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Fall in Love With Autumn

Updated on November 14, 2012

Fall in Love With Autumn in Your Own Neighborhood

I'm just surprised by Autumn. Nearly every day in our area of Indiana something new is in the air or in the yard. Whether it's the trees doing something unique or the wind taking care of leaves, or a critter on our doorstep or patio.

Today's surprise was a field of mushrooms. So amazing. Below is a picture of my keys beside the largest mushroom in this photo. I'm so impressed by the colors of fall, even the pine needles that cover the ground in this corner of our yard. I tell you, Fall makes me feel closer to God's creation than any time of year.

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The fact that all this life has to die in order to be "re-born," of sorts. It just amazes me every year.

Autumn in Indiana is a surprise nearly every day. We have a variety of trees in our yard. The red maple is so large it towers over the neighborhood and can be seen from several areas of the addition. The river birch has branched out and shed it's bark to cover and shade most of our front walkway. An ornamental magnolia tree has had to be trimmed so much because it is against the house and would block our entry walkway, so it spreads out straight up and drops something nearly every week from buds to blooms to leaves to twigs and fills our gutters, but we'd never consider cutting it down. In the fall it drops leaves faster than our leaf blower can push them into a corner. I've taken several Fall photos pretty much sitting in the same location, our patio.

Stop action falling leaves, local birds at the feeders and squirrels and chipmunks stealing from the feeders. I'll feature my own personal Fall celebration from my patio in this lens. I'm not housebound. I actually travel the entire USA nearly every year, either on my own motorcycle or in a camper that has my motorcycle in the back, but our schedule almost always has us home in central Indiana during Fall, so I'm able to enjoy my favorite season from my own back yard or local area.

Our community does a very large Fall Foliage Festival every year that concludes with a parade through town. My husband opens in prayer at the Mayor's Breakfast, and this year has been invited to open in prayer at the Gospel Sing that kicks off the event. There is a motorcycle benefit ride the Saturday of Fall Foliage and this year the funds raised will go to a good friend who is recovering from a motorcycle accident.


Judy Cockrum Photos is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

My Keys Beside the Tallest Mushroom in My Autumn Yard.


Leaves are Falling Ushering us into Autumn

I sat in one place on the patio and just listened to falling leaves. It was a weekday and kids were still in school. The only other sound was from some construction in our neighborhood and an occasional car passing by or barking dog.

I took a picture of one leaf falling, then I got two in flight, then three mid-air. I pretty much had to have the camera to my eye, focused on the area I thought I heard the leaves and click speedily, since they fall so fast. I missed many.

Here's a picture of two falling.

Brown County Indiana is close enough for me to ride my bicycle.

I've taken bicycle trips to Brown County, it's about 25 miles. So, for a 50 mile bicycle ride I can see some of the most beautiful fall displays of color in my world.

The Chipmunk Prepares for Winter - I have an entire lens dedicated to this little guy.

He's pretty bold. I love this picture of the bird leaning around to see who is moving the feeder.

Right click here and open this lens in a new tab. Cute Pictures of Chipmunk

Bare Trees After the Fall

Deer in back yard.

These deer wandered right up to the bow and arrow target (green cube lower picture) to inspect it while grazing through our back yard.

I've Added a Photo of 3 Leaves Falling - Only Because I'm Pretty Proud of Myself ...

Catching leaves mid-air and having something in focus was my goal.

Three leaves at once, at this rate they'll be gone by day's end. Gotta stay focused.

A Bird at the Bird Feeder - The chipmunk isn't as interested now that we have a puppy.

Fall is a time to sit on the patio and chill, especially after the record breaking heat everywhere we traveled this year. We were in 90's to 100's plus in Virginia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, West Virginia, Washington, D.C., Maryland, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, Nebraska, South Dakota, and Iowa. We didn't make it to Michigan this year, but I bet they had that heat to, so now that the afternoons are low 70's and our schedule is slower for the season, I'm thoroughly enjoying watching the changes from my patio as I fall into autumn.

Fall into Autumn
Fall into Autumn

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Have You Seen Fall's Color Display in Southern Indiana?

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    • profile image

      nifwlseirff 4 years ago

      My favorite season - the colours are so beautiful!

    • profile image

      ettorecolella 5 years ago

      I particularly love the tree tunnels during this season.