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Curious Facts about the Moon

Updated on November 26, 2011

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Since we are Moon Willow Lake, it is only fitting we bring you some information about the moon. So, with that in mind, we bring you.......

The moon

Before electricity, people traveled by night during full moons. We have associated the moon with everything from romance to horror movies. Law enforcement and health care people report an increase in aggressive activity during full moons. It influences the oceans’ tides. And when a full moon reflects the sun’s light, there is nothing brighter in the sky except for the sun.

Curious facts

But how much do we really know about the moon? Here are some curious facts:

  • By dating rocks, the moon appears to be much older than the earth.
  • Water vapor has been recorded on the moon.
  • The moon’s density is far lower than expected raising the possibility it is hollow.
  • When something heavy strikes the moon it reverberates as though it is hollow.
  • The moon’s crust contains a high level of titanium, a favorite metal for high stress applications such as aircraft and submarines.
  • We have the only moon in the solar system known to have a nearly circular orbit.
  • It is just the right size and distance from us to produce a full solar eclipse.
  • Ancient legends say the earth was here before the moon arrived.
  • Unexplained lights have appeared on the moon for centuries.

A federal law

Another curious fact is this: There is a law that has come to be known as the ET Exposure Law. The following quote is taken from an article about this law. “On October 5, 1982, Dr. Brain T. Clifford of the Pentagon announced at a press conference ('The Star', New York, Oct. 5, 1982) that contact between U.S. citizens and extra-terrestrials or their vehicles is strictly illegal.” Why does that law exist? And why make such an announcement at a public news conference? Though it wasn't announced until 1982, it was enacted in 1969. That is also the same year the Apollo astronauts first went to the moon. Does that mean someone already have something to be concerned about?

More to the story

All of the above begs the question is there more to the moon than meets the eye or is there some “reasonable” explanation for all the oddities? After all, no one has come up with anything really substantial to prove anything unusual about the moon, have they? Yes, they have. Check out the book Who Built the Moon? to the right where you can learn more.

My own interpretation

Should the possibility of the moon being an artificial satellite be any less likely than a natural satellite? After all, there are people seriously talking about terraforming Mars. So if we can do that, no matter how distant, or near, that might be in our futures, why is it so impossible to believe that someone else has done similar things with the moon?

Are you as curious as I am?

Do you know of any reputable scientists who would say, “Yes or no, the moon is, or is not an artificial satellite? Here is the evidence I found to prove or disprove it.” I would ask that you request permission to put that response here or ask that scientist to do so.

And what are your thoughts? We would like to know. Do you consider the moon’s mysteries every time you see it as we do? Or do such thoughts only occur once in a blue moon?

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    • wilderness profile image

      Dan Harmon 5 years ago from Boise, Idaho

      Interesting facts about the moon, although I highly doubt it is hollow.

      The rocks are very similar with what is found on earth, to the point that the idea the moon is the result of a massive collision long ago is pretty much accepted.

      The density of the moon is a little lower, but then it doesn't seem to have the massive iron core that earth does, again making the average density about the same except for that iron core.

      Rock cannot possible support itself in a body that size; it would collapse to fill any hollow interior. Small caves and such, yes, but not a thousand miles or more of hollow space inside.

    • Moon Willow Lake profile image

      Moon Willow Lake 6 years ago


      Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I have been dealing with something else I have written about--migraine headaches.

      Every time I see the moon I'm as intrigued as ever. There is still so much we know so little about. But we're here to learn. Thank-you so very much for everything!

    • Moon Willow Lake profile image

      Moon Willow Lake 6 years ago


      Thank you for your kind words. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Migraine headache.

      Thank-you much for you stopping by and for the comment.

      Take care.

    • Moon Willow Lake profile image

      Moon Willow Lake 6 years ago


      Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I have a history of migraines, something else I have written about.

      Yes, that alien law is something else to say the least. The Pentagon Joint Chiefs issued an order. Anyone in service caught talking about UFOs without permission is subject to fine and prison. Also there is a training manual called the Fire Officer's Guide to Disaster Control. It gives instructions to firefighters in case a UFO is encountered.

      What else don't we know yet?

      Take care.

    • arusho profile image

      arusho 6 years ago from University Place, Wa.

      great hub and facts!

    • tillsontitan profile image

      Mary Craig 6 years ago from New York

      Excellent information..especially about the "alien law." So much we don't know about what's going on in our own country!

    • profile image

      jami l. pereira 6 years ago

      Great Hub about the moon , i voted up and awesome and shared with my followers , i hope you have a wonderful day!:)

    • Moon Willow Lake profile image

      Moon Willow Lake 6 years ago


      You're very welcome. The moon has fascinated me since I was little. Now I am understanding more about why. But still with an increasing understanding I am just as fascinated. I'm thinking there's still a lot more we don't know about the moon than we do know. And yes, I will look for Owl Moon as well.

      Best Wishes

    • Fossillady profile image

      Kathi 6 years ago from Saugatuck Michigan

      thanks for interesting moon facts, best childrens book "Owl Moon" check it out sometime

    • Moon Willow Lake profile image

      Moon Willow Lake 6 years ago


      Yes, I will be writing more. Very interesting to me as well. If what little we know about the moon turns out to be the tip of the iceberg what else will we learn? Thank you for writing.

    • Jangaplanet profile image

      A Ercoli 6 years ago

      I just love these kind of articles!Interesting! please keep writing this kind of stuff?

    • Moon Willow Lake profile image

      Moon Willow Lake 6 years ago

      Minnetonka Twin,

      You're very welcome. I am also intrigued by the moon. Whatever it turns out to be, it is an object of influence for many of us.

    • Minnetonka Twin profile image

      Linda Rogers 6 years ago from Minnesota

      I have always been very intrigued by the moon. I wrote a paper in college about how crazy people get when the moon is full. Very fun and interesting hub, thx:)