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Travel for fun on beaches - trip to Goa from Bangalore

Updated on August 31, 2016

Go Goa for fun filled family vacation on beaches! Read on:


I visit Goa in 2005 along with my husband and children. Memories of my visit are still fresh in my thoughts. Goa is such a wonderful place to visit. The visit was made more memorable because of my husband’s friends. These friends guided us and took us along to show the real Goa, including the deep interiors of the Goa country side – with some history thrown in between.

In this hub, I won’t be able write whole journey into the country side of Goa. But I will take you around Goa with tourist point of view.

A brief History of Goa

To a large extend, the culture is very similar to Portuguese culture. Long before British came to India, Portugal colonized Goa. First it was Vasco da Gama who discovered the sea route to west coast of India by landing in Calicut (a city in Kerala, India). A few years later in 1510, the Portuguese fought with the Muslim rulers of Bijapur to take control of Goa. Portuguese wanted to take control of spice trade from India and found Goa ideally suited them.

Even after India’s independence from the British in1947, the Portugal declined to transfer their colony to India. Portuguese colony consisting of Goa, Damman and Diu was free after Indian army’s operation called Operation Vijay in 1961. Goa, Damman and Diu become part of India as Union Territory with Govt. Admin from Central. Later in 1987, Goa was accorded statehood. Portugal Govt. has left, leaving behind their cultural influence.

Youssra, my younger daughter...on exploring visit to Goa!
Youssra, my younger daughter...on exploring visit to Goa!

Life of Goa

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that is me... Shameel
that is me... Shameel
that is me... Shameel

Beaches in Goa

The most significant reason to visit Goa will be its beaches.  With 125 KM of west coast line, Goa is home to number of beaches and islands.  Goa is divided as North and South Goa.  So you may take tour of beaches in North Goa and South Goa separately.  There are several conducted tours to these beaches, temples and churches.  It is advised to take these conducted tours.  There are scores and scores of beaches dotting the coastline of the Goa.

Beach Calangute is considered as finest beach and often called the queen of beaches in Goa.  It is getting very crowded.  First discovered by hippies, this beach has become very crowded.  Close by the Baga Beach – a true beach for the whole family.  A little further away is the second most popular beach Anjuna Beach.  Close by is Chapora Fort another tourist attraction.

Palolem Beach very scenic location and also a place with good eating option.  Neighbouring to Anjuna beach is Vagator Beach.  In extreme end of north Goa, there two very quite beaches called Asvem and Morjim.

Dona Paula Beach is referred as lovers’ paradise.  Here two river meet and merged into Arabian Sea.

Colva Beach another famous beach in South Goa, about 7 KM from Margao, headquarters of South Goa.  Also famous in south Goa is Benaulim and Palolem beaches.

A markerGoa, India -
Goa, India
get directions

Cruise – fun and entertainment!

The most enjoyable experience after visiting beaches is an hour’s trip on the cruises over the Mandovi River.  It is highly enjoyable experience.  Normally it is for an hour – and a few trips offer you an hour and half.  There are number of cruise trips you can choose from.  You can go in the day on daytime trip, or cruise in the evening to witness sunset in the middle of the river.  During moon nights, you can take moonlight cruise trip.  Most cruise trips offer you an evening of live music band, folk dances, that include Dekni Temple Dance, the Fugdi Dance etc.  As the trips draws to end, you are invited to dance on the floor to their beats.

They also offer best cocktails and mock tails.

If you have time and are on romantic tour of Goa, then you can take the Full Moon Cruise – which is special trip over the River Mandovi with moonlight falling on the river.

There are some trips for sea cruise – which are bit expensive.  The sea cruise sail across the Arabian Sea, with super luxury resort, complete with restaurant, sports, massage parlor and fitness spa.  You got luxury rooms in various size and class.  You get treated with live entertainment on board in addition to discotheque and casino.

Cruise and other places to visit!

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Other Interests of Tourism

While make trips to beaches, you can also visit number of memorable churches and temples.   Notable among them are:  Basilica of Bom Jesus, Mary Immaculate Conception, Reis Magos Church, Se Cathedral, St. Anne Church, Church of St. Augustine, St. Cajetan Church, Church of St. Francis and St. Paul Church.  There are number of temples in North Goa and a few down south.  In Panaji, you have Shree Mahalaxmi Temple, in Mapusa, you Shree Hanuman Temple & Shree Dattatraya Temple, Mapusa.

Another notable attraction is the Goa Carnival.  This is three days of fun and frolic extravaganza celebrated just before Easter in February.  Music, dances, songs, feasting are all part of this extravaganza.

How to Reach Goa?

By Air:

Goa’s airport Dabolim is located in Vasco.  Goa is well connected by air from Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Mangalore, Kozhikode and Kochi.  A couple flights fly in from Kuwait and UAE besides chartered flights to European countries and Russia.  On arrival you can hire PRE-PAID taxies to various parts of Goa.

By Train:

A well connected network of trains are available from Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedbad, Mangalore, Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad and cities in Kerala.

By Road:

Luxury Volvo buses are available for travel from Mumbai, Bangalore to Goa.

What is your Goa experience?

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    • Jamie Brock profile image

      Jamie Brock 5 years ago from Texas

      I have heard of Goa but have never been.. I have really enjoyed your hub.. and Goa looks beautiful. I bet your family had a wonderful time. Thank you for sharing, voting up!