Does riding in a car give you anxiety or make you dizzy?

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    DH Reviewsposted 15 months ago

    Does riding in a car give you anxiety or make you dizzy?

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    WordCrafter09posted 15 months ago

    Dizzy - no.  (Although if I don't put on my glasses when there's a lot of changing traffic/lights I do decide to then put them on so it won't look so "frazzling" - but that's not dizzy.  It's more "visually frazzled until I put the glasses on    smile  ) 

    Anxiety - only with some drivers who seem oblivious to the need to maintain/gain appropriate "time/space issues" based on a) the type of road they're driving on, and b) the reality that while "surprises" (like sudden brake failure, other people's sudden moves, sneezes, whatever...) may be relatively rare in "the scheme of one person's driving experience one really would be wise to factor in the possibility that a "surprise" may happen when deciding how much time and space to maintain/gain.

    I actually ride with many people, and it's really only a few here or there who, to me, are clearly far more confident in their own driving and/or car than they really ought to be.   If I'm with any number of people who don't seem more interested in making sure they at least drive a little aggressively than good sense (and and physics) would dictate I'm not at all anxious if nothing "dramatic" happens (like, for example, another car cuts off the one I'm in and makes for a brief, tense, situation).

    Not sure if my "non-answer" is of much use to this particular discussion.  Something else, though, is that there's a difference between not approving of the way someone handles on or another "driving moment" and actually feeling anxious at that moment.  If I don't approve of something an adult driver does at any given moment (I don't know any teens these days, and teens are a whole other thing anyway)  I'm more likely to think they're either lacking in ability to see the "whole picture"  or else have something to prove (to themself, or maybe to me or anyone else).  Most of the time, though, if someone makes a habit of seeming clueless (that something could happen) I'm as aware of how often the same behavior doesn't lead to disaster as the driver is; so again, for me, it's more a matter of "mental points off for that driver" rather than anxiety.

    Riding with as many drivers as I do, fortunately it's not the majority of them who are apparently committed to showing/exercising an aggressive edge through their driving style.