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Farnborough Air Show 2008

Updated on August 22, 2011

14.07.2008 Farnborough Air Show begins

The Farnborugh Air Show starts today, so if you are reading this you are missing out a great event ;). There is a great presentation today of the Antonov. Check out the picture below.

The Red Arrows

Farnborough Air Show History

The show was initially established with one single goal, to introduce the British public the best in aviation engineering. Back in 1948, when the event was first held, only 187 exhibitors took part in it.

Initially Farnborough Air Show was planned as an annual event, however in 1962 it acquired a biennial format. This change needed to take place, because this year the show became an international event. Companies and people from all over the world were welcomed to share their products and innovation.

Obviously,countries behind the Iron Curtain, were however not allowed to participate. It wasn't until the late 80's, when Russian air-crafts came to the show (two Fulcrums MiG-29A 10 and MiG-29UB 5).

If you like to know more about the history of the show, you should visits the official page of Farnborough International Air Show.

Farnborough Air Show back in 1950

A "Buffalo" crashed in 1984

A plane crashed during the sho, back in 1984. It was an de Havilland Canada DHC-5D Buffalo, a 10 years old plane. This was the second make of these aircrafts.

According to the Aviation Safety Network, the problem cause was: "An error of judgement by the aircraft commander. Unfavourable weather conditions, a transitory handling problem whilst flying outside the tested flight regime and the pressure on the commander to complete his flying sequence, where probably contributing factors."

Farnborough Air Show 1984 - Crash

Farnborough Air Show 2008

Over 1480 attended the 45th edition of Farnborough International Air Show. The 2006 Airshow was also the first exhibition presented by Farnborough International Limited and this autonomy allowed us to focus on the priority of delivering an innovative exhibition of world-class standing, meeting our exhibitors' business needs and expectations.

The show gains momentum with each edition. It is expected that the 2008 edition will be the best one yet. The event organizers have prepared a very good brochure, which contains not only facts, but also very useful information about the exhibition. Actually, it might be used as a guide for the event. It contains pictures, information and maps of the exhibition grounds.


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