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Disney World Height Requirements

Updated on February 18, 2013

Walt Disney World Ride Height Requirements

Most rides and attractions at Walt Disney World do not have any kind of height or age restrictions, they are made for anyone to enjoy them. If you have young kids, knowing which rides your kids can ride, or which ones may not be appropriate for them is important to know before you leave home.

Every single Disney World ride and attraction that has a height restriction, or if it may be too scary for kids, is listed below. If the ride is not listed, you and your kids are free to enjoy without hesitation.

Disney is a fabulous place that you can enjoy from toddler to old age. Don't scar your kids for life.

Magic Kingdom

Space Mountain
Space Mountain

There are very few rides in the Magic Kingdom that have height requirements, just these few:

1. Tomorrowland Speedway - Tomorrowland - Race Cars - 32 inches to drive with an adult, 54 inches to drive alone

2. The Barnstormer - Fantasyland - Roller Coaster - 35 inches or taller

3. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad - Roller Coaster - Frontierland - 40 inches or taller

4. Splash Mountain - Frontierland - Big Drop - 40 inches or taller

5. Stitch's Great Escape - Tomorrowland - Dark and Scary - 40 inches or taller

6. Space Mountain - Tomorrowland - Roller Coaster - 44 inches or taller

Pirates of the Caribbean, due to the darkness and some slightly scary moments may not be suited for all kids, use your judgement on this one. I rarely see any kids cry or be scared, but it is possible.

One open, the new Seven Dwarfs Mine Train will also have a height requirement, probably 40 inches, though no announcement has been made.


Mision: Space
Mision: Space

Epcot, definitely not a park full of rides, have only a few rides with any kind of height restriction, and even fewer are scary.

1. Soarin' - Future World - Hang Glider Simulation - 40 inches or taller (or anyone afraid of heights)

2. Test Track - Future World - Car Test Simulation - 40 inches or taller

3. Mission: SPACE - Future World - Simulated Space Flight - 44 inches or taller (or anyone who gets motion sick)

Ellen's Energy Universe - Future World - Features some dinosaur scenes that may be scary to younger children

Captain EO - Future World - Dark, 4D movie that is loud and may be scary

Maelstron - World Showcase (Norway) - Dark ride, trolls. Enough said.

Disney's Hollywood Studios

Tower of Terror
Tower of Terror

While focused on the Movie industry, Disney has added some bigger "teen" rides recently, adding to the excitement of the park.

1. Star Tours - The Adventure Continues - Echo Lake - Star Wars Simulation - 40 inches or taller (plus anyone prone to motion sickness)

2. The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror - Sunset Boulevard - Big Drops - 40 inches or taller (plus anyone afraid of heights)

3. Rock 'n' Roller Coaster - Sunset Boulevard - Roller Coaster - 48 inches or taller

Some of the live shows feature some loud noises, but are not scary. Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular and Light! Motors! Action! Extreme Stunt Show would fall under that category.

Disney's Animal Kingdom


First off, if you or any of the little ones are afraid of animals, stay away.

1. Kali River Rapids - Asia - Water Ride - 38 inches or taller

2. Dinosaur - DinoLand USA - Simulation - 40 inches or taller (please note, this ride is very dark, fast and scary, and many adults, let alone 40 inch tall kids are too afraid to ride. Ride with caution with little kids.)

3. Expedition Everest - Asia - Roller Coaster - 44 inches or taller

4. Primeval Whirl - DinoLand USA - Spinning Roller Coaster - 48 inches or taller

As mentioned, there are several rides and shows that feature animals up close, including some fairly large and scary ones.

The It's Tough to be a Bug movie, while very funny and entertaining, is extremely scary to anyone afraid of bugs, the dark or both. It is loud, 4D and seems to get under your skin

Disney Water Parks

Summit Plummet
Summit Plummet

Walt Disney World has two great water parks, and one closed, slowly dying one. The two open and operating ones have rides that range from little kiddie rides and splash pools to very, very dangerous rides, only to be attempted by the insane.

Typhoon Lagoon

Crush 'n' Gusher - Water Roller Coaster - 48 inches or taller

Humunga Kowabunga - Big Fall - 48 inches or taller

Bay Slides - Water Slides - 60 inches or shorter

Ketchakiddee Creek - Lazy River - 48 inches or shorter

Blizzard Beach

Chairlift - Ski like Chair Lift - 32 inches or taller

Downhill Double Dipper - Water Slide (FAST) - 48 inches or taller

Slush Gusher - Water Slide - 48 inches or taller

Summit Plummet - Big Fall Water Slide - 48 inches or taller

Tikes Peak - water slides, play area - 48 inches or shorter

Don't forget the sun screen, and don't chicken out while everyone is waiting for you to take your turn on Summit Plummet. Great thrill, totally worth the wedgie.

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