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Jamaica would be my favorite holiday destination.

Updated on April 19, 2012



Jamaica is the Queen of the Caribbean’s.

When leaving the cold winter weather in the Montreal area for a Christmas holiday down south, I love to spend a couple weeks in Jamaica which is for me the Queen of the Caribbean's.

The Caribbean Sea is located in the tropics adjacent to the Atlantic Ocean just off the Western hemisphere. The Caribbean’s deepest point is between the Cayman Islands and Jamaica. Christopher Columbus first sailed into Caribbean waters in 1492 in a quest to find a sea route to Asia.

Jamaica can be found about 145 kilometers south of Cuba and 191 kilometers west of the Dominion Republic. It was once a Spanish possession but became an English colony in 1655 and achieved full independence by August of 1962.

Due to the English influence Jamaicans drive on the left hand side of the road. It is not recommended to drive in Jamaica due to the narrow winding road conditions and reckless drivers that you won’t want to encounter.

Jamaica essentially guarantees beautiful tropical weather year round ranging from between 80 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit with July and August being the warmest and February the coolest. The rainiest weather occurs between May and June and again in October and November which can sometimes extend to December.

Jamaican’s Bob Marley made reggae into an international phenomenon making an imprint on the world’s music scene. This was a development in Jamaican music between Ska and rock steady popularized by Eric Clapton’s cover of Bob Marley’s I Shot The Sheriff. It became the foundation for Reggae and bringing international attention to the Jamaican music scene. When on the beautiful Island of Jamaica you can enjoy the sounds of reggae music played at the clubs, outside activities and almost everywhere you have the pleasure to visit.

Montego Bay is one of the most famous tourist destinations well known for its wonderful beaches, luxury villas and fabulous sea views. It boasts an International Airport named Sir Donald Sangster one of the largest, busiest and most ultra-modern airports in the Caribbean capable of handling nine million passengers per year.

When in Negril Jamaica you must go see Rick’s Café which is a beautiful restaurant / bar gathering location to watch the sunset and countless visitors jumping from the cliffs into the crystalline waters. One of the most incredible coves and platform jumps along the West End Cliffs we can say Rick’s Café has become a Jamaican tradition. Jimmy Buffet had his first run in with Negril Jamaica and it inspired him to write his hit MargaritaVille. You can visit and experience the MargaritaVille beach bar restaurant in Negril which can be found along the seven-mile stretch of white sand beach with all day island music.

Why not visit the unique nature’s paradise YS Falls, incredibly one of Jamaica’s most beautiful water attractions in the hills of St. Elizabeth. This beautiful exotic picnic area is also equipped with a canopy zip tour from the top of the waterfall or if you prefer you can walk alongside the falls or simply plunge into the cool refreshing pools.

We were pleasantly surprised with the Jamaican hospitality and how friendly everyone treated us. The quality of the meals with attentive service had us feeling like we had embarked on a paradise island. I am in the show business industry myself and can say this was the best resort entertainment I have ever seen.

The Resort developments are controlled and offer beautiful beaches with world class diving and a wealth of water sports.



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