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Ginnie Springs

Updated on December 9, 2017
Paul Westphal profile image

Paul is and experienced diver with a love for nature and a passion for its preservation. He films underwater video to inspire others.

The Devils Eye


Best Spring in Florida

In my opinion Ginnie springs is by far the best spring to visit in Florida. It has everything that you could ask for as an outdoors type person. Ginnie springs is actually a group of seven different springs that you can visit individual inside the park. Ginnie is the biggest of the seven springs, however, they are all quite large. The park is tucked away in the woods on the outskirts of a small town called High Springs in Northern Florida, just a short drive from Gainesville. One of the great things about this spring is that it is the only spring in Florida that allows alcohol on the premises. This can lead to some pretty outlandish fourth of July and Memorial day parties. People there are usually very friendly and respectful due to the magical environment of the park. I believe that people related on a very common level when visiting these places because they are all gathering at a place that celebrates the beauty of the planet that we live on and furthermore connects us on fundamental level.

I move to Florida about three years ago now and I am still in awe of the beauty and complexity of this place. Crystal clear fresh water flows all over the state, birthed by the springs that I love to visit and encourage other people to see. I have always enjoyed swimming and living near these natural springs feeds an addiction for adventure and inspires me to further explore what is beneath the surface.

Ginnie Springs Beneath the Surface

Ginnie springs location

ginnie springs:
Ginnie Springs Outdoors LLC, 7300 Ginnie Springs Rd, High Springs, FL 32643, USA

get directions

Ginnie Springs is a beautiful place where you can enjoy a variety of outdoor activities.

Top diving sites in the world

Ginnie springs is also one of the top diving sites for scuba divers in the world. People come from all over the world to explore the extensive underwater cave systems that reside at Ginnie spring. Many different things have been discovered in the springs, including a complete skeleton of a wholly mammoth. The tusk still resides in the gift shop at the springs. The rest was donated to museum of natural history. Examples like this and other Native American artifacts can be found near all of the springs. The Native Americans viewed the springs as sacred and spent a lot of the time near them.

Camping is also a great activity for the entire family at Ginnie Springs. You can kayak or canoe down the river while fishing for a variety of fish as well. Tubing down the river is also a popular activity at the springs and can allow you to go from one spring to another without getting out of the water. All of the springs at Ginnie springs connect to the river, providing a way for people to navigate the springs other than by foot.

Ginnie Springs Cave


My inspiration

Ginnie Springs was the reason why I actually got into videography. The first time I went snorkeling in Florida was actually at Ginnie Springs and ever since then I have been hooked. Seeing the beauty below the surface was unlike anything I had ever seen before and made me want to get a camera just so I could share the experience with people I know. It had further inspired me to get scuba certified and eventually become a dive instructor. My love for nature was truly ignited because of my experience at Ginnie springs and continues to be the foundation of what inspires me to continue my journey in film-making. It has spawned a yearning to know more about other things in order to thoroughly make a difference in what I see as "the paramount of importance."

Ginnie Springs above the surface


Come to High Springs

If you are thinking about taking a vacation to Florida, then Ginnie Springs is a must see for everyone. It is nestled in a small town that has a bunch of other springs that are nearby. The town of High Springs also has a few really cool local restaurants that create a unique vibe when you visit. The whole town is known for its springs and is build up around the activities that you can do in the area. There are several businesses that allow you to rent everything from kayaks to inter-tubes. This is one of my favorite places to visit in Florida and I also considered moving here. The amount of things to do hear are nearly endless while also adhering to a small town vibe. If you have been to High Springs please comment below and share your experience.


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