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Best Folding Handcart or Folding Hand Truck Reviews

Updated on September 15, 2014

Finding good foldable hand carts online

A good folding hand cart is just one of those pieces of equipment that comes in useful in many situations be they at home or at a business premises. Best of all when done all you need to to is fold it up and it hardly takes any space to store away out of site.

Whether you need to move heavy items often at a warehouse, or occasionally, like when your moving house or just need to schlep heavy or bulky items from one place to another, a hand truck makes the job so much easier without straining and without lifting.

There is a great variety of folding hand trucks on the market, form the lightweight ones that handle from about 50 lbs to 150 lbs to the heavy duty ones have a max capacity upwards from 400 lbs to about 1000 lbs.

Read on for some things to consider, to help you buy the best folding hand carts and dollies available online.

How to choose a good folding hand truck - Finding the best folding hand truck for you

  1. Load Capability: You need to get a hand cart that can carry the biggest load that you can carry easily, for most people that will be anything between 100-250 lbs.
  2. Weight: You need to find a cart that will not add weight to your load and is easy to carry around when you need to load it into your truck or something.
  3. Wheel Size: Since a hand truck is made to carry heavy loads, larger wheels will help you stabilize the load and bear the heavy weight being carried.
  4. Height : You want to get a cart that pulls up to a height that is comfortable for you to push easily.
  5. Durability: You need a strong, durable cart that will not break up in the middle of being used.

The Biggest Pro for Lightweight Folding Hand Carts

What I like especially of these portable folding hand carts as opposed to regular ones is how lightweight and compact they are.

Yet when unfolded they can easily handle some pretty heavy loads.

Good for both home and office use.

Best Selling Folding Hand Cart

A Compact, Lightweight Crate - Great for Carrying Bulky and Heavy Items

The Magna Cart Elite 2 Hand Truck is one of the best value for money folding hand carts to be found. Not only is if affordable (though not the cheapest), but it is strong, durable and runs smoothly.

This cart has great balance, it works just as well with a few or more boxes, bulky or compact. With its all rubber 7 inch wheels run smoothly on nearly all surfaces. It makes a great small dolly for moving most stuff.

When done, the crate folds down into an incredibly compact 28.5 by 2.5 inches, weighing only 10.5 pounds, yet it can be loaded with as much as 200 pounds, not that most of us will ever have to test this.

The Magna Cart Elite 2 Hand Truck has some of best reviews you can find for any folding hand crate around.

Pros include phrases such as it is a solid build, that it runs smoothly and that it is easy to use.

Cons are that it does not extend out long enough for anyone tall.


Travel Smart by Conair Heavy-Duty Luggage Cart

Probably one of the best small dolly carts you will find!

The Travel Smart by Conair Heavy-Duty Luggage Cart is made of Solid steel square tube construction is sturdy and handles weights well, the smaller wheels make the balance more to the rear so the hand cart does not pitch forward.

Two-position contoured comfort handle adjusts to 35-1/2" or 39" high for taller or shorter users, making this hand cart easy for anyone short or tall to haul up to 150 lbs easily.

When done using this luggage cart is easy to fold away, it folds flat to 2-1/4", easy to store, and it also fits into most overhead compartments in buses and airplanes. The wheels automatically swing out and fold up when platform is lowered or raised.

The deep load plate will handle most wide items, and is easy to park in tight spaces and to negotiate tight corners on airplanes ans buses.


Magna Cart Personal Hand Truck

A great heavy duty collapsible hand cart

The Magna Cart Personal Hand Truck is made of sturdy rustproof aluminum, with a telescoping handle that extends to 39 inches tall, making this hand cart easy for anyone short or tall to haul up to 150 lbs easily. 5-inch rubber wheels (no air required) roll smoothly on most surfaces, from pavement to trim carpet to linoleum, and when you're done it folds up to a small footprint of only 25 inches tall and 2 inches wide, so it is easy to store away.

This folding luggage cart is ideal any one who needs to schlep heavy luggage, boxes or gear from place to place. Whether you are a traveler, trade show exhibitor, or just someone who needs frequently schleps boxes and other gear around, the Magna Cart Personal Hand Truck will do the job.

Magna Cart Personal Hand Truck Features Video

More Top Rated Foldup Hand Carts - Collapsible hand carts that make moving things easy

RWM Casters FW-90C Aluminum Foldaway Hand Truck with Loop Handle, Blue, 275 lbs Load Capacity, 42-1/2" Height, 19" Width X 13-1/2" Depth
RWM Casters FW-90C Aluminum Foldaway Hand Truck with Loop Handle, Blue, 275 lbs Load Capacity, 42-1/2" Height, 19" Width X 13-1/2" Depth

.Technical details:

* 13.25" deep by 19" wide toe plate with 275lbs capacity

* Total weight of 11.5lbs

* Unfolded dimensions: 42.5"H x 19"W x 13.5"L

* Collapsed dimensions: 31"H x 18.5"W x 2.5"L

* Extended height handle 38" with 7" non-marking wheels.


Heavy Duty Hand Trucks and Dollies

These are made more for Office use, and should handle most regular office situations.

Heavy Duty Convertible Hand Trucks

For those that need a more heavy duty truck, you can get some of the larger convertible hand trucks.

They come with a longer loading area, so that you can fit more and larger items and can handle more than 500 pounds easily.

Harper Trucks PGDYK1635PO Nylon Convertible Hand Truck
Harper Trucks PGDYK1635PO Nylon Convertible Hand Truck

Technical details:

700-Pound horizontal capacity, 600-Pound vertical capacity

Converts in seconds from hand truck to 4-wheel dolly

10-Inch by 3.5-Inch tubed tire

Made in USA

Some assembly required


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Folding Hand Cart

Would you get a folding luggage cart? - What do you think about this selection of folding hand carts

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      Auntie-M LM 5 years ago

      I have! And I use it for so much. I move books with it, and large grocery bags, and stuff I take to charity sales, and planters that I can't carry. In fact, the older I get, the more I use it - lol.