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Disney PIN Codes

Updated on October 24, 2014

Disney PIN Codes

Disney World has always offered some sort of discount to stay in their hotels, especially during the non-busy seasons. Even during my first visit in the early 90's, I used an Annual Pass discount on the room, long before any package or dining plan discounts were offered. The last 10 years, Disney has offered discount almost year round to fill up their hotels and of course, theme parks.

One trend we have noticed lately is that the discounts seem to be tailing off a bit, but the PIN code discounts have been picking up. So, what exactly is a Disney PIN code, and how do I get one? Read on.

Disney Discounts

Everyone loves a deal! Walt Disney World owns 28,000+ hotel rooms, and growing. They need to fill as many of these rooms as they can each night of the year. During some times of the year, like over Spring Break or Christmas week, the hotels rooms fill up at full rate, but most other weeks of the year, they have many rooms that sit empty.

So, to fill up the rooms, Disney releases discounts throughout the year. These discounts are usually released to everyone, so anyone can use them as long as you are traveling during the right dates, and your hotel is available. These discounts can be anything from Free Disney Dining, Kids Play Free, Buy 4 get 3 free or a simple room discount.

The problem is that anyone can book these, including guests who were planning on paying full rate, and there isn't much Disney can do about it. Disney releases the Free Dining discount, and everyone smart who is already booked during those dates runs to the phones to save mega bucks. Disney books a few more rooms, but makes less money in the end.

Enter the Disney PIN codes.

What are Disney PIN Codes

Disney, for years, has kept tons of information on everyone who has ever stayed at a Disney hotel, from the ages of your kids to your home address, phone number and email address. Not to mention where you usually stay, when you usually travel, park habits, etc. Disney can tell quite a bit about their guests.

Rather than release general public discounts to everyone, Disney has been releasing more and more PIN codes. These are target individual discounts. In order to use a PIN code, you have to get one directly from Disney. You cannot use a neighbor's or friend's PIN code, they will not work for you. Disney targets individuals that they feel will travel if they have a discount

These discounts usually come via email, but sometimes come in the form of a postcard or mailing sent to you. It will include a 15 digit PIN code that you or your travel agent will need to provide to Disney in order to eve check on prices or availability. You will also have to provide some other information including who the offer was addressed to, and your mailing address. If all of those dont' match up, no discount for you.

Disney PIN codes come and go, but usually arrive in batches. We often see two or three different PIN codes at a time, and many people receive multiple. Make sure to double check all discounts available to you, either PIN code discounts or general public deals, you may be surprised which one is the best deal for you.

If you hear of a PIN code, but don't get one, don't fret. Disney will mail out offers to their "top" list, and then to additional people as needed, until they fill up their needed rooms. One other hint, sometimes Disney means to send you a PIN code, but it just doesn't make it for some reason, either going to an old mailing address or possibly your spam folder. If you have heard about a new PIN code, feel free to call Disney and ask if they have one for you. They will look up your name/address and check. Never hurts to ask.

How to get a Disney PIN Code

Great, all your friends are getting PIN codes, but of course, you can't use them. So, how do you get one? The quick answer is, no one knows. Much of this has to do with your Disney travel habits, which you really can't change.

While no one knows, there are some ways to increase your chances of getting a PIN code:

1. Head on over to and log in with your Disney account.

2. Update your profile, make sure it is completely up to date, including address, email address, etc. There are quite a few tabs there, update as many as you can, including past WDW vacations and Disney Vacation Preferences. The more info the better.

3. Request a "Free Vacation Planning DVD"

4. Head over to the "Book Your Vacation" and plan out 4 or 5 different options for your family, slightly different dates, resorts, park passes, dining, etc. Save them all.

5. Come back a week or two later, and plan a few more vacations, around the same travel dates, maybe with different hotels and save as many as you can.

6. Keep coming back every few weeks and plan a few more vacations and save them.

Hopefully all these actions will put you on Disney's radar, that you want to go to Disney, you just haven't pulled the trigger yet.

Current Disney PIN Codes

Cinderella's Castle - Magic Kingdom
Cinderella's Castle - Magic Kingdom

Right now, there is one PIN codes out for 2014:

* Free Dining offer: Most nights 8/25–10/3, 10/19–11/1, 11/9–11/22 and 12/12–12/23/14.

Do you have an active PIN code not listed? Please let us know!

Disney Links

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Disney PIN Codes Guestbook - Ask questions, or give comments!

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    • mousemisers profile image

      mousemisers 3 years ago

      @johnandwendy02: Thanks for the update, I need to update the page with the free dining PIN code, it has been out for a few weeks. On #3, those are just examples Disney uses, not requirements. Both offers require a minimum 3 night stay, and a minimum 2 day park pass in order to qualify for free dining. The PIN code offer also includes additional dates included in the offer. You are correct on the first two. And yes, other than that, the offers are identical.

    • profile image

      johnandwendy02 3 years ago

      We got a PIN code for a Free Dining Plan with purchase of a non-discounted 5-night/6-day room and tix package. The only differences from the special offer available to the general public that I can see are: 1) that I have until Sept 12th to book instead of August 8th, 2) when I called Disney to inquire about it, all resorts were available with limited space vs. only a select few resorts 3) the online deal requires a 6-night/7-day reservation. Am I missing anything? Are there more obvious benefits to using this 15 digit 'Unique Offer Code' over the one available online that I just don't yet realize? Thanks!

    • mousemisers profile image

      mousemisers 3 years ago

      @swag555555555: Thanks, information above updated with the new Summer PIN code. Thanks!

    • profile image

      swag555555555 3 years ago

      I got a pin code for free park hopper pass and discounted water parks and more

    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      Im a little disappointed that free dining has not been offered for last week in August since in the past 6 years, that week was always included so we booked based on that. Also disappointed that we have not received a pin! Spending a lot of money for a family of 5

    • mousemisers profile image

      mousemisers 4 years ago

      @anonymous: Jen - Any chance you can forward it to me? I haven't seen that one yet. keith at mousemisers dot com. Thanks for stopping by!

    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      Just wanted to let you know.. my hubby received a PIN Code last month for discounted package. Must be booked now through 6/14/13 for travel between 4/28-8/14. This includes resort and park tickets only. No Dining plan.

    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      Spending over 10 grand to take my grandkids to Disney, with 3 rooms and staying in value resorts, would be nice to get a PIN #, I think it is kinda crappy that the way they withhold them. This will be once in lifetime trip, will not go back at this cost.

    • profile image

      JoshK47 5 years ago

      Interesting information - blessed by a SquidAngel!

    • Anime-e profile image

      Anime-e 5 years ago

      Wow this is an interesting topic to be honest!