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25 Free Things to Do at the Beach

Updated on July 9, 2015
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Fun in the Sun

No matter what we want to do for entertainment, there’s always someone right there holding their hands out asking for their cut! Nature is one of the few things that we have left that we can truly enjoy for free.

If you’re going to the beach, it might not be free as some beaches charge for parking while others charge for admission, but there’s always free things to do at the beach! Here’s a list of 25 such things to keep you busy during your beach day!

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Things to Do at the Beach

Build a sandcastle: You cannot go to the beach and not build a sandcastle! This is a favorite pastime activity at the beach for most any beachgoer!

Build sand sculptures: Feel too old for sandcastles? No problem! Test your skills at building a sand sculpture!

Get buried in the sand: Have you ever felt the comfort of being buried in the sand on a beach?!

Hunt for shells: Every seashell is unique which makes hunting them even more fun! You’ll want to bring a could of buckets, and don’t be afraid to dig for the big ones!

Skip rocks: See who can skip rocks the farthest and who can get the most skips in one shot!

Find beach critters: Crayfish, hermits crabs, urchins, sand dollars, and whatever else you can find! Making a little (temporary) habitat for them in a bucket is a fun way to observe them!

Go fishing: Don’t have a fishing pole? Bring a net and test out your water ninja skills!

Play Go Fish: Not good at fishing? Anyone can be good at cards! Seek refuge from the sun undercover somewhere and relax while playing a good ol’ game of go Fish!

Get a suntan: Don’t forget some SPF something rather! Sunburns are not quite as awesome as suntans.

Go swimming: Not only is it fun, but ocean water does wonders for your skin, so take advantage of it while you’re there!

Go snorkeling: Snorkeling masks are cheap and if you’re an avid beachgoer, chances are you have one or ten. See what kinds of life you can spot underneath!

Sandbar party: If there’s a sandbar at the beach you’re going to, invite all of your friends to meet you at the sandbar and have a little party on it!


Play sand volleyball: Many beaches have nets set up around the place, so bring a ball and some friends and have yourself a game of volleyball!

Play beachball: You can find a beach ball at a dollar store if you don’t have one. Gather some friends and family in the water for some beachball fun!

Take selfies: Why not spend the afternoon snapping fun selfies around the beautiful beach scenery!

Take a leisurely walk: Kick off your shoes and get all mushy with the one you love by taking a walk down the beach in the ebb and flow of the watery shore!

Watch the sunset/sunrise: If you’re at a real beach, then you definitely have one of these options! If you’re in Florida and are down for a little road trip, you can see both in one day!

Take pictures: Of course one of the best things to do at a beach is take some pictures! Whether it’s of yourself, your friends, family, or just the view, there’s always something for the lens to capture.

People watching: Have you ever just sat there and watched people? Most people do some pretty funny things when they have no idea there’s a pair of eyes on them! Keep a journal of your people-watching endeavors.

Have a picnic lunch: Pack a picnic and hit the beach for a nice time with family or friends! Better yet, make it a potluck!

Feed the seagulls: If you are not in a terribly populated area on the beach, then this can be fun. A seagull stole my sub sandwich once.

Chase the seagulls: Now that you fed a bunch of seagulls, there’s probably darn near a hundred swarming you! What better way to get them to scram than to charge at them! Don’t forget to snap some pics!

Pick up trash: Beaches are full of pollution so be a good citizen and take 20 minutes to clean up! Throw on some tanning oil and get a tan in the process. It’s a win-win for all!

Drink coconut water: Found some coconuts? Drill a hole and stick a straw inside and you’re in for a healthy, tasty, free treat! Take some home with you, too!

Fly kites: One of my favorite things to do at a beach is fly some really cool kites. You can secure them to the ground so they stay in flight which not only looks awesome, but it helps you to find your way back to your spot when the waves have carried you thousands of feet down the shore!

With all of these things to do at the beach, you will never be bored there! There’s nothing better than getting out in the great outdoors and finding ways to enjoy our beautiful planet. There’s so much for us to do here, so much to explore, and so many things that people simply cannot put a price tag on. Embrace it!

What's your favorite thing to do at the beach?

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      poetryman6969 2 years ago

      I like the people watching. You can never have too many pretty girls in bikinis.