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From a Dairy of a Travel Guide

Updated on April 12, 2016

A week prior to the trip, I used to call for the passengers and give them tips and information on the trip. When I called mark , he sign to the to southern Italy trip alone, he asked me if there are a few women "Recorded alone" to the trip. I asked him why he ask me that ? he told me that he is divorced and he will be happy to meet someone nice. I said i am not matchmaker, but there are some women who came without a partner.

Usually at the beginning of a trip, the first long trip I invite the passengers to present themselves. This makes the formulation, passengers suddenly find people with a shared history and so on. So I did this time too.

With the start of a bus trip from Rome to Naples, i ordered the passengers to the microphone and introduced themselves. Of course mark came and introduced himself, he was a handsome man around the age of sixty. With passengers who arrived alone was Lora ( no her real name). She was a widow, a former Israeli who lives in the US, is booked a trip that she said she loves traveling with Israelis and recommended her to sign up for a trip that I guide him.

Lora was a late fifties, very beautiful, with a sense of humor and the passengers laughing and smiling as she described her life in the United States. Prior to arrival in Naples we stopped for lunch. mark came and sat next to me, "What do you think about lora ?" He asked. I told him that it looks and sounds's great. "I was hooked on it," he said, "I think I will try to approach her." I wished him luck.
When we arrived to Naples and i led the group on foot i saw mark been going at lora. The next bus is already sat next to her and it seemed she could not stand the attention he lavished on her, on the contrary. The rest of the passengers also saw it . This was also the third day, when we walked in Positano, Sorrento and Ravello. They were together, sit together at a restaurant and started acting like a couple. mark was in the mood for an excellent cracking jokes constantly. Lora laughed at the jokes even when they not so funny.
On the fifth day we walked to Capri. During free time I gave the team, I happened to meet mark. "Look what I bought Lora," he said, excited as a young man in love. mark opened a beautiful box containing an exclusive Rolex watch. I told him "you are quick." mark smiled and he had no doubt that Lora is the love of his life and he is hopeful to continue their relationship. Capri, an island of the good life, there are shops of the best designers and jewelers Italian. When we got back on the ferry to Capri to Naples, they sat me and I saw wearing expensive watch on her Lora.
On the last trip, we had to return to Rome for the flight back to home , which was supposed to go out at night. Lora's flight back to the US was in the early morning in front of us, so she ordered a late-night flight from Naples to Rome and its flight from the US. In the evening, I took the group's to restaurant in Capri , where lora took the opportunity to say goodbye to members of the group.
She broke off with kiss and whispered that she'd call me from the airport, because she wants to tell me something. "Book now" I told her, but she shook her head and smiled. mark ordered a taxi and drove with Lora to the airport. I asked him to call me when he comes to know if everything is OK.
About three hours later, when I've been in my hotel room, it was nearly one in the morning, when Lora called. She told me she already on the plane, she wanted to thank me personally for a wonderful trip and then asked "are you sitting? I have to tell you something you will not believe. This is not the first time I met mark. Forty years ago, mark and I were married, I was a soldier he was three years older. in the evening the wedding, when all the guests were in mark was gone, he ran just a few minutes before the ceremony. "

She went on to tell the wedding was canceled, she had a mental breakdown, and psychological treatments had left the country. USA is rebuilt her life, she learned profession, she met a man, married and raised a family. Her husband died five years ago, the children have left home and she used to sometimes sign up for a trip with Israeli groups in Europe. When she saw mark, she recognized him immediately. He did not recognized her .
I was shocked. lora continued, "all this years since, I felt that this man abandoned me. When I saw it and I knew it, I knew not just the "fate connected us together" and it was time to settle accounts that remained open. I had caused him to spend money on me, do not let him touch me and before an hour at the airport, when he was sure we start the novel, I found out who I was. You should have seen his face when I turned around and went to boarding .. ". She laughed, "I closed my account, I'm happy, but the truth is that it hurts my heart to mark, is really a nice man."
I did not know what to say, I was shocked. I asked her why she was telling me all this. "His time has come" she replied, "I and is now tied, but again I liked him. I ask you to look at how it behaves in the morning, and if he decides to face the lesson I gave him, give him my real phone number in the United States, " I gave him another number". "

mark not contacted me at night.

At breakfast the next day I met him. He looked gray, Deleted and missing mood. The group interpreted that he was a sad from Lora flight last night . I went and sat next to him, "What happens," I said. "I did not sleep all night," he said, "I paid the nonsense I did 40 years ago."
I asked him if it is related to lora and he nodded. "So call her, you are both adults," I said. "I do not have her phone and she probably will not ever want to hear from me," he said sadly.
I told him about my conversation with Lora and I handed him the note with her phone number. mark looked at me in disbelief and began to weep. He rose hugged me, kissed and said "thank you".
lora Sims' expectations of a phone call, "I knew it when you see the message arrives in the US.


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