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Nightlife in Las Vegas

Updated on May 17, 2014

Riding the Las Vegas Strip in a super-Limo

Working the Las Vegas strip can be interesting and challenging. A single night can bring an incredible amount of surprises and funny experiences. It all begins when I climb into one of these bad rides and start it up! These huge mega-limousines are found in Vegas and maybe a few other places but only here will you find the largest fleet of F-650s in the world. From my ride I get to see it all and I watch the ever changing Vegas nightlife scene as it evolves and changes. Here I'll give some insights into the great Las Vegas nightlife.

Foundation Room Mandalay Bay
Foundation Room Mandalay Bay

Welcome To Las Vegas!

Vegas at night!

The lights of Vegas are like nowhere else! There are several venues in town where you can overlook the city while wining, dining and dancing and I'll let you know which places to go and when they are happening. Vegas has it's own pulse and when you work the city like I do you get an inside look at all the best places to visit and be seen!

Photo By George Gardner

The Stratosphere - View of Las Vegas Strip

Statosphere Las Vegas 2013
Statosphere Las Vegas 2013

It is known as the tallest freestanding building in the U.S. and is home to a circular restaurant and a lounge up above with a fabulous view of the Las Vegas strip. You can ride the elevator for free to the bar if you don't mind the two drink minimum and the view while dining at the great restaurant is unsurpassed! There are many new properties in Vegas that have great views of Vegas but don't miss out on this one because it's not in the main part of the action. It's still a great time! The restaurant serves great food and rotates as you dine. You get a great panoramic view of Vegas and the atmosphere is tre-chic.

Photo By: George Gardner

Clair Sinclair
Clair Sinclair

Las Vegas

The Stratosphere

There are great shows at the Stratosphere! Frankie Moreno is a great musician and performs some awesome magic during his performances. He's classic Vegas and it's a must see Las Vegas act. Just added is Clair Sinclair with her Pin Up show stopper, come check it out!

Photo By George Gardner

Foundation Room, Mandalay Bay - Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas NV

Foundation Room
Foundation Room

The Mandalay Bay hotel sits at the southern most part of the Las Vegas Strip. It rests on the grounds of the old Hacienda hotel and casino which was imploded in 1996. The hotel opened with great fanfare in 1999 and is home to 24 restaurants, numerous bars and lounges and the famous House of Blues restaurant and music venue. Sitting atop the main tower is the luxurious nightlife venue the Foundation Room. Though it was originally a private club the swank and stylish hotspot has been opened up for public access and has one of the best views of the strip. A plush interior that houses fine furniture and comfortable seating it also has a fabulous balcony where you can enjoy a drink while gazing up the strip to the north and all over the east side of the vast Vegas valley. There is an area at the end of the balcony that can be enjoyed for a private gathering and it has a bar that can be opened up for special occasions. The Foundation Room is a great spot for a casual get together and is perfect for that special place to begin the evening.

Photo by George Gardner

Clubs in Vegas - Las Vegas Club Style

Las Vegas clubs are the best in the world. In a relatively small area you have a gathering of the hottest clubs anywhere each with their own ambiance and particular style. New clubs are always arriving and older clubs will transform their identity to the latest upbeat trend. Ride the strip in my super-limo F-650 and you'll know it all!

Paris Hotel
Paris Hotel

Nightclubs In Vegas

Top Ten Night Clubs

Any list of top clubs in Vegas would invite some discussion. The fact is, Vegas is host to the hottest clubs in the world and there are many to choose from. This list will include some that are well known as well as some new additions to the Las Vegas Nightlife scene. Just about any club in Vegas can be a great time but some nights are good for a particular club when it's not a weekend. Also some clubs can be too overcrowded by thousands of partiers and this turns off some people. So check out the list.

1.The opening of Hakkasan club at MGM has changed the face of the Las Vegas nightclub experience. With powerhouse DJs and a mega-million dollar eye-popping extravaganza, this one is not to be missed.

2. XS is Steve Wynn's 100 million dollar mega-club. It rests in back of the twin towers that make up the Wynn properties, the Wynn and Encore. It's open Thur-Monday and is usually packed!

3.The new club at Mandalay Bay is a big hit! the Light club as it is called is in the old location of Rum Jungle, the first casino megaclub back in the day. Go there!

4. Marquee at Cosmopolitan is a newer club, just opened in 2010 and is hot,hot, hot! This club hosts some of the most famous Djs in the world and is always crowded. A great choice for any party weekend.

5. Tao at the Venetian is always a great choice. The club rocks all weekend and is usually full of beautiful women. It's well known and is a constant crowd pleaser.

6. Pure at Caesar's has been a partier's choice for years. You can't go wrong with this standby great club that's been listed in the top five clubs in the world since it opened.

6. 1OAK is the Las Vegas version of the New York establishment. It rests in the Mirage hotel at the area that used to host Jet nightclub. It still brings in the crowds with a revamped interior and upscale party atmosphere.

7. Surrender is at the Encore and this is a very popular club. It lies just next to the beautiful pool at Encore Beach Club and when weather permits you can swim as well as dance!

8, Moon Bar at the palms is an excellent club that hosts many great times. It's in the top of the Palms tower just above the Playboy Club and sports an excellent view of the strip. On special nights the roof slides open to give everyone a great skyview!

9. The Bank is at the Bellagio hotel and is a premier nightlife destination. You can find European style décor with an energized atmosphere. It sports a multi-tiered view of the dance floor and has an awesome state of the art sound system.

10. Haze at the Aria is a new club on the scene. It's cutting-edge décor includes a grand staircase and an overlook where guests get a birds eye view of the crowed dance floor. Beautiful, check it out!

Photo By George Gardner

Las Vegas - 2013

Click thumbnail to view full-size
World's Largest Digital DisplayNew York New YorkFreemont StreetFoundation RoomArch Du TriumphTropicana Hotel
World's Largest Digital Display
World's Largest Digital Display
New York New York
New York New York
Freemont Street
Freemont Street
Foundation Room
Foundation Room
Arch Du Triumph
Arch Du Triumph
Tropicana Hotel
Tropicana Hotel

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Top Las Vegas Clubs - Marquee at Night

Marquee Nightclub
Marquee Nightclub

One of the newest clubs in Vegas is the Marquee at the Cosmopolitan. Located on the fifth floor with an astonishing pool and bungalow scene this club is packed with beautiful people partying until the wee hours. You can't miss with this experience as the décor and mind blowing sound system takes you right over the top!


Marquee nightclub at the Cosmopolitan

One of the newest and best clubs in Vegas! Way over the top and like no place else!

Shows In Las Vegas

Las Vegas Shows

Vegas has great entertainment! There are many great shows and somethings happening every night. From Concerts to sporting events to comedy shows, Vegas has it all. Here's a list of some of the great shows you can see when you come to town.

Since the first of the year Britney Spears has taken up residence at Planet Hollywood. If you're a Britney fan don't miss this excellent show on select nights at Planet Hollywood on the strip.

Cirque du Soleil

LOVE: Mirage

Mystere: Treasure Island


O: Bellagio

Zarkana: Aria

Zumanity: NYNY

Michael Jackson One: Mandalay Bay

Chris Angel Believe: Luxor

More Great Shows


America's Got Talent (Now - April 14)

Blue Man Group

Jersey Boys

Le Rêve - The Dream

Legends in Concert

Menopause The Musical

Million Dollar Quartet


Recycled Percussion

Rock of Ages

Thunder From Down...

Tony and Tina's Wedding

Tournament of Kings

V - The Ultimate...



Crazy Girls


Broadway Celebration

Divas Starring Frank Marino

Evil Dead The Musical


What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, except it usually ends up on Facebook. I've seen things end up on Facebook that were best left alone, like the girl at Mandalay Bay who wanted a "Strip" tour. Have I driven any stars? I've driven quite a few. Everybody comes to Vegas so just look through a gossip mag and you can find someone that has been in my ride. Has anyone done anything crazy in my Hummer? People love to ride the strip and get crazy so you can imagine. Yes!

Green Men on Freemont Street
Green Men on Freemont Street

The Club Vegas Dress code

Dress Up For Vegas Clubs

The dress code for Las Vegas nightclubs.

#1 Rule of Dress

Always look better than the other guy or girl.

# 2 Rule of Dress

See rule #1

#3 Rule of Dress

Always let the other guy or girl look bad. Make sure you have read rule #1

In Las Vegas the way you look is paramont for getting into clubs. Make sure that everyone in your group is fashionably dressed and within the nightclub's stated dress code. Everyone needs to have their ID on them and ready to show the doorman and remember that his managers are watching his every move. What you wear to a Las Vegas nightclub is so important In many cases you can be turned away. Besides the fact that you won't even get in if you wear the wrong clothes, wearing the RIGHT outfit can make the difference in spending the night sparking conversation with beautiful people or being stuck at the bar down the street with little or no action.

The dress code has relaxed a bit for most major Las Vegas nightclubs and as long as you look "stylish" you'll be fine. The idea of 'stylish' brings about ideas of different ways to dress depending on your perception. Although in our times sports wear has taken on the meaning of style, understand that baseball caps, jerseys, most all t-shirts, and jeans that are considered too tattered or shabby will likely get rejected.

Every night I drive people to clubs in Las Vegas. I have seen people wear some of the most outrageous attire and wondered what happened when they got to the door of the club. However you never know if they have a great VIP Host that got them straight into the club with no problem.

Certain attire isn't allowed in a nightclub but that doesn't mean that you won't see it walking past the ropes. What happens in Vegas is often a matter who you know and how much you pay!

Enjoy your night in Vegas and have a great time!

Photo by George Gardner

Club Vegas Style - Great Style For Vegas Clubs

I have seen many beautiful girls in Vegas all dressed up in killer style ready to conquer the night. Most they are dressed in skin tight short dresses and high heels. I see a lot of them coming out of the clubs and even walking down the strip barefoot and holding they're heels in their hands. Ok so maybe try wearing heels that are more comfortable that you can keep them on throughout the night.

Club Vegas Style - Great Shoes for Vegas Clubs

Check out some of these options for ladies shoes and boots.

Club Vegas Style - Men's Options For Vegas Clubs

While girls tend to dress to the max I have noticed that men have fallen into the standard dress of wearing jeans with an untucked collared shirt with the top button undone. I mean guys really, there isn't anything wrong with wearing this outfit but why would you want to dress down when you're trying to hook up with a girl dressed like a goddess? If you haven't yet, read rule #1. Maybe add a little flair with a sport coat or fashionable tie. Stylish t-shirts are in but wearing one may bar your entrance to the club right at the door. Why take the chance? Dress pants are good in a Vegas club but not necessary as long as you're wearing a nice pair of jeans. Pants from Diesel, Metropark, and Zara are good choices.

Club Vegas Style - Sport Coats For Vegas Clubs

Try adding a fashionable coat to your club attire!

Club Vegas Style - Some Great Hats for Vegas Clubs

Stylish hats will work in clubs and the idea is as always, (Rule # 1) look good and ye shall pass. One last thing though, baseball caps are not and never have been stylish.

What was your best time in Vegas! If you can remember feel free to share!

One night in Vegas can be incredible or trying. Imagine driving an average of 50 people a night to various locations all over the strip. They start out happy, optimistic, sober... mostly. Later in the night they can be well... drunk, happy, belligerent, amorous ... and anything in between. Mobs of gorgeous women climb in the Super-Limo on a regular basis and I constantly get hugged and kissed by some of the most beautiful women on the planet. Rough job sometimes. This last weekend Vegas hosted the Nascar race. It's also March Madness time along with spring break. Great time to be in Vegas!

Diary of a Vegas Driver - Comments and Confessions Welcome!

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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      love vegas nightlife

    • beaworkathomemom profile image


      6 years ago

      thank you for sharing this :) I think Vegas is really a nice place to have fun and enjoy!

    • Anime-e profile image


      6 years ago

      I heard that this environment is the most fun! A lot of things to do there as well!

    • luxuryvillacoll profile image


      6 years ago

      good ol Vegas!

    • makeupbrush profile image


      6 years ago

      Seven of us arrived in Vegas a day earlier than planned. We accused the hotel clerk of making a mistake in booking. We tried to save money and only booked a room with two beds worth $115 but they upgraded us to to $750 room.

    • Heather426 profile image

      Heather Burns 

      7 years ago from Wexford, Ireland

      lol, if I can I can't remember...ha ha ha. But seriously, I love Vegas and driving a limo there would be really interesting. I have a few tales from there, lol.


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