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Croatian Coast Vacation Near Trogir

Updated on August 15, 2013

Relaxing by the sea

I love to go to the seaside and in that aspect I am very fortunate as we do take our sea side vacations almost every year. This year we decided to go to a small village Kastele near Trogir as my partner has family there and this does make the vacations really, really budget friendly not to mention he will see his family again (win-win).

I love the Croatian cost, I've been to many other European countries that have access to sea and they just can't compare to it... Well Greece could, especially with it's beautiful shipwreck beach but it's usually swarming with other tourists so that's a no-no. Their beaches are beautiful, you can find rock and sand beaches, go on an island whatever suits you tastes the most and the sea is crystal clear wherever you go.

All photos on this page are taken by Malina123

The view from most Croatian coast houses, villas and apartments will look like this - Beautiful isn't it?

We didn't have a view to the sea though but most commercial apartments do, I've been to many and pretty much all of them had a view to the sea from at least one end.

This picture was taken in Ciovo an island very near Trogir where we went to visit our friends.

A tip though, if a view isn't as important to you and you want to save up some money opt for an apartment that's a bit further from the beach (10 minutes walk will be enough) and if you get the apartment without a view to the sea the renting prices are dramatically lower.

A walk in the Trogir - Most Croatian cost cities have lots of interesting things to see

One evening we decided to go to Trogir, a city that caters to all needs. We didn't do much sightseeing as our vacation we just had a stroll and a coffee at the marina and a dinner in the heart of the city. But as you can see from the photos and this was only a short walk there's much to see! There's a ton of museums from historical to sacral, there are galleries and there are tours you can take to get to know the city. Although we weren't in the mood to take them (this vacation was short and we do plan to return so next time!) I did check the prices and most submissions are from 20kn to 30kn ($3 ish to $5ish) which is another thing I really like about Croatia - it's super cheap.

Marina is full of beautiful ships and yachts so you do have something to feast your eyes upon (just in case if the beautiful sea view is not enough) and there are tens of bars (many of them cleverly become night clubs when the night falls) luring you in with refreshing drinks or gourmet food. We had a cup of coffee and enjoyed the view.

When the temperatures dropped a little we decided to get something to eat so we ventured into the heart of the city to find a restaurant for us. There are hundreds and each of them will look better than another. Pretty much all of them offer fresh sea food and other local specialities so you really can't go wrong with any of them (although if you see one that has no guests and others are full I would stay away).

We ended up in a lovely open air backyard romantic restaurant and we had a lovely time (if we ignore that German family at the next table where the father was screaming at his son because he ordered something and didn't want to eat it, oh the poor boy cried like a baby). We ordered the appetizers, a mixed plate of local goodies (cheese, olives, anchovies,...), my partner had a gorgeous beefsteak with eggs and I ordered the black risotto (delicious!). I know the risotto was 70kn (around $13) - really, really inexpensive considering the location.

The benefits of smaller coast villages

If you would ask me on how to plan your perfect Croatian coast vacation I would say aim for a small village that's near to a big city as this way you will have the best of both worlds. The city will offer larger shops, nigh clubs and interesting places to visit.

Smaller villages have less crowded beaches, you won't have any boats or scooters passing by, they have pubs and they have restaurants to cater to your needs. But most importantly they have locals who have gardens which means you will be able to buy (for absurdly low prices) fresh local produce!

Fresh Figs Every Day

Our Beach

Last But Not Least - My Personal Opinion on Their ER / Doctor on Duty

The grand finale

This is something not every tourist gets to experience and I hope you won't have to take advantage of Croatian ER's on your vacations but as I was lucky enough to had a chance to visit one due to a really serious UTI (started in the evening and in a matter of hours the pain was intolerable and I had already gotten a fever) we headed to see the doctor on duty at 10pm. The hospital was super easy to find and locals were really helpful, everywhere we stopped someone came asking if we needed assistance.

The doctor and nurses were super kind and helpful. Sadly the only pharmacy that works at night is located in Split so we did have to drive for 30 minutes for me to get my antibiotics. But the staff at the hospital were really helpful with their information and directions on how to get there, so if I disregard the pain it was a really pleasant experience.


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