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Family Fun & Field Trips in North Florida

Updated on October 21, 2013

Are you looking for family-friendly activities and/or field trip ideas in the North Florida area? Check out the links below to find the family trips and field trips my family has gone on as we have studied various unit study topics. I have also included my favorite websites to find out inexpensive or free activities in the Jacksonville, Tallahassee, & Gainesville Areas.

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My Top 3 Favorite Links to Find Local Events

Click on the below links to find the best family-friendly activities in each of the below cities:

Gainesville (

Jacksonville (

Tallahassee (

Field Trips Divided By Unit Study Topic

Click on the below links to see where we have gone on a field trip while studying each of the below subjects.


Social Studies

A Great Deal on Science & Art Museums

Whenever we travel, we usually stop by the local science and children's museums because we have an ASTC family pass. For an annual fee, we join one of the museums that participate in the ASTC program. (You can join any of the museums as long as they are at least 90 miles away from your home. We are currently members at a museum that charges $35 for an annual family membership.) Then my entire family can get into ANY of the 200+ ASTC museums for FREE for the entire year. Twenty-four of the museums are in Florida. The MOSH Museum in Jacksonville, the Challenger Learning Center in Tallahassee, and the Museum of Natural Science in Gainesville are all ASTC museums. You can check out which museums participate by clicking on this link: Association of Science and Technology Centers Passport Program.

We also have a similar family membership for art museums. Our local art museum was running a special, offering the annual family memberships half off ($50 rather than the usual $100). We now get FREE admission into hundreds of art (and some history) museums around the country. You can check out which museums participate by clicking on this link:

North American Reciprocal Museum

(NARM) Association .

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Field Trips in Live Oak and White Springs

We have had homeschool field trips to the following places in Live Oak and White Springs:

Noble's Green House for our Plant unit study

The Music Center for our Five Senses/Hearing/Musical Instruments unit study

Suwannee County Historical Museum for our Native Americans unit study

Stephen Foster State Park for our Westward Expansion and Native American unit studies

Rainbow Bird Land Pet Center for our Animal Classification unit study

Dr. Bailey at the Walmart Vision Center for our Five Senses/Seeing unit study

Full Circle Farm for a study on Dairy and Nutrition

Suwannee River State Park for our Animal Classification unit study, Plant unit study, & Frontiersman/Tracking Unit Study

Big Shoals State Park for our Plants unit study and Animal Classification unit study

PCS in White Springs for our Earth Science/Fossils unit study

Suwannee County Airport for our study on Floating & Flying/Airplanes

Other Options to Consider:


Places of Business (Pizza Hut, Publix, etc.)

Fire Station or Police Station



Doctor's or Dentist's Office

Water Management District Office

UF Extension Office

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My Lessons on Squidoo

The links below will take you to the first lesson in each of my units. From there you can navigate to the other lessons in that particular unit by viewing the featured lens links toward the bottom of the page. I'm uploading more lessons as time allows.

Complete List of Units and Lessons:

Fun, FREE Hands-on Unit Studies


Astronomy (4 weeks)

Earth Science (6 weeks)

Zoology (5 weeks)

Human Anatomy (7 weeks)

Simple Machines & Inventions (6 weeks)

Floating & Flying (5 weeks)

Bridges (2 weeks)

Five Senses (4 weeks)

Weather (4 weeks)

Chemistry (3 weeks)

Botany/Plants (3 weeks)

The Science of Bread (1 week)

Forensic Science/Detectives (1 week)

Insects (4 weeks)

History/Social Studies:

Medieval Period (4 weeks)

Leonardo da Vinci (3 weeks)

Explorers (5 weeks)

Early American Settlers (4 weeks)

American War for Independence (6 weeks)

The Constitution and President George Washington (1 week)

Native Americans (4 weeks)

Westward Expansion and Pioneers (4 weeks)

U.S. Presidents


Japan (1 week)

U.S. States & Regions (9 weeks)

Best 50 States Resources

Africa (4 weeks)

Russia (8 weeks)

World Geography (26 weeks)



Leonardo da Vinci

Medieval Art



Christmas (2 weeks)

Thanksgiving (2 weeks)

St. Patrick’s Day (1 week)

Specific to Preschool/Kindergarten:


Home Construction





Sheep & Weaving


Laws & Obedience

Deception & Illusion

Attributes of God

Gingerbread Man

Specific to Homeschooling:

How to Start Homeschooling

How to Homeschool Your Preschooler or Kindergartner

How to Homeschool Multiple Ages (My Daily Homeschool Schedule)

My Math Curriculum, Games, and Books

My Homeschool Curriculum Choices for Elementary Grades

How to Start a Homeschool Co-op

How to Get Dinner on the Table While Homeschooling

Specific to Classroom Teaching:

8th Grade American History

Child Development Articles:

How to Raise a Happy, Smart Child

How to Train Your Child to Sit in Church

How to Encourage Your Child to Play the Violin

How to Memorize Scripture: Bible Verses Set to Music

Do you have any other great field trip ideas for North Florida? - Or just leave a note to let me know you dropped by! I love getting feedback from you!

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    • iijuan12 profile image

      iijuan12 4 years ago from Florida

      @ConvenientCalendar: My children would love to go there. It's quite a distance from where we live, though.

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      ConvenientCalendar 4 years ago

      Lego land for kids!