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FAMILY VACATIONS: 5 Tips to Keep It Simple, Fun and Easy on the Pocket

Updated on August 27, 2017

Summer is here and family getaways and vacations are now on the way. Some have regular places to go while others plan a different vacation treat every year while there are those who would rather stay at home because money has been tight. Going on vacation need not be an expensive venture, but family getaways are important to give both parents and children the rest and recreation they need after a grueling year in school. So where can families go and have a memorable vacation without breaking the bank?

There are so many ways to enjoy a great vacation without draining the budget. For some it can be as simple as taking a bike ride or flying a kite or a battery-operated plane in your custom t shirts and shorts to better enjoy the sun. Some though loves going on a trip or a long weekend getaway with the family. Whatever it may be, it just has to be planned carefully and wisely. For those who plan to take a family get-away, here are some tips to ensure that you don’t drain your pockets but still enjoy a great and unforgettable family vacation.

1. Plan your vacation wisely.

If you are watching your budget closely, take the time to plan your vacation and decide destination months ahead in order that you can avail of promos and deals. When considering destination, choose one that all the members of the family will enjoy. This is kind of hard to do when the family is big and kids are of different ages. But note that experts say it is cheaper to visit winter tourist hot spots during summer because places in the coast always cost more during this time.

It would be wise to do a research on the places you want to go, take a vote and consider all options to ensure that everybody enjoys. Doing a research would mean not only looking up the place but also trying to find out where to go and what to do. If possible, reading up on reviews made by other people regarding the place. is a way of getting the best and unbiased views. There are now so many social networking sites where you can get the opinion of other people with regards to the look, facilities, amenities and services of one place.

2. Take a shorter vacation period.

You might have gotten used to a weeklong vacation and they are great but it would mean packing all those Hanes t shirts your men love so much (easy to pack, easy to wash), the assorted paraphernalia for the sports they love, the CDs, the books, all the new techie they carry around, and time just flies so fast you don’t have the time to recover from it.

3. Stay in a place where you can cook.

Kids have this great idea that summer is an “eat all you can” food binge. So as not to overspend, make sure you stay in a place where you can cook so that not all the food you eat is bought or catered by the place which will be terribly expensive. Having your own kitchen will allow you not only to save but to ensure the nutritional intake of your children.

4. Souvenir Budget.

Make sure you include in the family talk the budget for souvenirs so your children don’t go overboard. There should be a limit on how much they can spend for souvenirs so they choose well what they buy. Also, avoid souvenirs sold in the airports and resorts as they tend to be more expensive.

One of the nicest, and probably very creative and memorable, things that one can do is make sure to get a lot of family pictures of your vacation and adventures, then creating mementos with the help of all these photos. These creative memories or mementos can be done through scrapbooking or having it digitally enhanced. These will certainly make sure that everyone participates in the picture taking as well as the creative process for the different mementos, and it will surely last longer and preserve memories. Doing it themselves will also act as bonding moments for the siblings.

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5. Don’t forget that there are other options.

Summer vacation is a time to enjoy the summer with the whole family. If the budget is not enough, then plan an activity together that does not entail a big budget.

Sometimes, you just have to look deeper but these places might just be near you. Your hometown might have it too so it would be best to check it out first.

Virginia State Parks, it offers a lot of programs, activities and events. They have 35 parks which have thousands of campsites, hundreds of cabins, trails and access to Virginia’s major waterways.

California State Parks, also offers a lot of vacation ideas whether camping, state beaches, natural reserves, historic sites, vehicular recreation and many more.

Texas Parks and Wildlife, off-road, fishing, biking, hunting, rock climbing and many other activities.

Tennessee State Parks, horseback riding, boating, camping, fishing, gold are just but some of the things you can do here. There are camping grounds, lodges, park inns, and cabins to stay in.

Chicago Life, a guide for students on the different recreation that can be found within in beyond the city limits.

Let us not forget that family fun does not have to be an expensive activity. It just takes a little planning to come up with the perfect family activity that is both memorable and fun and something that kids of all ages will remember and memories will last a lifetime, which may even become a family tradition.

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boat ride in state parksCamping at Pocahontas State Parkscamping in nature trailKayaking_at_AhjumawiFree fishing in Texas State ParksMountain and road biking in Chicago
boat ride in state parks
boat ride in state parks
Camping at Pocahontas State Parks
Camping at Pocahontas State Parks
camping in nature trail
camping in nature trail
Free fishing in Texas State Parks
Free fishing in Texas State Parks
Mountain and road biking in Chicago
Mountain and road biking in Chicago


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    • Marie-Renee profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago

      Thanks A Quadfather, as summer is just around the corner again families should go on vacation together but with kids it becomes doubly difficult. The economic situation does not help and we need to find new ways to enjoy the summer break.

    • A Quadfather profile image

      A Quadfather 

      8 years ago from .

      I like it Marie. Practicle and easy to understand. Thanks for taking the time...


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