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Gifts for the World Traveler

Updated on January 20, 2015

Need some Travel Gift Ideas for that globe-trotting friend or family member of yours?

Maybe your friend, family member or coworker is setting out on a Big Adventure and you want to see them off well with a Travel Gift. Why not buy them a travel gift like a Passport Holder, Travel Wallet, Travel Purse or bag, Luggage Strap or Money Belt that will help them on their way. I'm a very experienced traveler who has been to over 25 countries during the past 10 years and I stay up to date on the latest in travel gear so I can give you the best advice. Only the essentials here-I promise!

Always remember that backpackers like to travel light, so the small, lightweight multi-purpose gifts are the ones that will be appreciated the most. Nothing is worse than buying a present for your loved one that gets left at home.

When you're buying a gift for the world traveler that you know, here are some things to consider:

1. Everything weighs something. This is obvious and in daily life it doesn't really matter because most of your stuff just stays at home or at work or in our cars. Except when you're traveling, and have to carry everything in a backpack, ounces can equal pounds pretty fast and nobody likes to be out of breath and exhausted from a short walk in a hot climate. So, it's best to go light. Whatever you buy, try to buy the lightest and most easily compressible one that you can get.

2. Don't buy flashy stuff that looks expensive. You don't want your friend or family member to be a target for thieves.

3. Buy appropriate gifts. Lonely Planet guidebooks are always appreciated. As are things that will help them travel in comfort. A compass? Not so helpful. Or a walking stick? Probably not. They've not going hiking in the mountains, they'll likely be in cities and on beaches.

4. Finally, just ask your family member or friend what they need for their trip. You're guaranteed to get them something useful instead of just guessing at what they want.

travel pillow, travel, trek, airplane, airplane ride, comfortable airplane ride
travel pillow, travel, trek, airplane, airplane ride, comfortable airplane ride

A Travel Pillow

Every good world traveler needs a travel pillow. The best ones weigh in at only a few ounces and are deflatable to take up the least luggage space possible when you're off the plane and traveling light. They are perfect for those long airplane rides where you need to be as comfortable as possible so you can sleep and wake up well-rested, ready for your adventures.

Don't forget your earplugs and eye mask as well!

Travel Sleep Masks

A travel sleep mask is the perfect thing to go along with your airplane pillow. It's the ultimate way to combat an annoying reading seat-mate who wants to keep talking, when you're trying to get some much-needed zzzz's. They're also great to get quality sleep when you're in a shared dorm room with inconsiderate room-mates who keep turning the lights on all night.

sleeping bag liner, silk sleeping bag liner, hostels, trekking, sleeping bag clean
sleeping bag liner, silk sleeping bag liner, hostels, trekking, sleeping bag clean

Sleeping Bag Liner

Perfect for those going trekking, so that they can keep their expensive sleeping bags nice and clean. These liners are easy to wash anytime that you do you laundry. Also great for those staying in hostels, where the sheets aren't necessarily "clean!" Bedbugs are the easiest way to make a happy vacation sad.

travel wallet, wallet, travelin, treking
travel wallet, wallet, travelin, treking

Travel Wallet

When you're out traveling, you shouldn't keep all your money and cards out in the open. I usually have my most important stuff in a travel wallet, hidden somewhere underneath my clothes. Then, I carry a basic wallet with a few not so valuable, or expired cards and a bit of money ($100 or so). I also keep some money hidden in the frame of my backpack. Anyway, a travel wallet is a way to diversify how you carry your money, so you won't be devastated at the loss of any one thing.

Adaptors - Never be without battery charge when you're on the go!

Travel Adaptors are the perfect way to keep all your electronic devices like your laptop, tablet or Iphone charged up and ready to go. You'll be taking lots of pictures and using your PDA, laptop, or Cell-phone to keep in touch with family and friends back home so you never want to be stuck without power.

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waterproof camera, waterproof digital camera, digital camera, travel
waterproof camera, waterproof digital camera, digital camera, travel

Waterproof Digital Camera

Every good world traveler needs a digital camera to keep track of their memories and update family and friends back home via the various forms of social media such as Facebook or Twitter. Everyone wants to live vicariously through the world traveler.

Many people just use their phones to take pictures while they're on vacation, which isn't a bad option but I would like to suggest a waterproof, shockproof digital camera that can withstand anything. You don't have to be afraid to take it with you on a scuba diving, caving, trekking or snorkeling trip. Plus, it takes higher quality pictures than your phone does and you'll be able to upload them to your computer more easily than with a phone.

travel backpack, backpack, travel pack
travel backpack, backpack, travel pack

Backpacks for Travelling

A specially designed travel backpack is the perfect way to carry all your gear when you're globe-trotting. Suitcases can be too big, bulky, cumbersome and hard to carry over uneven terrain like a beach, plus they often won't fit in places like under seats or in overhead bins on buses or trains. This backpack below is a great choice for the photographer that you know because they'll be able to protect their expensive equipment from bumps and tumbles.

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    • turtleface profile image

      turtleface 6 years ago

      These are ideas that I need for my friends and they need for me. I'm a horrible gift buyer because I don't know what people want. Many of my friends are world travelers just like me... so we could all use this.