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Dabbawalla Lunch: The Fascinating Story Of The Dabbawalla In Mumbai India

Updated on September 16, 2014

Dubbawalla - The Fascinating Story

So what is a Dabbawalla (also known as a Tiffinwalla)? For that matter, what is a Dabbawalla lunch? A Dabbawallah is technically a lunch carrier -- meaning a person whose job it is to pick up lunches at a person's home and to transport it to the person's office in time for lunch. The Dabbawalla also collects the dabba (or lunchbox) from the offices and delivers it back to the appropriate home, each and every day.

Mumbai, India is very densely populated, and on any given day, there are hundreds of thousands of people commuting to and from work. For a price of less than $10 per month, an incredibly efficient organization of Dabbawallas allows workers to have their home-cooked meal delivered and picked up to and from their office every day!

Most of the Dubbawallas are not literate; yet they somehow manage to deliver lunches across a vast network of other carriers with the promptness and efficiency rivaling a mega corporation. In fact, their accuracy is over 99 percent!

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Mumbai Dabbawalla

How The Tiffin Is Delivered

Dabbawalla 1: Picks up the tiffin from the customer's home and delivers it to the nearest train station.

Dabbawalla 2:Sorts the tiffins at the train station according to its destination and places them into the luggage car.T

Dabbawalla 3:Travels with the tiffns to the train stations closest to the final desitnations.

Dabbawalla 4:Picks up the tiffins from the train station and delivers them to the customers at their offices. The process is the opposite in the evenings.

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