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Fira Santorini - Visiting the Old Port

Updated on September 10, 2014

Why Santorini ?

Choosing the appropriate place for your summer holidays some times may prove a difficult and challenging task to accomplish. There are so many places in the world that you could end up with a big headache and yet be unsure where you would like to go.

One of the best places, according to my opinion, is the beautiful Cycladic island of Santorini that is situated almost in the center of the Aegean Sea. For those not having visited the island before, Fira Santorini seems to be the ideal place to start getting to know the island better. Among the many Santorini hotels to choose from, for those with a rather more tight budget, checking at the Summer Time Villa Hotel in Fira Santorini may prove like a wise choice to make.

Enough with the introduction. Lets answer the question, 'Why Santorini' ???

Fira Santorini sunset
Fira Santorini sunset

The island of Santorini is actually the end result of brutal volcanic forces, and its today shape was formed during the tremendous volcanic eruption in 1660 BC. The central part of the volcano sank under the sea and three new islets were formed, known today as Thirasia, Palaia and Nea Kameni.

Nowadays, Santorini is the only volcanic Caldera in the world that is being inhabited. In contrast to others islands, Santorini town, villages and settlements are built on the steep sides of the Caldera and from far away they look like snowy parts on the peaks of mountains. If you consider this amazing view surrounded by colorful layers of volcanic rocks that have been formed during the years in shades of chocolate brown, rusty red, pale yellow, white and brownish cream then you can easily conclude that this place offers to its visitors outstanding and unique icons that leave the human mind totally seduced by the wonders and magnitude of ‘Mother Nature’. But this geological uniqueness is not the only factor that has made Santorini one of the top summer destinations in the world.

The sunset in Santorini, as viewed by the steep sides of the Caldera, looks like a magical painting consisting of fonds where the volcanic presence is evident everywhere. Even though the sunset in Santorini has been challenged by many whether it is the most beautiful in the world, the visitor just needs to dedicate few moments of attention to the landscape and draw his own conclusions, since beauty is something subjective rather than objective and it is up to the standards and point of view that are unique to every person. Nevertheless, is worth mentioning that the colors that are being formed during the sunset in Santorini are at least spectacular. As the sun set into the deep blue of the Aegean Sea, the colors change from deep red into yellow, orange and purple creating in this way an ‘orgasmic’ amalgam of countless color combinations. As the eyes stare at this magnificent moment, in the background the east sides of the Caldera are green, because of the dozens of traditional vineyards that produce some of the finest wines in the world. Just free your mind from all your worries and focus on this magical moment. It is definitely an experience of a lifetime!

Fira Santorini - Discover the pure essence of this beautiful Cycladic island

Fira Santorini. Great traditional Cycladic architectural style.
Fira Santorini. Great traditional Cycladic architectural style.

Of course, such a great place is a ‘gold mine’ for tourist development, therefore Santorini hotels prove to be yet one more strong factor for making Santorini a very favourable place to visit. Recent gallops and tourist reviews rank Santorini hotels among the top in Europe, simply because they offer accommodation services of superior quality. Also, Santorini hotels have a strong advantage over other hotels in Europe. The landscape, as mentioned above is unique, and the Cycladic architectural style further enhances this advantage creating an amazing accommodation experience.

If have never been to the island before, then one of the best places to come in touch with the ‘magic’ of the place and stay at is Fira Santorini. This is a small, but yet extremely lively town, which, especially during the summer period, starts being crowded very early in the summer period and continues that way all the way till the very last days of autumn. Fira Santorini, is the so called ‘capital’ of the island and is situated on the privileged north west side, parallel to the Caldera’s peak about 12 km away from the new port of Santorini ‘Athinios’.

Fira Santorini, in contrast to other a lot more quiet villages and settlements, is a great pole of attractions for tourists with various ethnic, cultural and economic backgrounds. And recent surveys have proved that Fira Santorini is widely accepted by most regardless of their backgrounds and idiosyncrasies. And how could really someone not to fall in love with this beautiful place. While in Fira Santorini, someone can enjoy a great choice of facilities and sight seeings and satisfy any kind of expectations and preferences. Luxurious hotels, great lifestyle, famous people, tourists from around the world, fashion spots, exquisite bars and restaurants, traditional cafes and taverns they all mix up harmonically in Fira Santorini.

Summer Time Villa Hotel - Your IDEAL budget accommodation in Fira Santorini

Summer Time Villa Hotel in Fira Santorini
Summer Time Villa Hotel in Fira Santorini

Now if your budget is tight, but yet you want to dream the magic of this beautiful island, there is no need to worry. Even though Santorini hotels are known as very expensive, due to the luxury they offer, there are still some very good and affordable suggestions that you can choose from for a little bit more economic accommodation.

One of these, is the stylish and tastefully designed Summer Time Villa Hotel. Situated almost at the heart of the Fira Santorini centre, this very friendly and easily approachable complex of rooms and apartments to rent sounds like a great alternative for those who want to be close to everything, but yet not being able to afford accommodation/night that exceeds greatly the $200 barrier that most of the middle class tourists are willing to pay. It is worth noting that even during the peak of the high summer season, you may find rooms for up to 3-4 people that do not exceed $170/night with the rate being negotiable depending on how much time in advance you booked your rooms and also how long you planning to stay. Summer Time Villa hotel is surely a great place to stay at without having to pay a lot.

Staying at Fira Santorini ? - Grab the chance and visit the Old Port (aka Mesa Gialos)

Santorini Old Port
Santorini Old Port

Fira Santorini is being connected with the Old Port with wide cobblestone pavements which consist of 588 stairs that take you all the way downwards from Fira Santorini to the Old Port. Even though it is not being used as a port for the modern ferries and cruise ships, nevertheless you can still get on board of a small traditional cruise boat, one of the many, that can take you on daily excursions around the island. But above all, visiting the Old Port will give you the opportunity to get in touch with the real conditions of the everyday life that locals have to face, taste the authentic delicious traditional cuisine of Santorini, and after a couple of local wine or ouzo mouthfuls, you can even end up chatting and laughing together with the locals. At the Old Port, you can experience the pure essence of the ‘real’ Santorini, not the one that was created for the consumptions and attractions of mass tourism.

On the other hand if these 588 stairs, sound like something you cannot deal with, especially if considering going upwards, then you will be pleased to know that you can either ride one of the many beloved donkeys that are waiting with their owners at the Old Port or use the teleferik which is a little bit more expensive, but yet more comfy and modern alternative. Make sure that you will grab your camera with you and have plenty of disk space for many photos, because during your way from Fira to the Old Port, you will have more chances for great photos than you could ever imagine.

Visit Fira Santorini for summer holidays that you will remember for the rest of your life. Surely, you will want to return soon!

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