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Eliminating Cigarette Smoke Odor From Your Hotel Room Fast

Updated on July 11, 2013

Cigarette smoke odor is everywhere in the Far East.

Traveling in the Far East, you will quickly find that even the "non-smoking" hotel rooms very often smell like cigarette smoke. If you are sensitive to smoke odors or you just don't want your clothes to smell like an ashtray there is now a safe, effective, easy to use and carry spray product that with just 1 application will remove smoke odor and many other unwanted odors from hotel rooms in an amazingly short period of time and keep working for many days per application.

Removing Odors While Traveling

Traveling outside the USA you know that our anti-smoking attitude has not taken over the rest of the world.

The fact that many hotels offer what they call non-smoking rooms does not mean that they do not smell like tobacco smoke. Quite the contrary. Many smokers don't want to smell other peoples smoke, and even though they may not actually smoke in the room, their clothing smells like smoke which contaminates the room.

OdorXit Magic Personal Size
OdorXit Magic Personal Size

What can you do about the odor?


You can request another room and take the chance the next one will be better

You can open the window (if it will open) and air out the room

You can try to find another hotel and hope that it will be better


You can use your personal sized OdorXit® Magic to mist the room with the worlds most effective odor absorber and eliminate the odor safely in less than 1 minute.

Does This Stuff Really Remove Smoke Odors?!

You are thinking that this is hard to believe...Its got to be a cover-up. But you can rest assured that it is NOT a cover-up and that I am understating what this product can and will do. In fact there is a very serious warning that comes with this product.

Don't inhale the mist. If won't hurt you or your nose but if the mist lands on your olfactory nerve in your nose, it will prevent many odors that you want to smell from reaching your olfactory nerve and you will simply not smell the odor. Not being able to smell your sushi would be a real shame.

Proper usage is to spray the mist onto something like the walls or bed or furniture or the closet door or the blades of the ceiling fan or even the air outlet of the air handler (while the fan is off). This will expose the maximum amount of air containing odor to the product so that the odor can be quickly absorbed. Just spraying OdorXit Magic into the air only removes odors from the air and is a very temporary solution. The residual action of the OdorXit Magic product continues to remove malodors from the air for days. Just spraying the mist into the air freshens the air but most of the mist lands of the floor, far from where you will receive the most effect.

OdorXit Products Retail Locater
OdorXit Products Retail Locater

Where Can You Get OdorXit Magic?

If you live near South West Ohio, there are about 20 stores where you can get OdorXit Magic, otherwise you can order it on the internet. Just click the picture above and it will take you to the OdorXit order page- You'll decide how fast you want it to arrive and the best payment plan for you including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, PayPal, and Check.

OdorXit Products
OdorXit Products

OdorXit Customer Service and Guarantee

OdorXit Products (Listening Systems Inc.) has been doing business since 1999 and offers only the finest American Made products backed by live USA based customer service and an excellent product guarantee. If you have questions, check out the Odor Wizard on the home page of the web site or call for personal service during business hours EST.

Cincinnati Better Business Bureau
Cincinnati Better Business Bureau

OdorXit Products and the BBB

We are also a proud A+ rated member of the Cincinnati Better Business Bureau. The BBB Logo is a link to the BBB web site.

The Most Important Thing about OdorXit Magic

It really works, and for this application it is the perfect solution to a really tough problem. Try it. We are sure you will love it.

We encourage you to share your experiences with OdorXit Products with other visitors. We are very proud of our product and use them routinely in our home and real estate business to remove all sorts of odors. We are sure you will be successful with the produces too.

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