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Day Trip to the Goldfield Ghost Town and Museum in Apache Junction Arizona

Updated on May 3, 2015

Fun Family Day Trips are Easy to Find in Arizona

We recently took a family day trip to the Goldfield Ghost Town and Museum in Apache Junction, Arizona. It was actually our second time around but it had been about 7 years since our first trip and our youngest son was only 3 years old at the time so his memories of it were a little vague. We came across some pictures from our first trip and when he asked about where they were from we quickly knew the best way would be to show up in person.

We love taking short trips through-out the year rather than one expensive week-long family vacation. We actually get to see more places and it allows everyone to chose a favorite place to go or activity to do. It's not always free but this particular day, other than gas (which is definitely NOT free), admission is by donations only. We always donate and although that does add to the costs, it just does not feel the same as if you HAVE to pay that admission to a theme park or event of $59.99 per adult and a discounted rate of $47.99 for kids under 10 or something like that.

So that being said, we set out on our day trip so that we could arrive at opening of 10 a.m. so as to avoid the hottest part of the day. So join along for our journey into the ghost town to see if we found any gold!

Prospecting & Gold Claims Information, Gold Panning Equipment and More - If you are going to go on an adventure go prepared!

Modern Prospecting: How to Find, Claim and Sell Mineral Deposits (Prospecting and Treasure Hunting)
Modern Prospecting: How to Find, Claim and Sell Mineral Deposits (Prospecting and Treasure Hunting)

Want to learn more about prospecting and buying your own gold claims? This would be a great place to start.


First Stop Museum - Full of artifacts, history and more...

Goldfield Ghost Town Museum
Goldfield Ghost Town Museum

The museum is great! They have such a varied collection of items it's hard to see them all but they include things like minerals, gemstones, mining tools, gold mine maps, and they have several pieces from movies that have been filmed in or around the area. Just some really interesting pieces, some history, some just for fun, either way a good way to spend time with your family.

Don't Want to End Up Here! - Goldfield must not have had many criminals...

Goldfield Ghost Town Jail
Goldfield Ghost Town Jail

Goldfield-Gateway to the Legendary Superstition Mountains

Legend of the Lost Dutchman Mine

Although we did not visit the Lost Dutchman State Park today, we had been previously and it is great for hiking and camping or some good nature walking on the many paths through the brush and cacti . If you don't know the legend about the Superstition Mountains and Jacob Waltz, then let me share a little of the story.

He was actually a German immigrant who claimed to have found this legendary gold mine sometime around the 19th century somewhere in the Superstition Mountains which is very close to Apache Junction. He kept the location a secret and there are quite a few variations on what exactly happened to him or whether he discovered it alone or even if it was really in Arizona. So the legend grew over the years to carry many tales, making it one of the most famous "lost mines" in American History.

Many have since attempted to find the legendary gold and some have even died in their quest. Not sure if I would be willing to make that ultimate sacrifice on legend. Not saying I wouldn't pan for gold or even buy a mining claim but nothing so serious as to put my life or family's lives at great risk. But it does make for great stories as you find yourself walking through the old ghost town seeing the artifacts and pieces of history from both the Goldfield mine and the Lost Dutchman mine.

Gold Miner 1V_TGP-001 Spiral Panning Machine
Gold Miner 1V_TGP-001 Spiral Panning Machine

If you do buy a gold claim, you will need something a panning machine to separate it.


Family Fun, Gold Mines and Legends - What more could you ask for on a family day trip?

If you decide to take a family day trip out to the Goldfield Ghost Town or even to the Lost Dutchman State Park for some hiking or camping, be sure to watch these videos for some background information that will explain some of the history behind the stories and gold mining that left more than one ghost town in its path.

Do You Know What Any of These Pieces Are? - I will not proclaim to know and was hoping for some help in identifying some of them...

Click thumbnail to view full-size

Gold Mining Claims - Risk or Reward?

Would you ever buy a gold mining claim?

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Live Reptile Exhibit
Live Reptile Exhibit

Live Reptile Exhibit

Snakes, Lizards and more

Well if you don't like snakes then you might not want to go in here. Of course this was one of the most

important places to go in according to our youngest son, so... I guess you know who won that battle. Pretty

cool exhibit, glad they were inside and not out. Be sure to check out the larger pictures of the snake below, if you dare...

Snakes in the Reptile Exhibit - Goldfield Ghost Town

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Eastern Diamondback RattlesnakeMexican Hognose SnakeCan you identify this one?He really likes the lightThis one was the most active and quite entertaining to watch
Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake
Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake
Mexican Hognose Snake
Mexican Hognose Snake
Can you identify this one?
Can you identify this one?
He really likes the light
He really likes the light
This one was the most active and quite entertaining to watch
This one was the most active and quite entertaining to watch

Panning for Gold - High gold prices + bad economy = vacation ideas?

Okay so maybe that equation looks a little funny but there are more and more people who are planning whole family vacations around places to pan for gold. It really doesn't take that much to make their trip profitable. Just food for thought...

Have you ever panned for gold

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Family Day Trips or Long Vacations - I say vacations all year long!

Photo © tordon - all rights reserved

What does your family do for vacations?

See results

Goldfield Mine - Mine Tours Entrance

Goldfield Mine Entrance
Goldfield Mine Entrance

There were so many cool buildings, structures and pieces of antique equipment at the Ghost Town, it is really hard to remember it all. I can't even imagine how they built some of this back when they did. I know some of it has been reconstructed but still... it is pretty amazing when you think about it.

Overall this was a wonderful family day trip with a little history, a little legend and some really cool stuff to see leaving us lots to talk about over the summer.

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End of the Day Treat - To be a kid...

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Think I can run through this water?Ready or not, here I go!Ahhh,,, cool at last...
Think I can run through this water?
Think I can run through this water?
Ready or not, here I go!
Ready or not, here I go!
Ahhh,,, cool at last...
Ahhh,,, cool at last...

What are some of your favorite family day trips? - The good, the bad and the ugly! We want to hear it all!

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    • sbconcepts profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago

      @julieannbrady: You never know when you might actually find some of that gold! But we love the beach too and Savannah has a lot to see with all of the history. Love the architecture there too, so much to see you need more than a day. Thanks!

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Well, I have enjoyed a trip to the beach or a trip to Savannah! It would be cool to pan for gold and pay for that trip!

    • sbconcepts profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago

      @goldenrulecomics: It is a great little trip but I see in your case it might be more than just a "little day trip" but there are so many things to do here in the Phoenix area, it would be worth the trip. We have not yet made it out of the country but would love to one day take those longer vacations. I'll just come read about yours and dream...

    • goldenrulecomics profile image


      5 years ago from New Jersey

      I would love to visit here! We write about both our day trips and longer vacations, and our recent favorites have been to Nova Scotia and Montreal!


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