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Fly in Luxury and Style with Renowned Airlines

Updated on April 26, 2016

Airlines Proven Fruitful for Flyers

Just like any other industry, aviation also sees intense competition, and this rivalry between airlines has proven to be immensely fruitful for flyers. From cheapest flight tickets to premium services, passengers are in for a treat. One thing that has come out of this competition and amazed everyone is an exclusive class of travel. For a long time, Economy and Business classes catered to our needs, but the regular flyers expected more. Then came the First Class that took everyone for a surprise, and the current times are historic as no one ever thought of having their own luxury rooms up in the air. Going beyond all the former classes of air travel, carriers now feature an exclusive class, which is, to say, a step above the premium.

Business and First Class flying has become a regular thing, and they no longer fascinate flyers. They want and expect more. They look for some private, alone time or with their loved ones as they fly to their destination. To fulfil these demands of customers, airlines have worked immensely hard and done numerous additions to their product portfolio.

Better than just another passenger flight, and slightly lower than chartered ones, the private cabins take travellers to the next level of comfort and luxury. Enjoy the ease of home while you fly to your destination. These opulent First Class suites come with cosy beds, flat-screen television sets and made-to-order meals. And, these are just a few of the things that flyers can enjoy in the sanctity of their private suites. Continue reading, and you will come to know what the renowned airlines of the world are offering to enhance the travelling experience of their customers.

International Airlines

Etihad Airways

Beyond Suites with Etihad Airways

Etihad Airways, the national airlines of the United Arab Emirates, is among the fastest growing carriers in the history of the aviation industry. With its lifespan of just over a decade, it has become one of the most preferred air service providers in the world. It has always been the one to think out of the box and often surprised flyers with its products and services. Earlier, we heard of the First Class being upgraded to Suites, but Etihad Airways has somehow managed to take it a step ahead. These cabins are equipped with adjustable 24-inch flat-screen televisions, a relaxing bed and vanity cabinet. With the bookings for the First Apartment category, flyers can share an intimate flight with their loved one as the divider between the cabins can be lowered to join rooms. Hop into the elegant bathroom that comes with these suites and have a refreshing shower before you reach your destination. To enhance the luxury experience, Etihad Airways offers pre-book chauffeur service and state-of-the-art airport lounges.

Emirates Airlines

Me-time During Emirates Flights

Flying to more than 140 destinations in over 80 countries, Emirates has a strong fleet of about 230 aircraft. Aboard an A380 of the carrier, flyers can unwind in the personal cabin as they enjoy a glass of sparkling wine or champagne. The comfortable seat converts into a cushy bed so passengers can relax and enjoy a comfortable sleep. Serving delectable meals to its customers has always been a priority for the carrier, and it has always succeeded on this front. While sumptuous meals are served to in all classes of travel, the First Class Suite experience takes the pleasure to another level. Here, flyers can enjoy exclusive meals prepared by skilled chefs. The wide variety of regional and international cuisines offered here can please any palate. What makes this carrier stand out is the onboard lounge exclusively available for Business and First Class flyers. The bar here offers premium spirits that include wines, champagnes, beers and other hot/cold beverages.

Luxurious Suites in Singapore Airlines

Since its establishment in 1947, this flag carrier of Singapore has been a pioneer and a leader in the commercial flight services. In October 2007, it also became the first carrier to commercially use Airbus A380 aircraft. These mechanical giants introduced the world with lavish private suites. The beautifully designed cabins come with sliding doors and window blinds so the flyers can choose the level of privacy they want.

The Book the Cook service eliminates those situations where you have to gulp the food not of your liking. Under this, flyers can pre-order meals from a long menu and have world-class culinary masters prepare them. Flying out of Singapore, passengers are offered a wide array of cuisines, which includes a menu of over 60 items. For long flights, backpackers need not worry as their entertainment is well taken care of. All First Class suites of Singapore Airlines are well equipped with state-of-the-art entertainment systems that guarantee a delightful air travel. How about enjoying a movie on the wide LCD television while relaxing on your comfy bed!

Singapore Airlines

Cathay Pacific

Delightful Experience with Cathay Pacific

Operating across five continents, Cathay Pacific is one of the largest carriers of Hong Kong. With a staff of over 23000, it aims at providing the best services to its customers. The carrier was also rewarded as the ‘Airline of the Year’ by Skytrax in the year 2014. The First Class suites offered by Cathay Pacific are assiduously designed and decorated with hand-crafted sculptures that give an impression of a lavish hotel room – thousands of feet above the ground. Rich burgundy carpet and the soft leather seats ensure absolute comfort and pleasure to guests. An LCD touch-screen controller can be used to recline seats and adjust the back support. Top-notch skincare products and toiletries are some other amenities provided here.

To take care of guests during long-haul flights, these cabins feature wide-screen personal television sets with audio and video on demand (AVOD). A multi-port connector allows you to connect your personal gadgets to the TV and streamline your movies and music. Indulgence above the clouds is what defines the gastronomic experience with Cathay Pacific. High in the sky, enjoy freshly prepared Asian and international meals along with a refreshing drink. Also, rest, relax or work at all major international airports – thanks to the lounges of Cathay Pacific.


Exceptional First Class of Lufthansa

When you think of luxury air travel, there is no way that Lufthansa does not cross your mind. Officially known as Deutsche Lufthansa AG, this German airline is among the largest ones in Europe. After its first flight in June 1955, the airline has turned into a front-runner and is constantly setting benchmarks for others. While travelling First Class with this carrier, your experience starts not after you board the plane, but at the airport itself. Along with valet parking service at major hubs like Frankfurt and Munich, the plush airport lounges of this carrier are aplenty all over the world. In case, your flight is delayed or the layover time is more, you can simply unwind or catch up on some urgent work at the world-class lounges of the carrier at airports across the globe.

Ergonomic seats of the First Class section open up and transform into flat, 2-m long beds that guarantee a good night's sleep. Your entertainment is also well taken care of. From movies in up to eight languages to magazines and music CDs, Lufthansa provides everything so that you do not get bored during long-haul flights. Palatable meals and choicest wines are also offered to take care of the fine culinary needs of travellers.

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