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Let’s Go Glamping – Glamorous Camping on a Budget

Updated on December 1, 2016
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Toni is a strong believer in enjoying life with family and friends. Appreciate the little things and acknowledge blessings with gratitude.

I'd Rather Be Glamping

Are You a Diva Camper?

I'm not a camper, never have been, had no desire to be. I refuse to live among the bugs, eat pork and beans, sleep in a restrictive bag or make the open terrain my bathroom. What I do like is the fresh air, the stars at night, sitting around a campfire, being away from the phone and chores that eat up my day.

But what if I told you that you could wake up in a queen size bed, with fresh coffee, bacon and eggs, and a bathroom? Would you think I was on vacation in a Holiday Inn?

It's called "glamping" the definition that mixes glamour with camping. Glamping is becoming more popular as self-proclaimed divas discover that the great outdoors is something to enjoy. Glamorous camping is a travel vacation that's fun to plan and even more exciting to experience.

House & Home: Glamping in Style on a Budget

Comforts of a Diva's Home

When it comes to enjoying yourself in nature, comfort begins at home. Your tent is where you'll be getting your beauty sleep and enjoying some personal space. You can dress up the floor of the tent by bringing a rug that adds custom design. Do you want a queen size bed (air mattress) with comforters and goose down pillows, or you can bring your own bedding to enjoy all the comforts of home. Bringing your favorite items from home saves a lot of money; yet spoils the diva camper.

You can add a little fold up table as a nightstand and place a lamp of your choosing on it. Makes a great reading light for a favorite book before turning in for the night. Bring a little piece of chocolate for the pillow and create the turn down service offered at five star hotels. Make it your favorite dark chocolate.

Lighting always creates an atmosphere of luxury. Whether you decide on candles, solar lights or your own lighting - it's a diva discovery that many campsites offer electrical outlets. So, don't scrimp on the lighting. It's inexpensive and creates a romantic atmosphere. Keep in mind, you can also string lights around the outside of the tent or criss cross them for an unique design of your own. If it is a romantic outing, string them into heart shapes.

Use your imagination. Lights, especially solar lights, do not break a budget. There are also solar lights that repel bugs.

Glamp Hammock for Diva Recharging

Hammocks are easily transported and set up.  You can have one with its own stand or tie it between trees. Hear the sounds of nature without a sound machine.
Hammocks are easily transported and set up. You can have one with its own stand or tie it between trees. Hear the sounds of nature without a sound machine.

Have You Ever Been Glamping?

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Glamping with MaryJane

Glamping with MaryJane: Glamour + Camping
Glamping with MaryJane: Glamour + Camping

The Queen of Glamping, MaryJane Butters originated the term with her Idaho Bed & Breakfast - with walls of canvas. This glamping idea was "the place to be" as quoted by Travel & Leisure and The New York Times. Get all the hints, tips and answers about glamorous camping from the source.

Maryjane will show you how to live large with creative ideas that will get your imagination going to customize your own private glamp.


Gourmet Food in the Great Outdoors

Fine Dining in the Open Air - Just Grill & Chill

Roasting hot dogs over the campfire is a common activity while camping. However, I found that a Hibachi is the perfect thing for cooking outdoors. It is easily set up and by using coals, you can grill just about anything. Remember to get the coals that are quickly lit with matches and can burn for a while. Another choice is a fire pit. Easily start a fire that can be used for warmth or placing a grill over it for cooking. Some campsites offer a fire pit.

Another glamping tip is to bring along a fancy tablecloth. You can cover the picnic table which is usually supplied at a camping site, but cover it in style. Decorating your table with the tablecloth and nice (yet durable) plate settings and glassware, including wine glasses, adds a glamorous effect around the table. It pumps up the imagery and makes a complete scenario for fine dining among nature. These little touches go a long way for very little money.

It Doesn't Get Any Better

Drift into paradise with an awning for your relaxing meditative moments. Protect your delicate skin from the sun.  Now, that's rich.
Drift into paradise with an awning for your relaxing meditative moments. Protect your delicate skin from the sun. Now, that's rich.

Glamping Ideas on a Budget

Now that you've been introduced to glamping and the concept of camping with glamour; you can use your own ideas of bringing the comforts of home to nature. It does not have to be the old standard of roughing it with bug bites and sleeping on the ground in a tiny tent.

Decorating with the smallest of items such as string lights, tablecloths, rugs and favorite items from home all add to the experience. Folding trays, chairs and even convenient accessories are available on your adventure trip. Many campsites offer electricity hook ups where you can use numerous other items of comfort.

Get your imagination going and start packing. It's like nothing you've ever done before. It's glamorous, fun and can be down on a small budget.

© 2015 TL Stahling


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