this theme park in Funtana (located a few kms from Vrsar, Istria). The exhibited life-size dinosaurs are even able to move and some are so tame that children can ride on them. The park offers several other attractions such as the kid's train to the world of dinosaurs, mini zoo (with non-extinct animals), playgrounds and a thrilling motorcycle show with the Flying Devils.

Omis Mirabela fortress
Omis Mirabela fortress

Fortresses and Towers

Take a tour back in time by visiting Croatia's medieval fortresses! Mirabela Fortress is Omis rises just above the old town so it can be invaded even with toddlers, too while climbing up to Fortica fortress (also in Omis) or Nehaj fortress in Senj might take a bit more time.

Karmelengo Fortress in Trogir and Sibenik's St Michael Fortress are also within an easy walk from where you will get a glorious view of the old town and the sea.

The most feared enemy: my nephews' attack on Nehaj Fortress

The most feared enemy: my nephews' attack on Nehaj Fortress
The most feared enemy: my nephews' attack on Nehaj Fortress

Famous Festivals for Kids

  1. Rijeka Carnival

    Rijeka's carnival life looks back on long traditions. One of the most popular events of Rijeka Carnival is the Children's Carnival Parade when kids of all ages wearing colourful costumes march through the town's main street, Korzo.

  2. International Children's Festival

    Sibenik is probably the most child-friendly city in Croatia. Every year since 1958 a festival dedicated to children takes place in this Dalmatian town featuring workshops, puppet theatres, open-air cinema, concerts and several other performances.

Drawings on the wall of Sibenik Town Library

Your turn - Share your travel tips for Croatia with kids!

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      TripleTK LM 5 years ago

      Great Job! I have always wanted to visit Croatia!

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      Sounds like some good activities in Croatia. I am not too familiar with your country.