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Disney Dollars

Updated on April 20, 2013

All About Disney Dollars: Designs, History, and Where to Buy

Disney Dollars are the official currency of Walt Disney World. They feature Disney characters and landmarks and can be purchased and spent at most Disney properties just like real cash. Like all things Disney, Disney Dollars are also a popular collectible.

2009 Series Disney Dollars: Celebrations - "What will you celebrate?" at Disney Parks

The Disney Dollars released for 2009 focus on the Disney Parks' theme of "What will you celebrate?"

1993 Mickey's 65th Disney Dollar

Happy Birthday Mickey!

1993 Disney Dollars celebrated Mickey Mouse's 65th anniversary year.

Pirates of the Carribean Disney Dollars - Disney money based on the movie based on the ride!

Disney Dollar designs have generally featured major characters and landmarks, but in 2007 a series of Pirates of the Caribbean dollars was introduced.

Scrooge McDuck signature and seal on Disney Dollar
Scrooge McDuck signature and seal on Disney Dollar

Where to buy Disney Dollars

Disney properties, Disney Stores, and by phone

Disney Dollars can be purchased at all Disney theme parks. You can generally find them at any merchandise shops in the parks, but for the best selection and for uncirculated bills visit Guest Services in any of the parks.

The best place off-property to buy Disney Dollars is the Disney Store. Visit the Disney Store online to find store locations. (Disney Dollars are not available through the website.) If you don't have a Disney Store in your area, you can also purchase Disney Dollars on eBay or through Walt Disney World Mail Order by calling (407) 363-6200.

Learn more about buying and using DIsney Dollars on this official FAQ page.

The 2008 Series Disney Dollars featuring images of Mickey Mouse through the years in celebration of Mickey's 80th anniversary.

Rare Disney Dollars at Auction - Collectible (and expensive!) Disney Dollars

Some rare, collectible Disney Dollars sell at auction for well over $100 for a single bill.

2007 Series Disney Dollars: Disney Princesses - Featuring Ariel, Cinderella, and Aurora

The 2007 Disney Dollars feature Disney Princesses: The Little Mermaid's Ariel, Cinderella, and Sleeping Beauty's Aurora.

Disney Dollar Pins - Disney trading pins featuring Disney Dollar designs

Two hugely popular Disney collectibles collide with Disney pins featuring Disney Dollar designs.

Do you collect Disney Dollars? Which is your favorite design?

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