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How to Find Distance Between Cities Online

Updated on January 2, 2012
distance between cities
distance between cities

Whether you are planning to travel to a new city in your own country or in a new country, knowing the distances between cities is something that will help everyone to manage their travel schedule properly. Since I have been writing a lot about travel route mapping tools and sites, I found that all the travel planning site give very useful and reliable information about distance between cities around the world. So right now, if you are searching the Internet for finding distance between cities, then you will find this hub help because I will list the number of most useful distance calculation sites and also will show you a comparison about how reliable these sites are.

The following are the list of sites that you can use for calculating distance between cities

  1. Google map
  2. Yahoo map
  3. Bing map
  4. Via Michelin
  5. Rac route planner

via michelin-distance calculation
via michelin-distance calculation

1. Google Map- for measuring distance between cities in Google Map and then click on the “get directions” tab and then put the city names in box ‘A’ and ‘B’, that you want to find out the distance between.

2. Yahoo Map- Go to and then fill your city of departure and destination in the box A and B of the “get map and directions”, in the top-left pane yahoo map

3. Bing Map-you have to go at and then put your city names in the “get directions” section of the left pane of the main window of Bing Maps

4. Via Michelin- after entering at, on the left pane you will see a section called “calculate your route”. Fill in both the departure and destination options and then click on search button to get your route distance along with map.

5. Rac Route Planner- this is a very useful tool and pretty much similar to Via Michelin site. To calculate travel distance you need to open their route planning tool.

distance between San Francisco and Dallas
distance between San Francisco and Dallas

To observe that if all the above mentioned five distance calculation sites provide us consistent route and distance information, I have queried the total distance between San Francisco, California to Dallas, Texas and found the following result:

  1. Google map- 2,791 km; driving time 1 day four hours
  2. Yahoo map- 2794.7 Km, Time: 25 hrs 57 mins
  3. Bing Maps- 2790.0 km, 25 hr 20 min 25 hr 26 min in current traffic conditions
  4. Via Michelin- 2922 km which 2916 km on motorways, 263.82 EURO
  5. Rac route planner-Total Distance: 1732.96 mile(s), 2788.93 km(s) Estimated journey time of: 1 day(s) 1 hour(s) 21 minute(s)

After a careful analysis of the outcome of distance calculation between the two cities-San Francisco and Dallas, it can be safely said that all the five distant calculation sites gave almost the same result about the total distance and travel time. One interesting point to add that Bing Maps give an estimated travel time based on the current traffic situation, which can be very useful information if you have time constraint to reach to your destination city. For those who are also interested to learn about estimated fuel cost, they can use Via Michelin site.


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